Blind-man follows the man who has eyes.

Blind-man goes alone and then goes nowhere. It is true.

So, it is the common rule from the beginning in the world. People, some are teachers and some else are students.

Students follow the teacher. The student needs a perfect teacher. Experience, efficient and honest teacher they need.

New bloggers are like as blind on blogging.

They need teachers. Who is their teacher?

How can they find? Where are they?

What is their identity?

How to identify blogging success?

On the net, tons of blogger teachers are offering with their own skill.

I spent some time who would be my blogging teacher. I was searching for a while.

Blogging teachers, they learned blogging through own internal intention.

Example, I have seen a site that was the 100% affiliate site. But I didn’t find a sign of ads, banner or affiliate link. How much careful they are on their customer sensitive issue.

I am used to saving daily 3-4 pins on Pinterest those has repined 1k or over. One time I found the 8k repined pin. Amazingly, I clicked for the original post. I read the article was interesting and informative. But I was confused to see the advertisings, banners and sponsored ads.

I was searching about how to increase followers on Pinterest. I have read many articles on how to increase followers. I was noting down the points I found from them on how to increase followers. My list was growing up, huge counts around 30-50, so far as I can remember.

When I read an article, the author said; in fact, she stopped trying to increase followers; she was engaged with her own job, writing for audience solution and editing images. Her followers were growing up organically, and she never followed them back.

I was a little wondering, she gave one tip and I collected 50 tips. I accepted her one tip and threw down the 50 tips.

So, blogging ideas on the net so different types, who is he, you can follow. It is so much important for new bloggers.

Who else more don’t identify blogging success enemy.

Who else more don’t identify blogging success enemy.

In this stage, new bloggers fall into online-scammers traps. Thus, new bloggers get misdirected; they never come to the zero points. When do they progress on?

I found many bloggers those are gentle and polite. Their approach is talent. They never want to make readers become followers. Subscribers form available on the sidebar. If you want, you can subscribe.

Have you seen them ever? People willingly want to follow them. You may think, they don’t need an email list. Never, they have a genuine email list. When they offer, they can earn.

Nowadays, click the article link, subscriber form is ready before reading the article.

Do you need money? No problems. It also comes organically. Follow the principle of blogging.

Be basic. It is basic. Keep it basic. It is quite simple and easy. We make it complex. Really, it is not so complex it sounds.

  1. Select one and accurate niche for you.
  2. Domain name is the same to the niche
  3. The blog title is the same as the niche.
  4. The blog has all posts according to the niche
  5. Guest post according to the niche
  6. Comment on blog-post according to the niche
  7. Like and share according to the niche.
  8. Talk to others according to niche all day long.
  9. Read article according to the niche
  10. Search for according to the niche

The search engine can understand you and the target audience can recognize you.

Reading, writing, listening, helping, share everything must keep aligned with your blog niche. This is the master rule of blogging in the competitive market.

Know Your Audience: How To Identify Target Audience?

You could be a specialist one thing. But if you know everything, you know nothing.

In my country, Bangladesh, there are street doctors like street food. Do you know street foot? The street doctors sell pills on the road by load lecture through mic. His pill is so powerful, any problem in the body can solve.

But when people become sick, they search for a specialist doctor. Since eye-specialist knows deeply about eye only. The specialist knows one thing, but they don’t know else more.

If your blog targets all people that means it has no target people. If you try to manage all people to enter your audience, you can finish your life but never see the success in blogging.

No need to build an audience, you have to reach an existing audience. A woman searches for how to increase weight and your niche is weight loss. Can you manage her become your audience member, anyhow? Never.

If you can understand the theme, before writing an article, you first search for your audience urgent problem.

If you don’t understand the theme, you will think yourself how can convinces people to bring your audience. Who will read your article; they are not searching for that. They spend time on what they need.

Many bloggers are wasting their money, valuable time and energy but they can’t stand out in business for long life passed. They have no specific target audience. They don’t write about what people need.

They think, “If someone read my article, the reader must be pleased with me”. But they don’t know people never touch that article. When will they read? People search for what they need on Google.

Many bloggers can’t get traffic because of that. Their blogs are attractive, their contents are unique, informative and SEO organized. There are images and videos everything are available there. Those bloggers are not lazy but spend more time, money and effort persistently.

But they can’t understand one thing. They don’t know those who are their audience. Don’t research what they need urgently.

I am not telling here how to define audience problems. I just remind you before creating a blog post, do research what are your audience urgent needs?

This is our #1 enemy of our blogging journey. We don’t know those who are our audience and what their urgent problems are. What are they searching for here and there?

Not targeting your blogging campaign.

It needs in-depth research about identifying your audience urgent need. When you can find out their specific problem, then you create the blog post as like as nobody else can create the solution ever.

After publishing the post, how many visitors you need? How many likes and comments you want? No problem. Successful bloggers reach their destination in this way.

Your blog, so you will write what you want. OK, why are you looking for visitors, you read yourself? People visit your blog post with a hope of finding their own solution.

If you are lucky, you may recognize the #1 blogging success enemy.

Who else more don’t identify blogging success enemy

Who else more don’t identify blogging success enemy

Look at the above image. How much demanded keywords “Blogging tips” is? How may search value it has? First two sites get page ranking and another two sites get full site ranking. Last two are not home page ranking, there are no home pages. Each blog shows full blog posts. That means the full blog is only for blogging tips.

I have read the first ten articles from the bottom site. Those are straight aligned with blog titles and site title.

I aslo kill my time and energy linking with blogging tips for the new blogger. I have left everything for one thing.

Before Starting a Blog: 10 Blogging Tips to be a Successful Blogger

Don’t ruin years of time and energy trying to talk to audiences quite uninterested in your blogging topic. Doing the foolish thing, believing all people works as a possible customer. It will be un-targeted, time wasting, inefficient strategy. It is true if you can feel.

Your full-time job of blogging should be on one specific topic. Stop wasting your time. Increase your blogging efficiency. Talk to people aligned with your blogging niche. Succeed.

Do you know blogging success enemy?

If you know another enemy, let us know in a comment.

Hasan Habib

I am Hasan Habib from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am the father of three sons.

I was in a job. Now, I am fulltime engaged Blogger.

I am writing about blogging. I also train new blogger.


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