What makes you delaying to start blogging?

How often and how much you can earn money from blogging?

If it is your question, I am almost sure you can’t start blogging ever. 

This question doesn’t have obvious answers. 

Most new bloggers look for the answers.

Countless variable factors work behind your blogging success.

How much dedicated you are. How much more creative you are. Do you work hard or work smartly?

So the answer is confidence. Blogging must work for you.

How to start blogging?

Take action. Keep doing.

Don’t give up if it makes delays.

Stick with it until success. 

Blogging success is proven.

Some people ask for knowing rough ideas.

The answer is if your primary aim of blogging is to make money, you can’t make money at all.

So the goal setting is the first part of blogging. You get started your blog from here.

You require a precise, concise, and almost clear goal. If you mistake in here, you can’t recover later.

Blogging is a precious thing. It needs a strong personal discipline in life.

First, how does blogging work for you?

You need to have a skill.

Improve your skill persistently.

Helping people free using your skills is your fun.

You expand your exposure worldwide who need your skill service.

You want a blog for doing the above things.

Discover your skill audience, find out their urgent need, and write how to solve their problems.

You perform in-depth research on defining your niche. 

Then you require to identify your niche audience. 

And then discover your audience’s needs.  

Most beginners can’t understand the facts.

How to write a more specific solution? How to create quality content? Creating a reader intent on quality content is a skill you need for blogging.

Don’t fall into the perfection trap. You can’t ever be perfect. 

Improve as much as you can. Take action. Keep going.

Don’t fall into the quality traps. As a beginner, don’t follow quality. 

Do as much as you can. Your quantity leads to your quality.

Read ten articles and write one aligned with your niche topics daily. Share your writing post with social media.

That is your day job.

Don’t care about analytics. 

So you don’t need readers.

Let you keep doing only for six months.

Read ten articles and write one aligned with your niche topics daily.

Don’t move elsewhere beyond your niche topics on the net.

Try to understand it.

You need to improve your skills in niche topics, niche audience, and writing skills within six months.

Thus, you need to write 200 articles in your niche topics. So you could read 2000 articles.

These six-month packages give you all answer you had before starting your blog. You need not ask elsewhere from now on.

You can see a glimpse of your success.

It grows up your confidence.

Fear, doubt, and panic leave you forever.

It brings you persistence in your jobs.

You can keep patients with calmly.

The busy for nothing jobs don’t like you.

You can love to blog.

It becomes fun to you even though you don’t make a single dollar.

It ignites your courage to blog.  

You become habituated with blogging.

Now, this here to start your blogging.

Remember, Your solution is to keep doing.  

When you feel anything disorder, you need discipline. 

Just start from here. 

Read ten articles and write one aligned with your niche topics daily.

It makes you set well in blogging on your way in the right direction.

Don’t wait for the money.

If it is delaying to earn money, you understand you require more improvement.

Don’t look at the back. Stick with until success.

Money is a reward for your skills.

So finding the ways of improving your skills, you need to blog.

You look for proven ideas for blogging. It comes after doing it for a long time.

What is your primary goal to start a blog?

Improve your skills regularly. 

Money is a reward for your skills.

Blogging success is a series of winnings. Your winning comes one after one. 


The last series is earning money.

So if you don’t earn money, that means, are you a failure in your blogging?


You are going on winning every series. 

The last series makes you victorious at the presence of all people.

People can see your financial freedom.

I arrived there then I show you how to go there?

So follow exactly how I show you.

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