Yes, Pinterest.

How wonderful it is!

This is a part of my business driving traffic to my blog. It gets me a chance to turn traffic into potential customers. I am happy on leads converting to sale so often. Remember, only traffic is not all, at all.

Business is to deal with traffic make them leads. The successful bloggers those who are able to convert leads to sales. Beginners take a mistake here traffic means a sale. So, always they are trying to get traffic, but not a sale.

Online business policy is started after getting traffics. Do you know this? It seems complex. Because of that, someone is a millionaire and some are failures.

What is Pinterest?

It is a dependable platform to discover the right audience and best source of huge solid referral traffic.

Pinterest is a kind of platform where people come here to buy and sell. It was a mom site or lifestyle site. But now it is a visual search engine with significantly different features from Google. There are four ways of getting a result in applying different search metrics.

  1. Smart Feed/Home Feed
  2. Following tab
  3. Hashtag Feed
  4. Specific search Result.

New bloggers and affiliate beginners can get access to Pinterest more easily and get traffic more quickly than Google organic traffic.

As Pinterest is a search engine, so it should have own SEO strategies and search result algorithm. You have to measure Pinterest how does it work for you.

If you pay attention to Pinterest SEO strategies, spend times on exercise to perfect use of them in the right place observing its trend and effect. It is an easy way to grab top-secret it has.

How to learn or how to earn? Wondering! New bloggers or affiliate beginners don’t ready to spend more time to learn. They watch some videos and a few articles from here and there though most of them are success stories. Some of them how to monetize the website?

Ultimately, they likely to skip the training part of the business. If you don’t spend time on learning and accurate learning, you will spend money and time for errors fixing and final reward is getting back quickly.

Still, Pinterest is a good opportunity to stand out in a competitive market as a new business. If you are very serious about making money online, please read the article to reset your mindset.

A realistic mindset is crucial to blogger being a success.

How does it work for me?

Please note that we use Pinterest as generating traffic to our website. Remember, traffic is not all; traffic is a possibility of getting business.

You make the traffics to leads that mean potential customers. Then you need to convert leads to sales. This is the main business part. You have to learn if you want to be a success. It is a key part of the total business.

So, go for a training course, spend $1000 for all together and wait for six months training course.

Yes, you can’t do this. It is a long time and expensive as well. But if I offer you training for free of cost for 7 days, are you ready?

No need subscription. I never send you to email any longer else. OK. If you have interest, read the following training course attentively. When you don’t understand anything, just put it in the comment, I will replay. Without the right direction, you turn into nowhere. The Internet is full of scammers.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Step By Step

The above article does not make you professional. But you can understand the full process of the business. You don’t have the possibility of misguiding later, I can promise it.

After finishing the above training course, you are eligible to open a Pinterest business account. Because opening a business account you must have an understanding about Niche and Keyword List. SEO strategies are required on how to implement them in the perfect place.

Pinterest account should be according to your business-friendly. You don’t know business how you can implement? To register into Pinterest, you can better watch a video tutorial on YouTube.

Pinterest profile: it is the first attraction for your audience or follower. How to write a perfect Pinterest profile? You can read the following article finding in details and elaborately.

10 Steps: How To Craft The Perfect Pinterest Profile?

Pinterest Boards: Accurate board creation and setup SEO strategies and searchable keywords research of Pinterest is available in the following article. With the graphical presentation, it is an easy process for beginners.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards The Right Way?

Pinterest pins: Most important part of Pinterest is pining. Pinterest pins generate traffic to the website. All about Pinterest Art and science, you need to apply here. If you can understand this article, success is in near to the door. Great!

How To Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed?

Pinterest was a social media network but now it turns into a visual search engine.

Pinterest is changing consistently to achieve the goal of being a visual search engine like Google not like Facebook and Instagram.

Here is a pinpoint spot from where we have a chance to be misguided. Since it is changing unevenly, we should update you accordingly. Because it is a search engine, it should have SEO Algorithms that we need to follow.

Niche! Long tail niche and keywords research is fundamental strategies to optimize in Pinterest search result like Google.

Do you know Pinterest update what will work and what will not work? Do you know Pinterest SEO Algorithm how does it work? What about the niche and keywords search?

Keywords design and layout is a crucial part of the Pinterest search engine result. You have to know the right place of the Pinterest platform and how to use the best way of keywords placement getting maximum output.

So, a few things we can identify being awareness.

  1. What is changing Pinterest? What to do and what not to do?
  2. Pinterest SEO Algorithm to optimize our content to a wide range of audiences
  3. Niche research and narrow niche
  4. Keywords placement in a perfect place in the right direction.
  5. Increase and engaged with followers growing up target loyal audience.

Some people underestimate Pinterest as a search engine. Most bloggers, especially beginners can’t estimate the leverage of Pinterest.  Some of them are not able to use tremendous business features.

We have to know what really Pinterest it is. How does it work for my business or me?

Pinterest statistics:

What is Pinterest? How does it work for my blogging?

What is Pinterest? How does it work for my blogging?

Here are some Pinterest statistics that should make you sit up and take notice of the platform:

  1. Pinterest has more than 200 million monthly active users
  2. 90% of weekly pinners have used Pinterest to make a purchase
  3. 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of $100,000
  4. 45% of all women online are Pinterest users
  5. 50% of new signups are men
  6. Two-thirds of all pins represent brands or products
  7. 73% of pinners say content from brands makes Pinterest more useful
  8. 93% of users use Pinterest to plan purchases
  9. 55% of users shop on the site

(Source: Hootsuite)

Pinterest has been working on ways to make images searchable like text.

Clearly, Pinterest is a visual search engine. It has a powerful lens capturing the text information from the images and different images directly from one image.

It has three feeds to distribute images of pinners such as Smart Feed, HashFeed and Following Tab that are advance cool features.

Profile, website, Image, Pin, Board, Section, Feature board, follower engagement everything and everywhere has its own specific strategies to apply. It is not like this just creates an account, start pinning and flooding traffic to your blog.

How to Get Your Pins to Show Up in Pinterest Search Results?

Pinterest is near like Google but more than Facebook and Instagram in term of growing your business. If you think it is a social media platform, you can’t find the way of using it perfectly to get the maximum benefit.

Pinterest’s search team said it’s not too complicated, easier than optimizing for Google.

It is sure a new blogger can get staring referral traffic while Google can’t generate organic traffic. There is a huge potential to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest.

Another important and very cool thing is people come to Pinterest search for buying. Pinterest is a place where people can buy and sell. So, Traffic from Pinterest is almost buying traffic.

It is sure, no doubt. Pinterest has competition but less than Google. So, new bloggers can get access quite quickly.

Pinterest loves fresh new content which has not ever seen before.

High-regulation 2:3 ratio (600 px X 900 px) size image is comfortable on Pinterest.

Pinterest gives priority authority site which is claimed.

Pinterest wants consistent pinning. 5 pins daily over the whole day are preferable. It is a long time engaging platform.

Using Hashtag and Hashtag feed is a new but strong feature. We have to know how to use Hashtag in right place with relevance tags.

Following Tab is a new feature but a strong business tool if you can understand its leverage.

The business account gets two additional features such as analytic and ads manager.

Right keywords placement is crucial. Pinterest also gives good keyword suggestions. One is auto-suggesting and another is it provides related keywords list. We should understand it and make sure of using them perfectly.

How to develop your business on Pinterest as a beginner?

Focus on writing keyword rich descriptions, building authority by increasing followers and finding less served niches to maximize your content’s ranking on the popular social network. Pinterest also offers a lot of value as an alternative search marketing channel.

The success of an online business depends on having a healthy amount of loyal audient and required solid traffic.

The building-wide range of audiences and generate tons of referral traffic is quite possible for the affiliate beginner or novice blogger.

How can you get consistent traffic from Pinterest?

Learning to search optimize your pins for keywords on Pinterest’s search engine will be very vital. We also found out what Pinterest WANTS us to be doing.

Focus on using hashtags and pin descriptions that include keywords and geographical terms that your target audience will be searching for.

Twitter is mostly about what I’m doing;

Facebook is about who I am;

Pinterest is about who I want to be.

New business setup is not as simple as it means. You have to have sufficient business idea; you shout take steps with the right way confidently. You accurate taking steps make you ahead avoiding loss and time-span.

So what is your decision? Be cool and relax. Training is the key to success. The first lead then earns. Learn accurately from the right place. There is a way of thinking about whether it will work for me. The matter is whether you are ready to earn. 90% of affiliate beginners are a failure because of having no business ideas.

There is no top secret and method in MAKE MONEY ONLINE except learning first then put efforts with persistent. There are no magic or not a latter, something miracle will happen on you are waiting for.

Can you believe me? It is quite possible for you it works for you whatever your goal is. And whatever you have skill.  Pinterest is a good platform to build traffic to your website. Learn business then use it to earn money.

What is an online business? How to turn traffic to leads and how to convert leads to a sale? All about in this article is the answer to these questions.