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Advanced Blogging Courses: How to become a professional blogger?

Blogging is not for everyone. Genius, talented, and highest dreamer are most welcome to be a pro blogger. It is labor-intensive, hard-work involved, and time-consuming job.

If you are searching for an online career, blogging is the first choice. You should have a disciplined life. You have strong confidence in blogging where you go step by step ahead.

Here is what you learn how to blog. If you aim to attract how to earn money, you can’t arrive at the destination. The money you want comes its way, in time.

Following is a brief of topics, you need to earn them with pro skills. Nobody can stand out online without having professional skills.

A list of full blogging course topics is hereunder.

  1. Find your niche:

  2. Create a blog:

  3. How to create a blog post?

  4. Improve writing skills:

  5. Search engine optimization:

  6. Keywords research:

  7. Improve blog performance:

  8. Social media:

  9. How to drive traffic to your blog?

  10. Monetization:

What is your aim for blogging? How can you be a unique blogger worldwide? The simple target to earn money blogging never can transfer energy to climb up to the top.

You need to earn money. It’s OK. Right?

Thousand of earning sources are on the web. You can choose one of them according to education, experience, and passion. That doesn’t mean you have to blog.

Blogging is a precise and concise online earning model that is lucrative, alluring, and Get Rich Business. Only money maker can’t be a pro blogger. You can’t keep the patients on persistent efforts, time to need, and money investment.

On the way, you shall go step by step ahead that has speed bumps and sharp-curves to blogging success. Creativity, talent, and cash investment can overwhelm them.

Stick with blogging until success. Do or die. Don’t give up it, please. So genius, talented, and highest dreamer are most welcome to be a pro blogger. You can see the rising sun in blogging.

Free platform users and part-time bloggers should keep staying a distance from this course. If you need urgent money, blogging is not a fit for you.

How to become a professional blogger?

Blogging is a deep thought and a gigantic idea. You have to learn how to blog. It should complete courses to achieve useful skills. 

Searching for blogging from here and there on Google and YouTube do you get ideas. It is not skills you can blog that earn money. 

You never can measure full blogging steps and sequence how to go ahead. You can’t estimate the hassles, obstacles, and struggling on the way to blogging. 

Without completing blogging courses, if you start a blog, you kill your efforts, energy, and money. Most bloggers frustrate and sink behind with struggling in the middle. 

Blogging aims to live — not to get rich overnight. Your earning skills make you stand out at your right place, ranking, and position. And even it sets up your earning level. 

There is no push-button, auto-switch, and top-secret method. There are no bypass road and automatic software. Blogging is labor-intensive, hard-work involved, time-consuming jobs. 

And blogging is a slow-developing online business, but it needs persistent efforts. Blogging is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic and mild. 

Your skills, trust, and authority do you get access to the existing market. When you become generous to your niche audience, generosity makes you showing the hidden path. Nobody else can show you that right path. 

Is blogging for you? Or you are fit for blogging.

If you need an online career to set up your life financial freedom, blogging is the first choice. But blogging is not for everybody.

Don’t study the course from here and there without the following sequence. Follow the course sequence. In contrast, your training will be disorder and messy.

Keep in touch with us. Send mail on your progress, confusion, and achievement to [email protected] in a week.

Don’t scan the course, read, but it needs to analyze. If you can analyze the course, word by word, sentence by sentence, and line by line, you can achieve the goal.

Don’t make a hurry. Spending more time and exercise is a matter of learning and understanding blogging. Remember, blogging has nothing stable and sticky. You learn from the experiment-form.

The course makes you a researcher and analyst. Then you can learn your way after finishing the course.

Follow exercises with concentration. Memorize the advanced tips. Obey the rules you will get on the course.

You should read the post several times with a time gap before taking a step to the next. This post is for decision-making, whether blogging is for you. Or you are fit for blogging. Learn how to blog from professional bloggers.

Advance tips: How to make money blogging?

Bloggers wait to know how to make money blogging. I want to give you ideas to remove fear, doubt, and panic. 

Enormous ways, you can earn money blogging. A professional blogger has a chance to choose which one is to pick from getting offers. They have never searched for money.

Affiliate marketing is one of them. Go through affiliate networks, figure out Affiliate programs align to your niche. 

Join an affiliate program, get affiliate links, and get started making money.

Yes. Monetizing ideas you should achieve from the beginning. How to monetize your blog to make money online? Step-by-step guide you can learn in this course how to earn passive income.

The topics that are coming next:

How to start a blog? Choose a blogging platform such as WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Drupal. WordPress is king. Choose a blog theme for your first blog that makes your Blog design. Create first blog post and share blog posts on social media.

How to start a free blog using free WordPress? Starting a blog, you can get ideas of web domain & web hosting, WordPress dashboard, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, Yoast SEO, and so on.

If you have a blog, how to create great content, learning content management, and how to earn Backlinks from a new blog, you can learn practically.

You can earn from advertisers such as Google AdWords that pay per click through your blog. 

You can learn in this course how to collect email list, email marketing, and newsletters. 


Where to host for a personal blog? 

Hosting companies such as WordPress hosting, SiteGround, Bluehost, and HostGator are on the net. 

As a beginner, WordPress hosting with a jetpack plugin is the best for you. Hosted WordPress will be best for running a WordPress blog.

Using wordpress, you make your blog with premium WordPress theme is the best combination.

The post has other post links. Don’t skip them. They are equal parts of this course. 

Advanced Blogging Courses: How to find your niche?

The right niche choice is one of the significant parts of blogging success. Where your whole life, you shall spend there. A tiny mistake makes you suffered for the rest of your life. How to find your niche is a matter.

Be cool. Take time. 

Try to understand the fact. Don’t make a complex with other ideas. If you have niche ideas, leave it first.

How to make money from an online business is to rely on finding a profitable niche to make money blogging.

How to start a blog with a new niche smartly?

Define your niche market, check out existing niche markets, and create niche marketing strategies.

And make sure monetizing possibility before starting a blog that is the primary step you will take.

How to find your niche?

What topics you have professional skills you can write a book, give a lecture towards the one thousand people, or owner of a consultancy company. If you have, this topic is your niche. 

For instance, you are the best goalkeeper for playing football in your country. How to become the best goalkeeper is your niche?

You have the experience of making pizza dough in a famous restaurant. How to make the best pizza dough is your niche?

You are a postgraduate in the English literature. How to improve writing skills is your niche? 

The niche is not a product or service. It is your ability on topics you can solve a specific group of people’s problems, pain, and obstacles. 

Or you can upgrade target group people’s financial position, remove their scarcity, and save financial loss or gain financial savings.

If you solve people’s demands without interest, Then, how can you sell your products?

People want to save time. They need energy and safety. They are ready to pay for faster, without efforts, and for security.

For instance, you have five years of experience making pizza dough in a famous restaurant. What is your niche, and what is your product? 

If your niche is how to make pizza at home and your product is a food processor

Can you answer the following questions?

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. How to help niche audiences without an interest?
  3. How to sell your products?

Who is your audience?

Your niche is how to make pizza at home.

Purely biographical data you need for your audience. You need to create a buyer persona with ideal features. 

  1. Your audiences are men or women.
  2. They are teenagers, university students, or housewives?
  3. Male or female who wants to make pizza at home is your audience. Right?
  4. A university girl, or a housewife, or a boy who needs a job in a pizza restaurant, they are all your audience members.

Can you determine your niche audience? If you recognize them, you can help them, earn trust from them, and you can sell your products to them.

How to help niche audiences without an interest?

Here is the matter, new bloggers can’t understand. Why a blogger helps its audience without interest? How and why?

For instance, you write a hyper-super quality ebook on a course on how to make pizza at home aroma like a restaurant that is a 20 pages ebook. 

You write another article with 2000 words on how to make pizza at home by hand made. In this article, you offer a free pizza course ebook with a subscription.

People will download the ebook, giving their info alongside email, eventually.

You get an email list with building a niche audience. Now you send them more information on the topics. Your audience becomes more excited with your expertise on how to make pizza at home.

How to sell your products?

You send them another offer in a month on how to make pizza dough with a food processor? And recommend your product with details. 

Your audience with think, food processor save time, make it easier, and more secure for taste. And they have trust in you. So they will buy your products.

  1. Find your niche => 
  2. Niche audience => 
  3. Niche products => 
  4. Help them without interest to earn trust=> 
  5. They will subscribe => 
  6. You send more helping tips weekly without interest => 
  7. Monthly you send a newsletter on how to use your product => 
  8. They will buy your product to save time, effort, and security.

The full steps of how to monetize your niche blog? This framework on how to earn money from a blog.

FIND YOUR BLOG NICHE: Best Sharp Strategies For Beginners to Win.

How to check competitor strength?

How to find your niche? Any profitable niche is not your niche. The niche comes up with your passion, perspective, and existing holistic support.

Your niche competitors aren’t your enemies. They are your business friends, such as your school friends or college friends. 

Don’t thief their assets and don’t harm their business reputation. If you can realize their contribution to you, you must be thankful to them. You can learn from them how to do business in your niche.

The presence of competition is a good sign of your niche. That means your niche market is ready. Your competitors earn money, and niche audience spends money on their needs. 

You need access to the existing market, nothing else. How to make you differentiate from others and how to make unique offers to your audience. So you have no clash with competitors. 

Finding a way of getting access to the market and stand out with your products or services to make money marketing online.

How to check existing, profitable products or services?

Your niche is how to become a patriot. It has thousands of visitors, but it has no products and services to sell. 

Before selecting your niche, check out your competitors on how to monetize their blogs. 

Go to affiliate networks such as ClickBank, CJ, and Amazon associates. Sign up there to find affiliate programs. 

Login on an affiliate program to discover niches related products and services that are profitable, reputed, and high quality to sell through your niche website. If you get, collect affiliate links, banner, and ads for your niche blog.

The best ways of monetization steps are affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and email marketing. 

You can earn from Google AdWords pay per click, sponsored posts, and generating leads for a membership site.

How to stand out in the online world crowd competitive market?

Genius! Talented! Highest Dreamer! Welcome to be pro bloggers. But why? 

They don’t fear the highly competitive market, high search volume keywords, and even when they are new bloggers.

They have three weapons: 

  • Make you differentiate from others in your niche market.
  • Create unique offers for your audience.
  • Discover the way of getting access to the existing market without disturbing your competitors.

Only genius, talented, and the highest dreamer can understand the secret of hidden myths.

How to make your website performing machine?

How to start a dropshipping website to start making money? Your blog should be strong enough with WordPress theme, plugins, and high-speed web hosting.

Enormous ways, you can make money online through your website. You need to promote digital products to sell by online marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Freelancers can earn extra money to get paid for freelancing jobs. 

How to make money online?

If you want to make money for a short time, online surveys are the best way to make extra money, extra cash, and extra income.

Without having professional skills, nobody can earn money online. Fiverr is the best job marketplace where freelancers get jobs. A freelance writer gets paid to write. 

To make money online, you need to complete online courses to learn ways to make money online. But the ways to make money online is not a Get Rich Overnight scheme.

Swagbucks are the way to make money online. It is legit, but it not scams. Signing up there, discover jobs to make money, and getting paid some extra cash. 

Money making gigs, Ebates cashback is to earn money from home. Side hustles are to make extra money fast.

SEO experts can research on the college search, reviews, and rankings. They can find the best niche website ideas, ways to find colleges and sell them.

How to find an affiliate marketing niche? How to make money on ClickBank without having a website?


How to determine your niche? If you have a passion for making money, such as passive income, you should complete an online course on how to discover a profitable niche for your blog. Be an expert of niche finder about the niche business for your website.

Genius, talented, and creative people can understand the fact. Find a niche to create a niche website.

You need to understand the fact with clarity. Selecting a niche for you is a first, hard, and risky job.

  • Can you give me the answer why do you help your audience without interest? Why do you give your ebook free that you could sell $5 each download? 
  •  Why do you send them a newsletter weekly? And why do you send it to sell-offers in a month?
  • Are you fair on how to collect the audiences’ email list?

If you can give the right answer, you will be a niche choice master. If not so, read the articles ten times. You must read the list article. That is the part of this course.

Advanced Blogging Courses: How to Start a Blog Step By Step Guide?

To create a blog is a matter of 2 hours. To develop a blog that earns passive income is a matter of years, a decade, or a life.

We don’t start a blog within 2 hours, and we don’t wait for a decade. First, we learn how to blog? After that, we go on how to start a blog?

To start a blog without investment is the wrong mindset. Blogging is a business, so you need to invest as a business capital. Here is the point, new bloggers make great mistakes.

I tell you where to invest money in getting blogging success faster. 

You should invest the money as much as it needs. The free platform users and part-time bloggers are failures.  

At the beginning of a blog is a place where you need to set up a blogging foundation.

Here are the things.

  1. Complete a blogging course.
  2. High-quality domain name.
  3. Hyper-super speed hosting plan.
  4. Lightweight premium quality WordPress theme. 

Here is the place you must invest as much as it needs. Don’t be cheaper. Don’t search for how to save money. 

Failures bloggers finish these jobs without training. They never recover the loss to the end of blogging life. 

So we learn how to blog first. Then you start your blog professional ways, irresistible, and with desperate blogging foundation.

Blogging is your business weapons. It should be updated, upgraded, and highly qualified to beat the world crowd market.

Step by step guide: How to start a blog? 

What elements do you need to start a blog? Do you know that? So you define them to make ready.

  1. Practical training on how to start a blog?
  2. Choose your niche, find your niche market, and define an ideal niche audience features.
  3. SEO friendly domain name that is short, memorable, and catchy.
  4. Mobile optimize hosting plane.
  5. Lightweight WP theme.
  6. Money to spend
  7. GA and GSC installation, configuration, and advanced trained to use them.
  8. How to build a blog SEO?
  9. How to optimize blog performance at 100% from the beginning?
  10. And how to create a home page, about us and contact us with SEO oriented.

How to learn the above topics before starting a blog? Yes, you learn, I show you how to achieve those skills.

Read the following article that is a part of this course. 

Ultimate Guide: How to Create a Free WP Blog for a Beginner?

After reading the above article, please confirm that you have achieved the following ideas.

  1. Blog SEO
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Understand GA information data
  4. Understand GSC 
  5. And understand the Yoast SEO Plugin
  6. How to create a post?
  7. How to share social media?
  8. Choose the free WP theme, upload, active.
  9. How to optimize images?
  10. How to test page spread?
  11. Understanding categories, tags, and menu
  12. How to test mobile friendly?
  13. How to minify resources such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
  14. Have you created social media, I explained over there.

If you don’t understand the above things, read the article again and again. These concepts are the basement of blogging.


  1. How to create a blog on the Blogspot platform?
  2. How to create a blog on the Wix platform?
  3. And how to choose different themes?
  4. How to use different plugins?

Don’t skip anything, read, and learn what we said here. Fulfill the exercise.

If you think you have learned that means honestly, you didn’t learn. 

So recheck again and again.

Let’s go for real jobs.

Read the following articles. Finally, learning how to start a blog?

EASY WAY TO START A BLOG: Turn Blog Into A High Performing Machine.

Read the above articles at least five times.

Now, how to start your blog?

  1. Define your niche, you earn money from your niche blog.
  2. Choose a domain with niche keywords.
  3. Choose to host from WordPress hosting.
  4. And choose a premium WP theme.
  5. Choose the Plugins you required.

Set up your own way, what you have learned.


Web hosting providers:

A new blog needs web hosting, especially blog hosting. Nowadays, a web host is a prominent problem for your blog. 

Just host is not a matter, the entire online marketing depends on hosting provider services, and server quality.

Hosting companies such as HostGator, Bluehost, and Squarespace give hosting services. A self-hosted blog is one that lives on your server.

The WordPress itself is a hosting company. So WordPress blog can work over there super smoothly. It has a competitive offer to high offers hosting services. 

Domain name registration:

If you want to get a domain name involves registering the name you want with an organization called ICANN through a domain name registrar, that is your domain. 

The domain privacy is a matter these days. A custom domain is a unique, branded name that identifies a website. 

The hosting company offers the domain name or free domain name. You can do everything domain hosting in one place. 

Premium WordPress theme:

You may have a blog, your first blog, and a WordPress blog. The WordPress is the best blogging platform to make your blog or site using free WordPress. 

You can install WordPress as free with a rich WordPress dashboard to make money blogging. The WordPress plugins make the WP dashboard high performing machine. 

Your blog needs a blog theme, not free blog themes, but a premium WordPress theme.  


How to make money, monetize your blog? Google Adsense, AdWords PPC, and affiliate marketing are the steps of making money blogging. Great content collects an email list to email marketing.

Blog posts, blog content, leadership articles can drive blog traffic, subscription, and repeat visitors. 


How to start a blog? Guideline step by step for beginners. This course is to be a pro blogger. How to start a blog? How to create a robust blog foundation from the beginning?

You have created blogs several times on the free blogging platforms that make your real blog steps easier and stronger.

Every segment of this blogging course, I have mentioned monetization. Because new bloggers don’t understand how to earn money from a blog?

The course has a separate chapter for monetization. You can learn how to monetize your blog.

Advanced Blogging Courses: How to create a blog post?

After two years, I have learned how to create a blog post that attracts readers. Can you believe me? 

If I try to tell you or show in a language, word, sentence, and paragraph, I make sure I will fail.

It is a soul touch matter. It comes from the heart, nothing explains it in words. When you write that come up from your heart for your audience, that is the way you can learn.

High-quality literature doesn’t work here. Eye-catchy text-decorative elements don’t craft the topics. The post writing from the heart can detect its readers and convert them, buyers. 

Look at the image below. I commented on a post that attracted me. What I got the reply?

Post comment.

Post comment.

Writing from the heart, I have heard it from Henneke, one year ago. I have read enormous posts to understand the matter from her blog. 

But I got the hidden secret, but it doesn’t come from searching for it. I got it after trying to write from the heart.  

When I understand the matter, I have deleted 120+ posts from my blog. I have deleted 1600+ Quora answers. 

I don’t ask you, am I wrong or right? But I have deleted them. Those posts were the burden of my site. So I deleted them.

Why did I cut them? That was garbage posts. Those posts don’t help others. 

I strongly recommend you don’t do this ever. Don’t cut a single post ever. If you need it, then update and upgrade by adding new resources. 

How to create a blog post?

I have answered many questions like this in Quora. That is a drastically important question. It needs a great answer, as well. 

Why do people ask this question randomly? They write posts, but they don’t get readers. So they search for new techniques.

I want to break down the steps you need into pieces. Your binocular can detect the pinpoint spots exactly where you get failed.

Please don’t be a scanner to learn. You can scan to measure my skills. Read the post minutely, or if possible, analyze it. 

I learned by analyzing the learning tips.  

Pick a topic your readers want to read:

Do you know your audience? What do they need? 

Where are they? How to understand them? 

If you understand the matter, you will need a week to find the topics and 2 hours to write the solution.

You do in-depth research to find the topics. 

  1. Analyze your competitor’s posts what they are writing for their audience.
  2. Search on google by “intitle:your topic keywords” + “2020”. Read 100 titles. Read 100 post titles to know what people are writing. Do you know search intent, keyword intent, and user/reader intent?

Read 100 article titles and try to understand search intent. Open a few articles and scan the subheads. If possible, collect them. 

Reader intent quality content is the best SEO metric in 2020.

How to write a blog post?

How to write a blog post?

Search in Quora this way. Read 100 questions to understand what your audiences are searching for.

Search in Quora.

Search in Quora.

After getting ideas, create a title by using a title generator tool.

How to write a blog post- title generator-min

How to write a blog post- title generator-min

Your title should be unique. Check it asunder.

Check the title is unique.

Check the title is unique.

How to collect subheads and most relevant keywords?
There are four processes. How to collect subhead and relevant keywords.

Google suggests keywords

Google suggested keywords

Google suggested keywords

I collected all google suggested keywords for  blog post by using the following keyword tool.

How to write a blog post- Google suggest keywords-min

How to write a blog post- Google suggest keywords-min

The above software gives me 427 keywords. I collected monthly search volume by the following software.

Google suggest keywords search volume.

Google suggest keywords search volume.

Data process in different ways

How to write a blog post- grouping

How to write a blog post- grouping

I have juts deleted blog post from the keywords in the last column.

From this position, you should collect your subhead and keywords

Content modification:

A blog post layout:

How to create a blog post? How to distribute focus keywords and LSI keywords, or most relevant keywords

Blog post layout

Blog post layout

This is not a proven format to follow. To increase mental ideas I draw the image.

  1. Proofread, error check and polish.

I use the following tools one after one to make the content errors-free.

  1. Visual and graphical elements.
    1. for the royalty-free images.
    2. for creating a new image for my post by uploading royalty-free images.
    3. for image compression.
  2. Optimize text and discover gap keywords:  After adding the text with suggested keywords,  I got 94%  result.
Text optimizer

Text optimizer

Exercises to improve writing:

Read the following posts that are part of this tutorial.

  1. BEST FIRST BLOG POSTS: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All
  2. SEO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Helps You Achieve Your Dreams: Genius Idea!
  3. How To Take The Headache Out Of SEO KEYWORDS? Take a relax!
  4. A Beautifully Refreshing Perspective On SEO POST TITLE -Blogging Tips.
  5. 10 Tips: How to Create High Quality Blog Content for Your Blog?

 The above posts, you read five times each within seven days. Then you write five articles on your niche or how to improve writing skills.

If you are a genius and talented one, the five articles give you guidelines on how to improve your writing skills. Otherwise, you should complete a writing course elsewhere.

Real ten articles and write one daily for 90 days make you professional writers. I prove it in my life.

How to make your blog the best performing machine?

Monetization ideas you should keep in your mind on every blogging steps. So how to monetize your post? Affiliate marketing one of the best ways to make money blogging. Google Adsense on your blog is another money-making  scheme.

Web hosting is a matter these days. WordPress, HostGator, Bluehost each is hosting company, hosting provider which has different hosting plans. The Web host in WordPress of WP blog with WP theme and plugins is a solution.

Starting a blog using WordPress dashboard integrated with WordPress theme and plugins is the best choice. WordPress blog hosted with WordPress hosting will be a high performing machine.

How to get blog post ideas? You can use free WordPress to learn with free blogging with a free domain. WordPress is the best blogging platform. You can create a new blog from other blogging platforms. 

SEO friendly domain name and blog name, great content in your blog for search engine optimization can drive organic traffic to your blog.

Do you have a blog, a personal blog you can make your blog to earn money? Writing a blog to drive free traffic from search engine results, use Yoast SEO plugin, the best SEO tool.  


A professional writer may not be a blogger, but you are a blogger, you need to be a professional writer.

Read more. A reader can write. The reader may have the resources to write. Read ten articles then write one. 

How to create a blog post? Remember, in the blogging course, first solves the writing problems, then others, such as SEO, mastering social media, and promotion.

When you get trained in writing, you read about how to improve writing skills? Then you write about how to improve writing skills?

You can be a writer if you digest the above five articles, words by words, sentences by sentences, and line by line. 

ONLINE WRITING COURSE: How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer?

If you have the highest dream of making money online, first you need to become a freelance writer. This idea is to go ahead means you are on a straight path. The path leads you to the destination.

You might search for a financial freedom life. If yes, this dream is so tough to achieve. The life-changing or challenging steps if you choose. This aspiration can build or destroy a career. 

These steps I break down to learn how to become a freelance blog Writer? The INDEX you click on topics to go in the post. If you have no time right now, you cab download the PDF file to read it later.

  1. What is the range of freelance blog writer course?
  2. How to increase word vocabulary to write a brilliant blog post?
  3. How to write the best sentence for your blog posts?
  4. Do you know how to target the right keywords in blog posts?
  5. How to discover keywords intent?
  6. What is an on-page SEO for a blog post?
  7. How to write an eye-catchy blog post title?
  8. How to write a blog post hook sentences?
  9. Do you know how to write an engaging blog post?
  10. How to write a blog post aiming to attract readers?
  11. Do you know how to write a blog post comment?

How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer?

Most people get failed to search for how to earn money online. They can’t align with steps one after one to go ahead. Without writing skill, you don’t get access to high-quality online jobs. 

So they get started visiting from website to website on the web. Nothing gets a hole to enter the existing jobs marketplace. They become tired and frustrated.  

Improving writing skills to stand out on the online crowd job market faster.

Here is what I show you, the path on how to improve writing skills to earn money online. 

You need a budget for time span and money to complete an online writing course. Become a blog writer, you need a blog, to write blog posts. Right?

Using free WordPress, create a free blog or website writing over there. 

Integrated with the writer’s blog WordPress theme and essential WP plugins, the blog becomes a performing machine to create a website or a blog where you write for practice. 

Thus, you become a professional writer. 

01. What is the range of freelance blog writer course?

The content is the core component of the entire digital marketing. The top skills of a writer are the content marketer, copywriter, and author of books or novels. These are professional skills. You can reach there day by day.

The range of freelance blog writer course is the post index covering the course topics. You can be a writer, blog post writer, reader intent writer.  

Blog post writer, maybe with different niches is as under.

  1. Wedding Blog Writer
  2. Writer Lifestyle Blog
  3. Resume Writer
  4. Blog Traveling Writer
  5. Beauty Blog Writer

Here, you need writing skills and niche skills to write niche blog posts. In this course, your niche is how to improve writing skills?

How to increase word vocabulary to write a brilliant blog post?

Read. Read more, you can learn more. Read on purpose to learn words and diversify your reading list. 

Play games, word-board games, you can learn new words. Do word puzzles, you can learn. Join online vocabulary tests.

01: Use New Words: When you write, use new words in your writing. This practice is a proven method to increase words.  

02: Use a Thesaurus: Right, the thesaurus is the best way to improve the word list. For instance, you can drive traffic, increase traffic, generate traffic to your blog. 

The words such as drive, increase, and generate is the same meaning in the sentence.

03: Keep a Journal: Keep a swift file or journal regularly. Leading writers become great by using them. When you find something new word or sentence, keep it and write about them. 

04: Find Empty Words: When you proofread your articles, discover the remaining words. Create new sentences with them or insert them in earlier sentences.  

05: Look up Words You Don’t Know: Finding the way of improving.

06: Learn New Words Every Day: In my practical life, I learned this way. Everyday memory ten words. A successful method to improve vocabulary.

07: Make Synonym Word Lists: Create sentences with different words for the same meaning. For instance, I can write the post quicker | faster | speed.

08: Edit Your Writing: Proofread your content from different angles. Change your writing with words, improve words count, and synonyms. 

09: Take a Writing Course: You will find the course, writing course, and even a free writing course on the web. Join over there to improve your writing skills and improve vocabulary. 

10: Read Every Day: Yes, read daily. Don’t read you find to read.  On purpose, you should read the selected books.

Pay focus on power words, sensory words, emotional words, and active verbs. These words make your sentences life to invite others to read.

03. How to write the best sentence for your blog posts?

You know, what are elements to write the best sentences. Do you know that the heart is a part of those elements? 

I love you is an excellent sentence, while it comes from the soul. If not, it is a cheating device. 

Great topic, but a worse writing method makes it boring. A simple topic put in the brilliant writing makes it exciting.  Be a brilliant writer.

I am not a writer, but I crave to be a writer.

If I convince you to follow me, that will be an injustice to you. I can say what I have done to win the game. Because of that, If you win the game, your winning is my pleasure. 

I don’t follow others. I don’t play the game ever, follow-back-follow. 

And I do my job with full attention timely. My followers grow organically.

Excellent topics with heart touching sentences make readers engaging. One sentence leads the reader to the next sentence. How to write hook sentences?

Doorbell, mobile ringtone, burning smoke, and smell from the kitchen don’t disturb the reader. Have you read it ever? Have you seen someone read this?    

The power of the sentence doesn’t come from artificial decorative elements, but it comes from the heart. 

How to write it? These are the best sentences. 

Use the active voice, use active verbs, and follow grammar rules.

You need to study them, memorize them, and collect them. 

Staying in practice will keep your writing hand stronger.

Be specific, precise, and concise in writing a sentence. Don’t use fluff, trim the fat, and come to the point in a short sentence. 

Insert facts, make a promise, but don’t bury the lead. Write first, then edit later, connect sentences with smart, and learn to speak the language of benefits.

Write sentences to build suspense, be provocative, but don’t distract attention.