When people become professional, their thinking, working and presenting, everything changes precise and concise. Skills become concrete. They work less, but the result is big. 

In contrast, the beginner keeps themselves busy, for nothing. I am telling you the event 7-8 years ago. And I was busy then with promotion. I looked for free promotion tools. How to promote my post, free and faster. 

I understood social media is the best for free promotion. I search for ‘free social networking sites’ on Google. And I found “105 Leading Social Networks Worldwide.” I signed up around 60+ sites. 

I become excited. I got huge fields to promote my post. Every day I shared my posts. After one or two weeks, I didn’t get a reader. I became confused, “Am I right?”

Now I can understand how foolish I was. How much it should grade? When I write mastering social media. I wanted to recommend a person for one social media such as Facebook. Because mastering social media is a big game. 

Since I managed a 60+ social media account. That was my mistakes I found it so late. Friend building skill is a matter of finger touch. By friend building skills, you never can run your business on social media. 

Every social media have distinct business features. You need to develop your skills in social media. The social media algorithm will help you.

When I use FB for business, after one year, I get a trace of how to use Facebook to operate my business. LinkedIn, I use it for at least 5 years. Now I can trace the LinkedIn algorithm what it needs.

I am using Twitter, at least 8 years, I can’t reach at the end of that. Now I am getting followers in organic. When I will get traffic from Twitter, I don’t know. Here is a big job I need. 

Pinterest, how many times I raised at the top, and downfall at the bottom, I don’t know. 

I can manage Quora. Quora is a favorite for me. But how many times I wanted to leave Quora, I don’t know. After a long time, it becomes easy for me.

Reddit, I can’t realize it yet. I become failed in Reddit.

Now I only manage 4 social media sites. FB, LI, Quora, and Twitter. When I knew nothing I did everything and When I know I handle 4 social sites.

Professional experience makes your jobs precise and concise. 

My Facebook account is 10 years old. Last two years, I am using for my business. When I first create a page and group, I spent 15 days on how to craft the best FB page. 

Then I understood how much I need to complete a social media course. LinkedIn is still like that. You need to learn for commercial use. What is LinkedIn? Why is LinkedIn? How to use LinkedIn? After 5 years, I am getting LinkedIn traffic.

Quora was very easy for me. I just answer. People give me to upvote. I am a full-time blogger for a year. I spent 3-4 hours on Quora. After one year I find the business feature on Quora. If I choose Quora as one social media site to promote my business, Quora is enough to drive traffic to my blog. 

Pinterest is easy to use for beginners. I spent more time on Pinterest. Its fluctuation feature makes me tired. But Pinterest is nice to drive traffic.

One year I need to understand the Pinterest algorithm features. The Pinterest algorithm features favor me when I know how to use Pinterest.

These days, social media is essential to promote an online business. But you need to learn in-depth about social media. After a long experience, you will get the value of social media business features. 

That was my mistakes I found it so late. So my time and energy I lost there. It is very painful when I imagine that.