Whether I was greedy. I am confused until now. But activities were the same as greedy. I want to become rich faster. Because I got WordPress, the free version, I could create sites as many as I need. 

I am speaking about the event of 12 years ago. Before the time I had a paid hosting site. I felt I found WordPress as a goldmine. The time I was searching for blogging on the net.

My financial condition was not sound. I was searching for a free platform. That time, people used WordPress and Blogspot enormous count. So far I can remember as Google ranking was possible.

I thought, to get ranking Blogspot was easier than WordPress. So I created a Blogspot account. Blogspot and WordPress together I created 30 sites. 

It scattered me and the wrong mindset; I had no precise and concise goal. I was doing whatever I want. Just I was obvious I needed the money and I could earn money as much as I desired, online.

I can realize now, the unrealistic mindset makes people frustrated quicker. Fear, doubt, and panic grab those people. We prove these as success enemies. These enemies pull people down. No way to get rid of them if they catch you once. 

You need the confidence to blog. The confidence comes from proven skills. Skills come from the persistent efforts with a patient. The only effort is not enough. It should align efforts with the precise guideline.

I had no precise and concise guidelines. Un-skills make people fool and greed makes them blind. So, I was a stupid fool and blind. Sure! No doubt!

The great mistake was my writing skill was not workable. I could write correct grammar, but not updated as the current business language. 6 months ago, I completed a business writing course from Henneke, UK and then following SARA Cy to improve a reader persuasive skill. 

Now I can understand, how much I was foolish. How much garbage quality my writing was. I become a shame when I think of it. Writing skill is the first need for ‘make money online.’ 

I created 30 sites with different keywords. How could I manage 30 sites? But I hoped success then. I became tired. I give up 30 sites except two or three. 

What if I created 2-3 sites first? Instead, my experience now is a new blogger should launch a blog. When a blog will success then you can launch another one. Thus, you can continue.

A blog success means you get an experience of obstacles and hassle of the blogging journey. You can overcome speed bumps and sharp curves on the way of the blogging journey. You have seen full blogging steps to arrive at the destination. 

The mistake and failure invite fear, doubt, and frustration. These are killing enemies. Inspiration makes you energetic. Take steps such away, you get inspiration faster. It is a good idea. 

A freelance writer needs three skills such as a topic, writing, and on-page SEO. Within three months, a writer can earn money. In contrast, a blogger needs 10 skills. Every skill you need to have a professional level. So blogging needs three years to make a persistent income stream. 

So freelance writing makes you quick success, earn money in your pocket and enjoy winning feelings. This is an inspiration. You become quicker and more energetic. 

Delaying, mistake, failing and struggling these conditions make you mentally and physically weak. So be cool, take steps in a slow, and you get inspiration quicker.

These ideas come after a long experience. Instead, new bloggers are new. They have no experience. 

A new blogger needs a mentor who is a successful blogger. The mentor can show you a right, easy and a sure success path.