Now, I am an author of Ebooks at Amazon, Writer of Medium, LinkedIn and Quora, Pro Blogger, SEO Expert, Content Marketer.

Blog related topics, I am one of the top-ten answers viewers on Quora. Now I’m a storyteller writer. 

12 years ago, I got started blogging. My niche was ‘Freelance Bangladesh’ and the blog URL was and the name was freelance training in Bangladesh.

The site died two years later. I couldn’t get access to stand out the online market. I failed at blogging. So I am a failed blogger.

Why did I get failed then? Now people are failures in those ways I failed 12 years ago. There is no recovery from failures. If I tell people why I failed. Shall people follow that?

I don’t care whether people follow. I will tell people. How many mistakes did I make?

I didn’t train or complete a course on blogging. I searched for blogging a long time to learn. And I thought I became a pro blogger. 

I learned everything but knew nothing. Those were ideas, but not skills. I couldn’t catch the blogging workflow, full business steps or I didn’t know the required skills or obstacles and hassles of blogging.

I found a pro blogging in our country. He was huge demanded. Students waited to talk to him. When he talked to students, we understood it was not a matter to earn money online.

The first learning lesson he gave me was blog comments. Use common words everywhere you can use it. For instance, “The post is helpful. I bookmarked it. I share it with my community. Thank you for sharing the valuable post.” 

He gave me a keyword as ‘payday loan’. The mentor said to me, “Come tomorrow with 100 live comment URL in an excel sheet.” The live comment URL is tough. I had completed 250 comments to get 100 lives. 

He checked a few URLs that were live. He uploaded the excel sheet to his buyer and ask for payment. Within a short time payment got released. 

I became excited. Was this blogging, nothing difficult for me? The mentor appreciated me to become a success in blogging. My course was on blogging there.

I can understand now, he learned more than me, he was a freelancer, collects work from freelance sites and distributes them to his students as a daily practice. He was cunning people. He could manage students. So, he was not a blogger. 

The mentor who never can make a persistent income stream from blogging can’t be a blogging mentor. He can’t show the full blogging steps to his students.

Where were my mistakes? I didn’t understand the blogging workflow. 

  1. I should have the professional skill of my selected niche. 
  2. And I write blog posts to educate my niche audience.
  3. Niche’s audience becomes a pleasure with my solution and keeps trust in my skill.
  4. Thus, an audience will grow that are adoring fans and dedicated followers. 
  5. My blog traffic and sales come from my audience. 

So, I can earn from blogging when I prove my skills to my audience and they follow me with trust. 

To make people my followers to show my skills is a very tough job. Can you imagine why and when people follow you? How much time does it need? How many efforts do you need to put?

The above 5 steps if you can follow step by step and one after one, then you can reach the destination. Otherwise, you go nowhere.

That was my mistakes I found it so late. But mistakes and failing is a part of success. So, I still now in blogging. 

How did I recover my mistakes and failing loss in the next blog?

  1. I blog to live, but not to be rich.
  2. To improve my skill, I read 300 articles on my selected niche topics.
  3. I write posts for my niche audience to prove skill within a year.
  4. After a year, I build my niche audience.
  5. I earn money unevenly. I wait another year to make a persistent income stream. 

Jon Morrow said, “I wait 3 years to get the audience engagement.” Now, we are interested to earn money within 3 months. How can we become a success in blogging?

People blog to be rich faster. This is the main reason to fail. Do you know how many skills you need to blog?

  1. Writing skill
  2. SEO and Algorithm
  3. Niche and Audience
  4. Build a loyal audience.
  5. Research the niche and become an expert.
  6. Research the niche audience and Discover their urgent need.
  7. Learn WordPress and WP Theme.
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Mastering social media
  10. Promotion

Can you imagine, how many skills you need to blog? People blog to be rich faster. This is the main reason to fail.

In my life, I have seen it. The mistakes make me a professional. The failure shows me the right path. So I am a pleasure now.

I can trace the mistakes, so late, when I get failed.