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‘SEO Expert’ in My Bio Makes Me Shy. (Part-02)

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Part-02 These days, I am mentally engaged with SEO. I get confused about whether I know SEO. Confusion and intrust invite fear, doubt, and frustration. These are success enemies.  Even if I read 10 articles on SEO in a day, I need solid confidence in SEO strategies. I search for mentors’ guidelines. I discover [...]

‘SEO Expert’ in My Bio Makes Me Shy. (Part-01)

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Part-01 12 years ago, I had a relationship with SEO strategies when I wrote a web page by coding HTML on a notepad. When I learned metal-tag, meta-description, and varied HTML tags were main on-page SEO metrics. Backlink was major off-page SEO.  Blog comment, no-follow and do-follow, forum post made me busy. And social, [...]

That Was My Mistakes I Found it So Late. (P-3)

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Part-03 When people become professional, their thinking, working and presenting, everything changes precise and concise. Skills become concrete. They work less, but the result is big.  In contrast, the beginner keeps themselves busy, for nothing. I am telling you the event 7-8 years ago. And I was busy then with promotion. I looked for [...]

That Was My Mistakes I Found it So Late. (P-2)

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Part-02 Whether I was greedy. I am confused until now. But activities were the same as greedy. I want to become rich faster. Because I got WordPress, the free version, I could create sites as many as I need.  I am speaking about the event of 12 years ago. Before the time I had [...]

That Was My Mistakes I Found it So Late. (P-1)

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Now, I am an author of Ebooks at Amazon, Writer of Medium, LinkedIn and Quora, Pro Blogger, SEO Expert, Content Marketer. Blog related topics, I am one of the top-ten answers viewers on Quora. Now I'm a storyteller writer.  12 years ago, I got started blogging. My niche was ‘Freelance Bangladesh' and the blog [...]

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-05)

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Part-05 (Perpetual writing makes you a good writer.) It may astonish you that 5 emails improve my writing skills 5X more. The teacher emailed me with a subject and image. An email made me engaged for a week after week.  I can understand now, an image keeps value more than thousands of words. How [...]

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-04)

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Part-04 (Anatomy of an article.) You love your mother, sister, wife, and daughter. One heart but different genre love. Every love has varied features and powers. Mam sends me an email subject: Anatomy of an article. In the email body, showing an image of the anatomy of a heart. She Was a Clean [...]

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-03)

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Part-03 (Can you burn your heart in writing?) The word has power. The words together make a sentence has more power. You need to understand the article's power and use it. The hard part of the writing. The words have power and how much. It has positive or negative effect. A handsome boy writes [...]

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-02)

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Part-02 (Hard job, write daily, quantity leads to quality.) To understand the first mail and achieving the goal, I needed 20 days. After 20 days, I got an email, subject: Hard job, write daily, quantity leads to quality. The email body contained only an image asunder. She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. [...]

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-01)

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Part-01 A year ago, I read an article word count was lesser than 200 words. The article has above 100+ comments, 100 times lengthier than the main article word count. It made me amazed how powerful-writer she was. What she wrote that made people write more that she wrote.  I read the article at [...]