Social media traffic!

Who else more didn’t expect? Nobody else more wants to be failed again.

I am one of them who expected and failed to generate social media traffic. And I am also one of them who keep patient and persistent.

I knew I could do. So I did. I am doing.

Digital marketing starts with selecting the right niche. The niche is a small market those people have a common interest, hobby, problem or need.

We all are spending time on social media. Our audiences are also there. Just we need to meet with each other. You share your post on Facebook but the post gets no readers. Why is a wall here?

Make a promise to destroy the divider wall between you and your audience in social media.

The problem is that if you know everything. Actually, you know nothing. You should have an in-depth idea of a social media ins and outs. Mastering social media is not as easier as you think. You need to have professional skills on one social site.

You know how to send a friend request and how to accept. Upload images, make a live video, give like, put a comment, share for others and click on the link all things are in term of friendship. Not for business.

You have to know how to use social media to grow your business.

 Let’s go to destroy the wall step by step.

All Social Medias are noise place. Overcrowded, everybody is speaking. Nobody you will get to listen. In a busy place, you have to make your audiences coming close together.

Step-01: Niche Idea:

New bloggers sometimes get misleading a product with a niche. They think they will sell cameras from Amazon. So, they launch a blog and decorate posts with camera images. They can’t understand what the audience is.

If you think to sell products, this is why you can’t understand about the niche. As a result, you don’t know how to build a trustworthy audience? The online sale needs trust and authority among the audiences.

What is a niche? The niche is a small market those people have a common interest, hobby, problem or need.

The camera is a product. The niche is camera related people those have a common interest, hobby, problem or need.

Camera => Photographer => Professional Photographer => Professional Photographer Training.

If you choose professional photographer training as your blog niche, then you can sell cameras. Your blog niche is professional photographer training. Now, you create content on how to become a professional photographer?

Those people over the world want to be a professional photographer, they all are your niche audiences.

Now, you can write an article about how to become a professional photographer. What do you think,  everybody will read the article. Only niche audience will read the article. If the eldest woman read the article, your article can’t keep any value to her.

Who does want to read the article?  Your audiences are searching for on Google and Social media what they need. You have to find out them.

If you have a pure idea about the niche, you can identify your audience. How many people over the world are searching for an idea about how to become a professional photographer? They are your audience. You can check the Google search value. How many they are in count.

Why don’t your blog posts get readers? You don’t identify them and reach to them. Your audiences elsewhere are searching for their solution.

First, make sure you have a clear idea of what is the niche? And what is your blog niche? Right?

Step-02: Identify a niche audience.

As you are clear about your blog niche, now you can identify who is your audience. Where can you find out them? How can they come to you?

Say… your niche is ‘organic weight loss for a young girl’. You have created content about how to exercise morning and evening for a young girl? Any man will read it? The eldest woman will read it? The young boy will read it?

Who will read it? Young girls will read the article. Right? Never. Only young girls those who are fatty, they will read the article.

So, if your blog niche is professional photographer training, who will read your article around photographs? To identify your niche audience is a first success sign.

You let them understand you are an expert in your niche. You are a well-wisher to your audience. This is a blogging job. If you can do this, you will get traffic easily. Otherwise not.

Can you imagine, why don’t new bloggers get traffic? Are you clear where are the problems and how can you solve them?

If you can’t identify your audiences, you never stand out in your niche market.

By helping without interest, you can reach to your audiences, and they will get the path to reach you. Thus, you can introduce with your audience.

Online marketing, people never buy from a stranger. So help them without interest, make a connection and relationship with them.

When a trustworthy audience will grow up, then they will follow you and buy your products.

Step-03: Find your audiences’ urgent needs.

People are searching for what they need. You can check your keywords list out how many search value they have? Niche audiences are searching here and there for their need but you are not getting readers.

Pay attention where is the problem and how can your blog posts get visitors?

I am answering questions on Quora aligned to my niche topics. I observed 80% of questions are around SEO and traffic from social media. What does it mean?

My audiences urgent need traffics. Especially, how to use social media to generate traffic to the website? So, I am writing this article. I hope my audience will read it. This article will help you with getting social media traffic.

Now, you think about what is your audiences’ urgent need. They are sufferer right now. Keep it remember that finding out your audiences’ urgent need is not so easy job.

I have done research in many ways. Only Quora helps me a lot. What is my audience urgent need?

If you can understand the topic what I am saying here, then you are a lucky one. Spend more times. Keep persistent efforts. You will win.

social media traffic

social media traffic

Step-04: Create content to make a solution.

Say… in my job resume, in About You: I have written,  “I am Hasan. My father’s name is F Karim. We live in Dhaka. I have three sons.” These are general talk. This is not a reason to get the job.

It needs job-related information. How much am I experts in whom fields? What does the company get benefited if they select me for the job?

Your content should keep value what the reader wants. If you write an article full of general information about your niche. Nobody read it.

What is your father’s name? Do you need research for the answer the question? If you want to sell your laptop, the buyer asks you what is your laptop present condition? You said, “HP model and black color.”

Is it the right answer to motivate the buyer? It needs research on how you can convince the buyer so that you can sell the laptop.

Now you think how much in-depth research you need to motivate and satisfy your readers. Your content should have a complete solution.

In this article I am writing now if it can’t provide you a solution, full of general talk, you will never read my article again.

What does the article title commit you? As a result, you are spending time on the page. If this article gives a guideline on how to drive traffic using social media, then you will read my next article.

On the other hand, you should compare your article quality with competitors’ articles. How much value it can keep to the readers rather than your competitors?

Step-05: Help your audience without interest.

There are some steps to proceed on.

  1. Identify your audiences and their urgent need. Do you start selling now? You need to make a connection and relationship showing your expertise and authority in your niche market. So, they can keep trust on you.
  2. Create high-quality content to provide a specific and unique solution what they need without interest. Thus, you will get a chance to go close to them. They will easily come to you. This is why a trustworthy will grows up on you.
  3. Then you are able to make a business foundation. The loyal audiences are behind your website.

What do you say? Should you have a traffic crisis else more? This is why you need a period to build the audience putting persistent efforts before the sale. It is saying, “Keep value before the sale.”

After that, you can create content with a clear call to action that does not sound salesy or pushy but the audience will be happy to buy.

These are the steps you can go ahead to sale. If you give a sale copy to them at first, they don’t like you.

Step-06: Choose One Social Media.

New bloggers search for on Google by “A big list of social sites.” I have searched for the list and found, “60+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2019.”

One after one, they will create an account of all the sites to drive traffic to the website. After that, they never get single traffic. To drive traffic, you need to be a master of the site.

Is it possible you will be a master of 60+ social sites? While mastering social media is a tough job, how can you handle 60+ social media sites.

Here is a big mistake most of all we have done. You need a social media site to be a master. Where will you spend more times watching what does work for you and what doesn’t work for you?

Improve your social media account to a professional level. How to improve your social media account?

Search for best FB Page example. I have searched now and found it,”21 of the Best Facebook Pages We’ve Ever Seen – HubSpot Blog.

Spend more time there and note especial feature from every page. How big decorative elements you can collect.

How much specific business features you can understand? I have spent almost one week in this section.

Develop your profile and the page like them. In this process, you can improve yourself. You can’t imagine now.

Keep it in mind please, your profile and page invite visitors to help and get assist. After coming here, they can feel a safe shelter.

All pieces of sentences you write and images will be helpful and comfortable for your visitors.

This will build a business foundation for you. You can drive a persistent social media traffic stream.

It is a master rule on social media marketing that you select one social site. Be master, build a loyal audience and create persistent social media traffic stream. Then you can take another site, one after one like this.

Don’t take all to be a master at a time. Many accounts you may have. You just share blog post there. Don’t spend time. Spend time only one selected social site.

We take Facebook here as an example.

Step-07: Facebook

Actually, we need 4-5 social media accounts asunder. You need to choose one of them. Improve yourself on the site as a professional level. After that, if you want, then you can take another site.

But you should have accounts in all sites below. Blog post shares regularly there. But no spend time there. Only one site where you build your audience, you should stick with it until growing persistent social media traffic.

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Quora
  5. Reddit.

Pinterest: it was a social media site. But now it a visual search engine like Google more than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. My assumption, you should have a Pinterest account.

Improve yourself how to get maximum benefit. Another good traffic source it is. But you have to be a master on Pinterest. This is my Pinterest Profile.

Reddit: This is a powerful and famous social media. It is very strong in its rules to obey. Most users banded the site it is. Many persons I have seen they are depended on Reddit traffic.

Practically I have seen more Reddit traffic than Quora. If you can put a valuable comment on Reddit, you will get good traffic. To learn more you can watch YouTube Reddit tutorial videos.

Quora: My practical idea, the Quora is best to collect information around your niche. People say what about your niche. I found the Quora is the best place to reveal my audience urgent need.

Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic

349 questions, I have answered. I have got 538 up-votes but get clicked around 30 only and no share. What it means by ‘gets clicked around 30 where 538 are upvotes’.

People don’t ask a question to learn but earn. They give an upvote to please me to answer on. They are not happy with my suggestion.

So, Quora is not fit for the traffic source. Another person may have another experience. Maybe they are successes on Quora.

Twitter: I have a ten-year-old Twitter account. Till now I can realize how to use it. This is my lacking I don’t know how to use Twitter for my business.

LinkedIn: I almost failed here in the term of as many times I spent here as I didn’t get traffic. My profile view is more than I have got traffic.

I will finish the rest of this article with Facebook. You all will choose whatever you like.

Step-08: Create a Fan Page and a Public Group.

To create a social media account, follow the below.

Page Name: exact match with your blog title. If blog title is different from your blog niche, match with the niche.

Page URL: Like your page name

About: According to your niche idea. Everybody can understand what is your business type and activities.

Remember please, all other social media, above three things should be the same as Facebook. It will cover the EAT SEO signal.

EAT-E How much expert you are in your niche. Many accounts prove that you are an expert in this niche.

You need to increase page like and group members. I always depended on organic growth. If you have a budget, you can increase by FB ads.

People like to make a relation with other people. The profile image should be your headshot smiling modes.

Cover Image: This is the place for visitor attracting image. And it is also a good place to explain about your business. How can you combine together? Search for professional FB Page ideas on Google.

FB is for making relation. You will do business by making relation. When anybody sends your friend request, first you will check profile status.

If you get any sign to match your business, then accept. Otherwise, ignore. No need to make unnecessarily crowded, need only audience member. After accepting, you should send tow messages.

  1. Accept your request with thank.
  2. Send your page link. And say.“If you have an interest, you may like this.”

I am poor at English. If you have a more good idea, you can write, no problems.

If someone put a comment on your post, instantly you should reply.

Images, videos, and texts everything represents your business. People can understand what you are doing.

Anyhow, you make your audience active, engaged and happy.

Thus, a business foundation will grow up. When your audiences can keep trust in you, you write shareable content with a clear call to action that does not sound salesy or pushy.

They will accept your offer then.

Step-09: Join Niche Related Public Group.

FB has many groups with huge members. According to your niche, you can join as many as you can.

  1. Groups must be according to your niche. The group member should be above 1000.
  2. That group must be public type. Don’t touch closed groups. Closed groups are dominated by one person. If the person feels disturbed by your post sharing, they report about disturbing to FB authority.
  3. Weekly, you will share your blog post there. At a time, 20 posts you can share then need a gap around 30 min.
  4. You may not get any like, comment or share. No need that. Just you are sharing on. You can see the result after 3 months.
  5. When anybody gives you like on your post, send your page link. And say.“If you have interest, you may like this”

Please remember, to build audiences take time and need countless efforts. But without the audience, you can make money online. Therefore, keep patient and put persistent efforts.

Step-10: Make Trustworthy Audience.

You should understand about EAT rating. Lack of EAT rating, Google never get you to access in the ranking. By social media engagement metrics prove your expertise, authority and trustworthy.

E- Expertise: How much expert you are in your niche

A- Authority: Your blog and posts earn Authority from your audiences.

T- Trustworthy: How much you earn trust from your audience and your niche market.

Google can estimate you and your blog through the below factors. When you publish a post,

  1. How often it gets like.
  2. Count of earning likes.
  3. How often the post gets comments and how many.
  4. Your audience put what type of comments.
  5. All social media accounts together, you will get a rating.

Your niche audiences don’t know you, don’t like your post, don’t get any solution from you. Google never get you to access in the ranking, it is true. Be careful.


If you put the efforts in social media, you will get social media traffic. But the question is how much you can earn in return for your efforts. Another important thing if you get a reputation in social media, Google easily accepts you, your blog and blog posts.

Who are you? I don’t know. Maybe you are more than me where I am in this field.

Hasan Habib

I am Hasan Habib from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am the father of three sons.

I was in a job. Now, I am fulltime engaged Blogger.

I am writing about blogging. I also train new blogger.


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