Once the SiteGround review made me biased.

Which is the best wordpress hosting for bloggers?

But yet, I had been using it for the last two years.

SiteGround Review

SiteGround Review

Now, why am I staying here?

I will use it later as well.

Be careful. Keep alert. 

Don’t choose a web hosting provider, blindly.

Open your eyes to uptime, performance, pros & cons.

Which is the best wordpress hosting review for Siteground?

Pick the one that you need for your business support.

The following are well-known web hosting providers.

  1. Bluehost
  2. HostGator Managed WordPress
  3. Hostinger
  4. SiteGround
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. GreenGeeks
  7. DreamHost
  8. InMotion
  9. Site5
  10. iPage

Top ten web hosting companies are for bloggers. And their web hosting services are usable.

Create your website using the free wordpress dashboard.

You choose the right one that you need for your online business to stand out in the overcrowded competitive market.

During my offline jobs period, I bought min 20+ domain Hosting packages from different Web hosts. 

When I became a full-time blogger, I thought I would research about shared web hosting for my blog. How should it be?

I spent seven days on that research when I got almost confused. 

At least, I read 25+ web hosting reviews. 

In my job, I was an accounting software developer. I passed 20 years of IT jobs in my country. 

Because of that, I could understand the technical terms.

New bloggers are very hard to understand.

Last, of all, I picked out the Siteground to get rid of decision making complexity. 

Day over day, it’s excellent features turn my blog into my business benefits.


I write this article showing you Sidegroud business benefits. 

I don’t say who’s wrong and why Siteground is the best.

And I shall show you why I am here and will stay here. 

  1. Siteground vs Hostinger
  2. Hostgator vs Siteground
  3. Siteground vs Greengeeks
  4. Hostinger vs Siteground
  5. Siteground vs site5
  6. Siteground vs iPage
  7. Dreamhost vs Siteground
  8. Inmotion vs Siteground
  9. a2 hosting vs Siteground

I don’t say SiteGround is the best out of the rest.

Every hosting service is unique in its world.

01. Research:

I bought 20+ domain hosting in my official job life.

My friend is a reseller hosting. So I didn’t spend a minute.

I called him with a domain name for hosting. Within two hours, he sent me everything. 

Within one day, I made my website live.

He came to my office and got the payment.

These are my previous stories about web hostings.

When it came to my business blog, I needed to research searching for the best web hosting.

I became alerted. Why?

That is my business issue.

What were the variable factors I needed to choose the right way? Otherwise, it could hit my business.

It made me mentally busy on SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review.

I studied at least 25 Siteground reviews that were so long. 

Altogether I didn’t come close to the right decision. 

Result of Siteground WordPress Hosting Review:

I am a blogger. So I need a web hosting provider for a blog.

I need the best blog hosting package for a blog, as well.

I use WordPress as a CMS [content management system] for blogging. WP is a free website builder.

That is why I need the best web hosting server for WordPress.

My blog is a niche blog. Heart of the niche blog is traffic.

It requires free traffic, search traffic, and organic traffic from SERPs. 

So I need the web host that drives traffic to my blog.

Most readers use light devices, such as smartphones.

The best web hosting should be mobile friendly.

I visualize my blog posts with images, videos, or infographics. 

My web hosting should be media optimizer.

Free SG optimizer plugin manages all my media files from different angles.

The plugin uses GZip, Minify, Compress, Unused CSS, and so on are the techniques.

Within one year, my blog stood out online crowd competitive marketing.

It is incredibly rising continuously.

I am happy with my blog on Siteground web hosting. 

I write the Siteground review from my practical life.

But when I research for finding A WP blog web hosting, I choose the Siteground as the least bad over the rest. 

I became messy, almost disordered, and more accurately crazy. Why?

02. Cheap, cheaper, and cheapest.

The cheap is a buying word. 

Cheap, cheaper, and cheapest are persuasive words as well.

Most buying search queries happen with them.

People like to avoid monetary loss. 

Cheap, cheaper, and cheapest are emotional triggers.

But when it comes to buying web hosting, these words are the worst and ugliest words.

Its buying words should be best instead of cheap. 

Web hosting is a place where you should expense as much as you can or as much as it needs.

You should have a reliable budget for WordPress hosts when you think of a niche blog. 

The cheapest means something more concise in any way they can.

In contrast, you need to fulfill everything that supports your business.

If you need it, you can create a website from free web hosting. These aren’t safe for business.

03. SEO effect:

The blogging SEO tips on how hosting effect on ranking.

Do you know SEO, SEO factors, and even SEO metrics?

I read hundreds of  SEO articles. Most featured articles come up with the matter of quality web hosting.

Quality web hosting directly refers to SEO ranking.

A lightweight blog with a high-speed hosting server pushes your post to its readers.

The cause of driving traffic is SEO metrics.

The hosting server must be high speed. And pages must be lightweight.

Then ranking will grow dramatically.

04. Quality web hosting:

Quality web hosting makes broad sense. It needs thousands of words to explain it. 

In a nutshell, web hosting features directly related to increased sales and revenue.

For example, those are availability, useability, and productivity.

  • The storage, connectivity, and services we call web availability.
  • The top priority on your website is the ease of use that means usability. 
  • Quality hosting helps to boost your business performance, which is productivity.

Sustainable green environment-friendly wordPress hosting that has cloud-driven web hosting solutions.

The SiteGround hosting plans use SSD storage and design to meet the needs of any website.

Do you know how to enable Cloudflare CDN On SiteGround hosting? Its a matter of one click to activate.

The HackAlert is a malware detection and early warning system available on Siteground web hosting services.

SiteGround doesn’t offer the FREE domain name with any hosting plan.

But it provides domain registration services.

Do you know What is shared, cloud, or dedicated hosting? Enterprise hosting? Business hosting?

SiteGround has Managed Cloud Hosting with your Dedicated IP.

It’s cloud VPS hosting plans are fully managed and a combination of flexible, scalable, and affordable.

You can transfer your WordPress website to SiteGround [the best web hosting for wordpress] without any hassle. 

It works in a completely automated way using the SiteGround Migrator Plugin.

05. Siteground  Offer:

Do you know what Siteground offers? Have you ever seen it?

A startup offering is asunder. The SiteGround has another two offers.

  1. 1 Website
  2. 10 GB Web Space
  3. ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
  4. Unmetered Traffic
  5. Free WP Installation
  6. WordPress Auto-updates
  7. Free SSL Certificate
  8. Daily Backup
  9. Free CDN
  10. Free Email
  11. WP-CLI and SSH [Root access]
  12. Unlimited Databases [Mysql]
  13. 100% renewable energy match

 One of the Best Domain Hosting Providers

I researched on an in-depth review of Siteground hosting plans and services. 

SiteGround Front page

  • SiteGround hosting ranks near the top of all web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speed (673ms). 
  • Their customer support team is experienced, fast, and friendly. 
  • All plans consist of a CDN, SSL certificate, and email hosting.
  • Response Time: 438 ms
  • Uptime Guarantee: 99.99%
  • Storage: 10 GB
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Price: $3.95/mo

Many people recently switched website hosting to Siteground.

SiteGround Price Offer

06. Free Offer:

Do SiteGround have a free offer?

No, the Siteground has no free offers, even trial offers.

But it offers a month full money-back guarantee.

Do you imagine the facts?


You can use Siteground as free forever.

Sounds exciting. Right?

Every user is an affiliate marketer.

You will get a referral program page.

If you gain one successful referral user, you win three months hosting fees as free. 

If you can win four new referral users in a year, you can enjoy full-year renewal fee-free.  

What does it mean?

You can use Siteground entirely free if you put a few efforts. 

My assumption, my one article is enough to discover the four referrals users for me in a year.

What’s the problem if it can gain 100 referrals users in a year?  That means you can make a great deal with Siteground.

That is also a Siteground affiliate review.

This benefit is exceptional, extraordinary, and exciting.

SiteGround referral Offer

07. Why do I like SiteGround?

Do you know Siteground has a free plugin?

I am getting excellent web page optimization services.

Siteground optimizer

That is like all in one. If you don’t see and use it, you can’t measure how powerful free web speed optimizer tools it is.

It has its own page speed checker tool.

Wonderful image, HTML , JavaScript and CSS optimization tools.

08. Siteground Limitation:

Lots of Siteground hosting reviews are on the web. Every review hosting says cons not over than that.

  1. The Siteground hosting price increases after the first bill
  2. No unlimited storage [10GB=> Startup]
  3. “Uptime guarantee does not cover outages in the event of DDoS”
  4. Domain registration fee isn’t included

09. User Dashboard:

Everybody knows web hosting Cpanel [Control panel].

Siteground provides a user-friendly dashboard with Cpanel.

You need to know about What is happening in the new SiteGround account dashboard.

When you first open it, it will come up with the latest news and tabs for:

  • Home
  • Websites
  • Services
  • Billing
  • Referrals
  • Marketplace

You get all the information from one place.

User Dashboard

The dashboard provides you a wide range of navigations with service categorized tabs.

You can take actions you need through the dashboard.

It makes you happy using Siteground.

10. Most Specific benefit for you: 

  1. 10 GB Web Space: As a start-up and new business, it is enough space to use. Though it is limited space. Beginners can’t use of all spaces. 
  2. 10,000 Visits Monthly: As a niche blog, This volume is a wider range of visitors that gets accessed monthly. 
  3. Unmetered Traffic: Excellent offer.
  4. Free SSL: Dedicated offer. 
  5. Daily Backup: Highly secure policy.
  6. Free CDN: Most essential feature you will get free
  7. Free Email: There is no limitation. 
  8. Unlimited Databases: Tremendous offer. 

Take away from SiteGround review:

In my life, I bought at least 20+ web hosting during my 9-5 official life.

I was not on Siteground before.

Now I am using it for the last two years.

And I will continue to stay here.

What I write here doesn’t come from Internet research data.

After using it, getting satisfaction from it, I write to make you happy launching a new website.

Visit SiteGround

Take action. Keep going

The outcome will come in time.

Can you differ among hosting plan reviews, domain hosting reviews, and web hosting services reviews?

So you need a recommendation.

WordPress web hosting or fast wordpress hosting or web hosting wordpress whatever you say Siteground is the top wordpress hosting.


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