(Perpetual writing makes you a good writer.)

It may astonish you that 5 emails improve my writing skills 5X more. The teacher emailed me with a subject and image. An email made me engaged for a week after week. 

I can understand now, an image keeps value more than thousands of words. How can the image improve my writing skills?

I get an email subject: Perpetual writing makes you a good writer. The following image shows in the article body. Nothing else more. I take it as a lecture or class or even a course sheet.

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-05)

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-05)

Mam: Hi Hasan. Are you there?

Me: Yes Mam. I’m here.

Mam: Have you seen a shower, waterfall or cascade. 

Me: Yes Mam. I have seen it. 

Mam: Do you realize it never stops? Always water is falling. It creates a river. Then it joins with the ocean. A waterfall can create a river to join an ocean. So, keep writing. You can create a writing flow that makes you join with successful writers. 

Me: I understand.

Mam: Write badly on purpose. Do you experience, on the purpose you can write badly?

Me: I learn from you now.

Mam: Don’t be perfect. The human is not a perfectionist. To create a perfect isn’t your goal. Your goal is to keep writing. Otherwise, your creativity will die.

Me: Yes Mam. You are right.

Mam: Let your creativity active. When you write, write what is ready to write. You don’t think of choosing the right word, sentence formation, and crafting. Let it go on. You correct them when you edit. 

Me: Nice advice. 

Mam: Don’t fall into writing trap. Do you see the writing trap? Upgrade and classical writing. Simplicity is the best. This is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic and simple. Do you recognize Ernest Hemingway? He dominates the writing world because of simplicity. 

Me: Yes Mam. I know.

Mam: Don’t be shy about writing simple. Nobody downgrades you. The readers can read and understand is your goal. Write an upgraded style but most people can’t read. They can’t understand what is your message.

Me: Yes Mam. I understand.

Mam: As a beginner, you can’t write quality articles. Jon Morrow said 3 years, he didn’t get like, commenting and sharing. So you need to write. Keep writing. Quantity leads to quality.

Me: Yes. I can understand.

Mam: New bloggers become frustrated, no readers, no traffic, no sale. Who read their garbage articles? They are passing the training period. They don’t experience, the days are coming, after publishing the post, within 5m, thousands of ‘like, comment, and share’ they may achieve. So they need to pass a training and experimental period.

Me: Yes Mam.

Mam: The reader can write. A good reader must be a good writer. The reader has a supporting to write. So read more than you write. When you want to learn, read, but analyzing is the best. Don’t be a scanner. A scanner NEVER can learn.

Me: Yes Mam, you are right.

Mam: What do you read? You read aligned with your niche topics. Read from your mentors’ sites. Don’t read from here and there. It makes you wrong turn to go nowhere.

Me: Yes. I follow your advice.

Mam: Hi Hasan, Writing is fun. It is your passion. Love to write. Write to make pleasure yourself. Then fear, doubt, and frustration NEVER touch you. When you write to show others and ask something from them. You become disheartened. Be careful. Keep you aligning with your goal. 

Me: Yes, I follow. But very hard advice. 

Mam: Yes. The advice is very hard.

Mam: You need confidence in writing. Confidence is a reward of persistent efforts with a patient. So stick with writing until to succeed. 

Me: Yes, I am fair to it.

Mam: I spend more time with you. What is the result? Do you believe I am right?

Me: Yes Mam. I am grateful to you. I thank you for sophisticated advice.

Mam: Today is the last day of your writing course. When you assume you need something from me. Then email me, but don’t come to chat. 

Me: Ok Mam. 

Mam goes offline. I get started to cry. I don’t know, why? Sadness covers surround me. Next two days, I don’t work. I get blocked everywhere. 

When I become a refresh, I understand her melted soul pouring to her advice that touches my heart. This is tremendous advice, writing from the heart.