(Anatomy of an article.)

You love your mother, sister, wife, and daughter. One heart but different genre love. Every love has varied features and powers.

Mam sends me an email subject: Anatomy of an article. In the email body, showing an image of the anatomy of a heart.

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-04)

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-04)

I spent a few times on research articles anatomy. It has different parts. Every part has different work and power asunder. 

  1. Title
  2. First lines
  3. Introduction
  4. Article body
  5. Closing
  6. CTA 
  7. Subscribe.
  8. Images
  9. Decoration
  10. Article length

Everything above is a part of the articles. As a writer, you need to learn, how to craft each part of an article, with proper writing elements.

Mam: Hi Hasan,

Me: Yes, I am here.

Mam: How to use your heart in business writing.

Me: I understand it as a complex and hard job.

Mam: You are correct. But you have to achieve it though It is hard but possible.

Me: OK. I will try.

Mam: Do you love your mother? Do you love your wife? Don’t you love your sister and daughter? Every love is the same? How can you differentiate among them? Thus, you need to love your readers.

Me: Yes Mam. I am clear now.

Mam: It should not be fake. Drama. Lie. You need to love your reader from the heart that is possible. But it needs practice and invests more time.

Me: You are the right. I expect so.

Mam: go away.

Tremendous idea. To achieve them in practical life, it needs long efforts. If I can love customers and get access to them into my heart, they must respond to my call to action.

My love should not be a lie, fake and drama. A very hard job. 

Mam: What are you doing?

Me: Yes, it needs practice and time but possible to grab it.

Mam: in an article, the title is a valuable part. It must show what you offer to your audience. It should be attention-grabbing, but never be clickbait. Clickbait makes a negative impact on your audience. 

Mam: Remember, it is not an easy job. If you can be a member of your audience and see their practical life, you can realize what they need. Sensory, power and emotional words you can apply to catch them. But they don’t stay if they don’t find what they need. 

Mam: Are you there?

Me: Yes Mam, I am here.

Mam: First you learn what your audience needs. Then you craft a title. 

Me: How can I learn what is my audience needs?

Mam: If you want to give a birthday gift to your girlfriend, how much do you think? How to spend time to discover her choice? It needs for one week. Did you ever think for a week what your audience needs? Guess what, Hasan?

Me: Yes Mam. I didn’t do so.

Mam: If you invite your girlfriend to attend dinner, your friend is a guest only. What can you select the menus? How much time do you need? How much do you be careful? Imagine.

Mam gets offline to give me a job to imagine. I spent many years in blogging. I don’t imagine it like this ever. The idea is an innovation in my blogging life.

Mam: Jon Morrow said, “Write on what your reader wants to read.” Did you ever make research on what did your readers wanted to read? 

Me: No Mam.

Mam: I give a secret place where people say their problem. Visit the pro niche bloggers sites. People follow them. Read their post. Check out their comments. You can find your audience’s opinion. Search for questions on Quora. Follow Google’s suggestion.

Me: I have first heard to check out comments of pro bloggers post.

Mam: Yes. This is important. Follow your niche Pro blogger blog post and read comments minutely.

Me: Yes Mam.

Mam: title, introduction, article body, and closing, how much you can persuasive them. It never works if the post is the reader intends solution or the reader doesn’t want to read.

Me: I need to have sharp ideas of my reader desired.

Mam: Most people attend to focus on crafting every part of the article on their proven writing skills. But who read it?

Me: I never think so.

Mam: when you can create the correct scene for the exact reader obstacle and then give a solution. Readers can understand you as skilled and follow you. This is called followers. 

Mam: Have you ever proved your skill to your audience? How can you get followers? Buy them? Collect then through varied ads? 

Me: No Mam. I have no many followers. 

Mam: without followers how can you drive traffic? Sale?

Mam: Improve your skills. This is the solution. Help people with your skills. You recognize you. Understand you. They keep trusts on you.

Me: Yes Mam. I follow your advice.

Mam: I am going.

Me: Thank you, Mam.

How sensitive and significant matter, it is? I never think so. How professional she is. They don’t stay at the front level. They hide them from general people.

I am a lucky one I get the teacher. But I uncover her advice to the general people.