(Can you burn your heart in writing?)

The word has power. The words together make a sentence has more power. You need to understand the article’s power and use it.

The hard part of the writing. The words have power and how much. It has positive or negative effect. A handsome boy writes a sentence and gives it to a cute girl. 

The sentence is “I love you”. A smart boy writes the sentence and gives it to a wonderful girl. How much power it has. Can she sleep that night? It has a positive or negative power. 

If the sentence positive hit the girl, how much she becomes excited. If the sentence negative hits the girl, how much becomes the girl angry with the boy?

You need to understand the word-power and use it in proper ways. I know she takes care of me. She assumes a responsibility to teach me. The last two emails make me understand the major part of writing.

Today I have received the third email. Subject: Can you burn your heart in writing? In the email body with just an image of heart-burning.

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-03)

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-03)

The very complex part of writing. How can you pour your heart in writing? It needs in-depth research. Around 30 days, I have passed with previous research. 

The image hit my heart and makes me busy. Everything becomes messy in my brain. I become stress less. I can’t think so much. A disaster. Coming to me.

I take my bed and lay down. Sleep favor me. I got a deep sleep for 3 hours. I didn’t sleep earlier like this. And I saw my messenger blinking. “Hi Hasan, are you there?

Me: Yes, Mam, I am here.

Mam: Can you imagine a young girl? How much you can imagine her who sends you a sentence, “I love you. Do you love me?”

Me: I am thinking of how can I imagine her? The Mam becomes offline. I can understand she let me imagine the girl. After one hour, she comes again.

Mam: Don’t you reply to the sentence “Do you love me?”.

Me: What do I write? I am thinking. 

Mam: One hour passed, you are thinking yet.

Me: I need a few days. 

Mam: Why? Hasan. Everything is imaginary. Why do you need more time?

Me: The sentence hits my heart. I need to cool to give the correct answer. 

Mam: Thank you, Hasan. You stuck with the correct point. After one hour I am coming back to hear your reply.

Me: I talk to myself, the answer is not so easier. If I reply “YES,” is it enough? How can I please her? After 30m she comes again.

Mam: What are you doing?

Me: I am talking to myself.

Mam: Yes. You come to the second point. You talk to you. What do you talk about?

Me: If I reply “YES,” is it enough? How can I please her?

Mam: You come to the third point. The word choice, how to pick the correct word? How to make a sentence to please her. Great

Me: Thank you so much.

Mam: Imagine, you have a jewelry shop. A customer asks you, “What is the price of the necklace? How many time do you need, to tell the price?”

Me: Yes, within the 30s, I need to reply.

Mam: Imagine, if that girl comes to your shop, and asks the price of that necklace, can you reply within the 30s?

Me: Of course not. 

Mam: Here is the fourth point, you arrive. If you think, the readers are your customers. You talk to them with a marketing drivel. You become commercial. And you become crazy to earn money. Am I right?

Me: YES, Mam.

Mam: If you can guess and imagine, your customers are like that girl. How do you talk to them? How do you write to them?  If you understand the fact, you can win the world. How easy to make your audience?

Me: Yes, Mam.

Mam: See, how you can melt your heart and pour it into your talking and writing for your customers as an imaginary girl. You can become a sophisticated writer. Are you clear?

Me: Yes, Mam. 

Mam: I am going. I have no time.

Me: Thank you so much for your nice advice.