(Hard job, write daily, quantity leads to quality.)

To understand the first mail and achieving the goal, I needed 20 days. After 20 days, I got an email, subject: Hard job, write daily, quantity leads to quality. The email body contained only an image asunder.

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-02)

She Was a Clean Sharp Edge Writer. (Part-02)

I spent a week to understand inside out. She is a great teacher. I am thankful to her. And, I am grateful to her. 

I wanted to chat with her. So I asked else more I need. I got a reply, “Go with a precise and concise job. In practical life, do what I say.”  I became sure she was nursing me. She didn’t forget me. 

I analyzed the email subject asunder.

  • Hard job. 
  • Write daily. 
  • Quantity leads to quality.

She hide here nothing and everything was fair. Without asking my mentor I stopped blogging jobs for this training period. 

Hard job. What about? The writing matter wasn’t an obvious idea to me. I went on Quora. The quota is my first research center. I collected writing improvement related questions. 

  1. What are your techniques to improve writing?
  2. What are the best books to improve writing skills?
  3. Are passages memorizing a good way to improve writing?
  4. What is the strategy to work on improving writing skills?
  5. What are a good sources to improve writing skills? 

There are hundreds of questions. I collected a unique five questions to do in-depth research on improving writing skills. Following 5 things I discover to stress on myself.

  1. Who were my writing mentors?
  2. Which sites did I read and follow as a standard?
  3. What topics did I need to improve?
  4. What practices did I require to do daily?
  5. And what is my writing goal?

Nice teacher. Tell me to do. Don’t give me instruction details. Everything I designed my job list. I decided what I needed to do. That day, I could understand an image can express more than thousands of words. 

I sent my progress report after the first email instruction. I didn’t get a reply. But she sent me the next instruction. I meant my development accepted. I managed myself she is busy and had no more time to spend for me.

In contrast, she is not my paid teacher. This was her generosity. I learned how I can manage my followers. If you learned how to follow your mentors, you learned how to manage your followers.

Most bloggers can’t build an audience or followers. Their mentors didn’t manage them, so they didn’t build others. Many bloggers want to learn university style, but they need to come to primary school or high school level approach.

Now, I barricaded myself with the following schedule tasks.

  1. I read ten articles in a day.
  2. Write one story and publish it in a day.
  3. I promote my posts as much as possible.
  4. Everything I align with my niche topics.
  5. I spend time on Quora answers aligned my niche topics.

The first email made me U-turn and got the highway. Now I go on the highway to my destination. The next email made me speed.

Can you follow your mentors blindly? This is my weakness I follow them blindly when I realize they take care of me.

My other weakness is that I always am alert on how to help them from my end. Everybody can’t do this. This is my weakness. But I become Hasan Habib on the net by this task.