After launching a blog, the blogger can’t relax.  If the blogger is a beginner, an obstacle, gray darkness drives her brain that is SEO keywords.

The most beginners mistook before launching a blog. Learning here and there through searching for blogging, they get started blogging. Headache is their lifelong disease.

In this article, I give a few tips to get a release of headaches. SEO becomes easy, and keywords obstacles become faded away.

Guess what? Sound comfortable, Right?

Keep reading. Don’t worry. I am with you. Ok?

You might become an SEO expert, did you think it ever? Mightn’t be that good? Now to be SEO expert is possible if you can digest keywords tips.

Google suggests keywords are the best keywords, the more relevant keywords, and intensive actionable keyword phrases. It shows us through different windows such as auto-suggest, people ask, and related keywords.

Google search console delivering us the most potential keywords that rank for your website. GSC is the keyword research tool if you can use it. It likewise provides you your niche related search terms, search queries, and keywords for SEO. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. You like to have in-depth keyword ideas to use them in the right place. Google AdWords keyword planner delivers you the most potential keywords info.

Google helps us to understand the most relevant and best keyword we search for through various Keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest.

SEO keyword research makes you understand finding low competition and monthly high search volumes. 

Let’s go deeper. Are you ready? Don’t be a scanner. If you don’t have time now, skip it to read later. It needs attention.

What is SEO Keywords?

Definition of SEO keywords: Search engine users write a group of words as search queries to find a specific result in SERPs. People use a group of words to make a search query on Google. It may be one word to multi-words. 

Example: You need to buy a food processor to make pizza dough. How to search for it? For instance,  

  1. Pizza dough food processor
  2. Top-ten food processor for pizza dough
  3. Cheap budget food processor for pizza dough
  4. Best food processor for pizza dough.
  5. Pizza dough food processor in the UK

People use these keywords to learn for the pizza dough food blender. The online marketers use these keywords to get website visibility on SERPs. 

Different people use distinct words in a search query for a precise result. How many ways do people ask for something on Google they required? What volume do people search for particular things monthly?

So you need to discover people’s search queries and monthly keywords search volume. 

Tips 01: Google suggests keywords

The keyword is a word group user who writes for a search query on the search engine to get a specific result. For instance, I break down the sentence into pieces asunder.

  • Blogging tips are keywords.
  • Which is a group of words?: 2 words.
  • A user writes for a search query on a search engine: A search query.
  • To get a specific result: A search result.

People write for a search query. How many times people search for that. The count is a keywords search volume.

Periodical and Countrywide: 

Blogging tips have 880 monthly search volume in the US. Blogging tip has ten monthly search volume in the US. Singular and plural, how much different?

I use this tool:

Keywords singular and plural-min

Keywords singular and plural

Long-tail keyword on Google keywords suggest:

Google is our online best friend. It wants to help us. Google advises us for A-Z long-tail keywords. How many ways do people ask for long-tail keywords on Google? 

Writing skills- google auto-suggest

Writing skills- google auto-suggest.

Here is another example of writing skill, writing skill a, and writing skill b. Thus Google will give you A-Z writing skills + long-tail words.

Can you get the keywords list for writing kills A-Z together? Yes, you can do by this tool:

Google Autosuggest finder tool-min

Google Autosuggest finder tool

Monthly keywords search volume:

Can you get 415 keywords’ monthly search volumes? Yes, you can. I use keywords, monthly search volume tools.

Google keywords, grouping:

Look at the below image. Please analyze how I made these groups.

Keywords grouping-min

Keywords grouping

How to pick a title post and post blueprint from a keyword group:

And how to pick topics from this group list to write a blog post? 

Look at the image. 

How can you create a blog post outline from the below image?

From the above image, I design a post blueprint. Look at the below image.

A post outline-min

A post outline

The focus keywords need to have a good search volume. In a few places, you need to use exact match focus keywords. You can use synonyms and related words.

Tips 02: On-page SEO

You make an SEO strategy on how to increase the organic search. SEO keyword, search term, search query are ideas of getting a website on search engine optimization.

SEO tools, research tools, and keyword tools mean to collect Google keyword suggestion for search marketing. 

Google Webmaster guideline gives us the rules we can stand out online through Google. Most bloggers don’t know what is over there. 

 How to use long-tail keywords in a blog post. 

  1. SEO keywords list: Before writing a post, you need to have a long-tail keyword list such as focus keywords with long-tail keywords, synonyms phrases, and related keywords.
  2. Buyer’s journey: Do you know the buyer’s journey? A buyer takes total actions to finish a buying.
  3. Content map: Keywords distribution according to sales funnel layers. 
  4. Focus keywords or post topics: After keywords research, from your keywords group, select keywords as a focus keyword to define the topic. 
  5. Content outline: Create a subhead list from the long-tail keywords group helping post the title. 
  6. Title tag: Generate a title with exact match focus keywords.
  7. Meta description tag: Put your exact match focus keywords on meta description with full length. 
  8. Perma link/slug/ SEO link: Put your exact match focus keywords in the post link.
  9. Subhead list with SEO keywords: Create a subhead list to support the main title. You collect subheads from the long-tail keywords group. 
  10. Length: Title length, meta description length, slug length, and post length everywhere you follow the rules. 
  11. Limit: Excessive in online mean spammy. You should be basic and keep it basic.
  12. Post body and closing: Put your focus keywords, long-tail keywords, and synonym keywords, you must distribute over the content. 
  13. Optimization: Keywords distribution in the post is to get SEO Optimization.

Please remember, on-page SEO is still a matter for Google.

On-page SEO Tutorial:

Watch the video and enjoy the SEO strategies. 

Tips 03: Google analytics

Google Analytics is a crucial web tool we get it free from Google. Google analytics show us users and traffic-related entire status. You perceive the data and take action against that.

If you want to nurse your website to carry forward to success, you need to know GA deeper. 

Most bloggers don’t open the GA within a month. In contrast, we first open GA and search console. Then our site. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

I pay attention to these two tools more than my site every day. Every paid tool gives us services to take data from GA. Can you answer the following question?

  1. By which keywords, your website gets impressions? Do you know that? If not, how to improve your website for organic traffic.
  2. Do you know why session duration decline and how to improve it?
  3. Why does the bounce rate increase and how to control it?
  4. Do you know the conflict between the user and the session?
  5. What is the click-through rate? How to increase and decline? And how to manage it?

The above simple five questions. Enormous info you will get from GA. You need to understand them and take action to improve them.

GA is a good web analyzer tool. You can analyze SEO keywords to improve traffic. 

GA Tutorial:

Watch the video and enjoy the tool. 

Tips 04: Google search console

Beginners know they have to configure search console with their website. But day by day, GSC gives you the crucial data to keep your website healthier. You need to keep everything 100% updated and error-free. 

Google search console-min

Google search console

Do you have ideas of GSC menus? What is mobile visibility? I have spent a month to fix the errors. Look at the image. What is URL inspection? How and why to test live?

Google search console menu-min

Google search console menu

We are lucky to get our website health condition free from GSC. Most of us do not understand them.

I give you simple ideas. The entire usability of GSC, I can’t explain here. 

Goggle GSC Tutorial: 

Watch the video and enjoy the tool. 

Google Search Console can be a perfect place to find new keyword opportunities.

Google suggests a list of keywords such as keyword phrase, longtail keyword, and new keyword.

Improve your keyword strategy, collect them, check out their monthly searches, and use them on how to get more search traffic.

Tips 05: Google keyword planner.

The Google AdWords keyword planner, a research tool, collects Google keyword suggestions for PPC means Pay per click, paid search. 

In tips 01, I gave you ideas on how to collect keywords from Google auto-suggest. In this tip, you can learn the same thought with an elaborate method by using the Google Keyword planner tool.

  1. The tool serves you the following data.
  2. Collect related keywords from seed keyword.
  3. You need keywords’ monthly search volume.
  4. Competition status
  5. PPC cost
Google keyword planner-min

Google keyword planner

It is crucial to know how to use the Google Keyword Planner tool? Because this tool is difficult to use and large. 

Look at the above image. I provided SEO Tips keywords to get more related keywords ideas. The tools gave me 243 keywords. It needs to download on your PC. 

Look at the image I downloaded and remove unnecessary columns and rows.

Google keyword planner excel sheet-min

Google keyword planner excel sheet

Before creating content, you group the keywords. Look at the below image that is the keywords grouping example. How to use long-tail keywords in content?

Keywords grouping-min

Keywords grouping

How to outline the content to write? Look at the below image.

A post outline-min

A post outline

Thus, you can go for SEO content development

Google keyword planner: 

Watch the video and enjoy the tool.

Tips 06: Google Trends

An impressive and essential tool free from Google. SEO tips have 1000 monthly search volume. But over time, how is its trend. The search volume remains steady whole the year or increasing or declining.

  • Seasonal keywords: You can’t use a mountain bike in the rainy or winter season in the mountain. 
  • Olympic games: It comes after four years or two years.
  • Leather jacket: it is only for winter.
  • Food processor: It is evergreen for forever.
  • Weight loss: This is Only for FAT people.
  • Personal finance: For adult people
Google trend-SEO keywords

Google trend-SEO keywords

Google Trends Tutorial: 

Watch the video and enjoy the tool. 

Tips 07: Keywords search volume.

Look at the below image. How does the volume of the keywords change varied? You need to understand it with clarity.

  • Food processor: 90,500
  • Blender machine: 210

The same thing, but the name is different.

Blender machine has a low search volume and weak competition.

  • Create traffic: 10
  • Drive traffic: 90
  • Generate traffic: 50

Create, drive, and generate are different words, but the action is the same. If your focus keyword is to drive traffic, you can use three keywords in your content.

  • SEO tip: 20
  • SEO tips: 1900

How much a plural word make different volumes?

In these keywords, the plural is famous.

But other keywords singular word is more famous.

  • Title generator: 9090
  • Title generators: 70

The title generator is more famous than title generators.

  • Title generator: 9090
  • Headline generator: 1000

The same thing, but different words makes changes in search volume.

keywords search volume-min

Keywords search volume

If you don’t understand it, you can’t pick the right keywords to avoid competition. I give you a simple idea. You should learn more with your curiosity. 

Tips 08: Keyword related few tools.

Keywords related to other tools.

Tools-01: How to find keywords based website or webpages ranking? Position checker or Keyword rank checker.

Tools-02: How to find the bulk keywords search volume?

Tools-03: How to collect Google auto-suggest keywords of a seed keyword?

Google Autosuggest long-tail keywords tool to auto-suggest keywords.

Tools-04: Keyword Explorer

The Moz keywords explorer, the total status of a keyword, the tool provides significant data on keywords to decide on how can you use the keywords.

  • Amazing tool ever to make keywords analysis.

  • Monthly search volume

  • Keywords difficulty

  • Organic CTR

  • Priority

  • Keywords suggestion

  • SERP analysis

Look at the SERP data. These keywords competitors list for this keyword. How much authority site they are.

keywords explorer-min

Keywords explorer

The Moz link: 

Tools-05: Generate LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are that you commonly find related to the main keyword. Google prefers to use these keywords in your quality content 

LSI keywords-min

LSI keywords


Keyword research is a gigantic idea. The tools I explained here, you need to use them to make keywords research. Every part of keyword research, I described here.

Searcher searches on search engines to get the best search results. Search engines committed to providing the best results to their users. 

You use the tools but not depend on them. Free and paid keywords related tools, they collect data from GA and GSC. You should become an expert on GA and GSC.

These two Google free tools are enough to meet your needs. Look at the above image. By typing SEO keywords on Google, you will get Googe auto-suggest more keywords. After pressing enter, you will get SERPs.

How to earn domain authority? The perfect content strategy that creates anchor text internal links, backlinks, and ranking on the first page. Backlinks improve domain authority and page authority.

Keywords explorer gives you keyword detail. The Moz browser extension gives you website authority.

If you have questions, let me know through comment. What you get inspired, let me know. If you have more big ideas, we can learn from you. So leave a comment.