These days, I am mentally engaged with SEO. I get confused about whether I know SEO. Confusion and intrust invite fear, doubt, and frustration. These are success enemies. 

Even if I read 10 articles on SEO in a day, I need solid confidence in SEO strategies. I search for mentors’ guidelines. I discover a trace from Jon Morrow’s class sheet.

When I experience problems on any topic. I read 100+ articles if it is not enough, then more 100+, and even then 100+. This is my common rule when I came online. I become a success ever.

Cay you say one easy, effective and on-page SEO metric, please? I get the question through a messenger. 

Once it comes from a beginner, to learn. In contrast, it comes from professionals, to test my deepness. 

I check it out on LinkedIn messenger and the sender profile. She is a highly professional SEO. I think it is a good chance, to share with her on SEO ideas.

I want her to come to the messenger. 

Me: Hi!

Sarah: Hi Hasan, I wanted to talk to you. Nothing else.

Me: Thank you for having the interest to talk to me. I am not so professional on SEO. Please help me? I give you an answer.

Sarah: What?

Me: An easy, effective and on-page SEO metric is Internal Link. Link building and a part of backlinks.

Sarah: YES. One of them. Next?

Me: A site Index.

Sarah: OK, then.

Me: It enables readers to navigate websites.

Sarah: Fine, then.

Me: It delivers page authority and ranking power throughout the site.

Sarah: Right. 

Me: It illustrates the architecture and hierarchy of a site.

Sarah: Nice, Can you say else more.

Me: Yes.

Sarah: Go.

Me: it helps Google crawl the site.

Sarah: Yes.

Me: it keeps readers on your site.

Sarah: Wow.

Me: Home page authority eventually reaches throughout the blog posts.

Sarah: Else more?

Me: Yes. I have.

Sarah: Ok, then.

Me: Use keyword-rich anchor text to get ranked for particular keywords.

Sarah: Fine, then.

Me: It sends traffic to older posts.

Sarah: yes

Me: Use links useful for the reader. Not for your traffic.

Sarah: Go ahead.

Me: Use internal links to help Google get Indexed.

Sarah: Exactly.

Me: The internal link wants higher rankings in Google.

Sarah: Obviously.

Sarah: Hi Hasan. Do you know, I have learned from you? Yes, internal link features are like these. Be careful about something else more. 

  1. It needs to create lots of content.
  2. Link to important pages.
  3. Use relevant links.
  4. Use do-follow links.
  5. Use anchor text.
  6. Use a reasonable number of internal links.
  7. Don’t link, with home, ‘about us’, and ‘contact us’ pages.
  8. Add links in the first paragraph if possible.
  9. Don’t use the same anchor text for different pages.
  10. In contrast, use different anchor text for each page.

This is enough for an internal link. A well-formed internal link site increases more traffic. Google wants it. It helps users’ navigation. Thank you, Hasan.

Me: Today, I was in a university classroom as a student. It makes me joyous. 

Sarah: Have a nice day today.

Sarah runs away. Sarah gives me ten features more. She gives me time. I am thankful for her. I am grateful to her. She doesn’t argue with me. She accepts my speeches, though I am not right in everywhere. How nice she advises me later. 

I get a great chance to verify Internal Link features, which I know. I have learned more. My wonderful day is today.