12 years ago, I had a relationship with SEO strategies when I wrote a web page by coding HTML on a notepad. When I learned metal-tag, meta-description, and varied HTML tags were main on-page SEO metrics. Backlink was major off-page SEO. 

Blog comment, no-follow and do-follow, forum post made me busy. And social, bookmark and directory submission I did for SEO. I got the first of the top-ten palace on a search result on the first page in the Bangladesh zone. 

Now, SEO is a gigantic idea. It becomes challenging. SEO algorithms are changing unevenly. It becomes so far long change compare to those days. 

SEO experts become increasing. SEO experts are available everywhere. Instead, ‘SEO Expert’ in my bio makes me shy. I think I don’t know SEO. 

To understand SEO, I need to do  in-depth research. In research, I am reading 200+ articles around SEO topics. 

I am a writer on blogging related topics on Quora. I have collected 100 articles-titles covering most SEO tactics. 

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization?
  2. What are the top techniques for SEO?
  3. What is the best SEO secret that you know?
  4. What are the best techniques for off-page SEO?
  5. How do I start SEO for a new website?
  6. What is SEO? How does it work?
  7. Which are the important tools for SEO?
  8. Can SEO be a career?
  9. What are the best off-page SEO techniques?
  10. How do I improve the SEO ranking of a website?
  11. What are the best on-page SEO techniques?
  12. What will be the trending SEO technique in 2000?
  13. What is the black hat technique in SEO?
  14. What’s the best course, training, book, or system on SEO?
  15. Why are backlinks important in SEO?
  16. What’s the distinction between SEO and SMO?
  17. How can I learn SEO online?
  18. How do I make a website SEO friendly?
  19. Who are the best SEO experts globally?
  20. Is Mobile SEO different from desktop SEO?
  21. What are the most common SEO mistakes?
  22. What is the distinction between digital marketing and SEO?
  23. How can I improve my blog SEO?
  24. What is SEO? How many genres of SEO you find?
  25. What is SEO marketing?
  26. How do I make SEO for an E-commerce website?
  27. What is a significant part of SEO?
  28. What is the best tool for SEO keyword analysis?
  29. Why is SEO important in a digital marketing strategy?
  30. How can I be an SEO expert?
  31. Blog Comments Help SEO?
  32. What are the genres of SEO?
  33. What is an SEO-friendly URL?
  34. What is the best SEO audit tool?
  35. What is Mobile SEO?
  36. How do I make my blog content SEO friendly?
  37. Does PPC increase SEO ranking?
  38. What is Guest Posting in SEO?
  39. What is the best keyword research technique in SEO?
  40. What are the SEO trends in 2019?
  41. How can I increase my website traffic through SEO?
  42. What is better SEO or Digital Marketing?
  43. How do I collect high-quality backlinks for SEO?
  44. What is important, SEO or social media marketing?
  45. What are the quickest ways to drive SEO traffic to a new website?
  46. Which is the best SEO software?
  47. How do I write SEO-friendly content?
  48. Which is better SEO or SMO?
  49. What is your favorite SEO tool and why?
  50. What’s sitemap in SEO?
  51. Which are the best books on SEO?
  52. What is crawling in SEO?
  53. What is the range of SEO?
  54. Which is the simplest technique for SEO?
  55. How can I improve my SEO ranking on Google?
  56. What is the best SEO online course?
  57. What is the best institute for SEO course?
  58. What is the distinction between basic SEO and advanced SEO?
  59. What is the distinction between SEO and SMM?
  60. Is SEO a part of digital marketing?
  61. What people often misunderstand SEO?
  62. What is the SEO niche?
  63. What is a worth an XML sitemap in SEO?
  64. What is the best way to SEO a WordPress site?
  65. How to use the schema in SEO?
  66. Which are the useful methods for keyword research in SEO?
  67. What are the LSI keywords in SEO?
  68. How long does SEO take?
  69. What is SEO plan of small business?
  70. What is the first step for SEO?
  71. How does SSL affect SEO?
  72. What is the distinction between SEO Analysts vs SEO Executive?
  73. What is the best SEO tips of the quick ranking?
  74. How do I make keyword research for SEO?
  75. What is SEO, SMM, and SMO?
  76. What are the best SEO tips for new blogs?
  77. Why is mobile SEO important?
  78. How does social media affect SEO?
  79. How to use .htacces files in SEO?
  80. What is a canonical issue in SEO?
  81. Which part of SEO is more important?
  82. What is organic SEO?
  83. What are the common beginner mistakes in SEO?
  84. Why is Social SEO important?
  85. How can I analyze a website SEO?
  86. What is the do-follow and no-follow in SEO?
  87. What are the best SEO blogs?
  88. Which SEO techniques are popular?
  89. What is SEO secret?
  90. How does SEO help in promoting a business?
  91. What is SEO Copywriting?
  92. What are the SEO steps?
  93. SEO, SEM, or social media? What do you recommend?
  94. Is it possible to learn SEO on your own?
  95. Which is the best hosting service which provides SEO as well?
  96. How can I learn Advanced SEO Online free?
  97. What is the SERP ranking in SEO?
  98. What is SEO, SEM, SMM & SMO?
  99. How to use the hashtag in SEO?
  100. What is the best SEO group on Facebook?

I will check whether I am an SEO Expert. Otherwise, I should remove ‘SEO Expert’ from my BIO.

These days, Google changes the SEO algorithm unevenly. Social media are changing their algorithm randomly. 

Nobody gets stable on SEO. 

‘SEO expert’ in my bio makes me shy. Confusion and intrust invites fear, doubt, and frustration. I want to get released from them.