When the matter is love – then love yourself.

So, self-love isn’t selfish.

Take care of yourself. Then you can really take care of others.

You love yourself.

Well. You should love yourself, that is true. It should be.

You love yourself, then you can take care of yourself. 

And you respect your dreams enough to act on them. 

You can accept your limitations. You listen to your needs. 

The self-confidence is self-esteem plus self-love. 

The excellent news is that self-confidence is something you can improve!

When it comes to developing yourself income potential, don’t take the wrong turn.

If you understand the mystery of self-love, you can discover the matter of how much often it happens in your community.

People lose their money, energy, and years to make themselves income potential.

You have hope, dream, and wish isn’t enough to shine your life.

Your hard work holds you back.

Don’t use your investment in misplaces.

Well. For example, 

Once. I heard a salam from my back. I was there in a supermarket. 

After turning back, I saw a young boy smiling at me, standing up in a readymade garment shop.  

I recognized him was my ex-student. And he added me he was the shop owner. Furthermore, he informed me he got a govt job. I asked him how much.

He answered me, “14 lac after getting the joining letter.”

It made me think. I got a pause. Why didn’t people get online business sources?

I fell into in-depth sadness. So I forget everything around me. 

I was moving upstairs in the market with an absent mind. 

01. Self-Love Tips to Improve Self-Esteem.

Why are self-development, self-care, and self-love so important?

Why didn’t that boy find ways of online earning sources?

Finally, I came up with a few reasons. 

  1. Maybe he doesn’t know the online earning opportunities.
  2. Possibly, he doesn’t get the sure-success path to arrive there.
  3. Online trainers aren’t winners themselves in those fields.
  4. People don’t have confidence in online business.
  5. They don’t have the patience and budget to learn about how to make money online.

People commonly don’t have time and money to spend learning how to make money online?

If I offer you to buy my ebook at BDT 5,000, do you buy it? Of course not.

You will get everything online, why do you spend BDT 5000 for nothing.

Do you know Jon Morrow requested me to join their blogging course at $10,000 for a year course period? In BDT 8 lac approx. 

Here is the pinpoint spot why we are online laborers. Why do we not get access to online business?

In contrast, you have endless online business opportunities. 

A blogger can earn money more than other income sources like govt or non-govt jobs. 

Most bloggers are worldwide travelers. They can earn money when they are on the go.

Very few people can happy winning a freedom-life with their strategies.

Fortunately, success is not so far as you measure and not so hard as you imagine. 

You need to take steps smartly instead of work hard.

02. Self-love is accepting and covering all the past, present, and future.

 Self-discipline is SelfLove

Disciplines are through selfloveselfworthand self-control.

You need to have the creativity to build your future life.

Creative people can outline ways perfectly and get the destination safely.

How can you prepare yourself an earning member in your family faster after education?

I don’t speak about online jobs in the post.

My topic is an online business. Keep in mind.

  1. Work from home.
  2. You are a boss in your business.
  3. You can expand your business more wider.
  4. And You can earn money on the go.
  5. You will have worldwide friends.
  6. You can help people more than any other business or job.
  7. Most world travelers are bloggers. With a laptop, they get started a journey along with earning money.
  8. Your online make money stream rolling on auto.
  9. After wake up, your first job is to check on how much increase your bank balance.
  10. You can teach other people how they can earn money online without failure.

Can you obtain the above things without blogging? Of course not.

Take the step right now. Follow the successful people.

03. Self-love is often the hardest kind of love.

Self-love includes four aspects: self-esteem, self-awareness, self-worth, and self-care.

If one is missing, you do not fully have self-love.

Self-love is a journey. It takes dedication, devotion, and practice.

Successful people can show you how to be a success.

Make relations with successful bloggers. 

You wish them, help them, and promote their product to sell. 

Successful bloggers are too much busy. You don’t ask them to help you.

You don’t ask them questions. Read their blog post.

You need to stick with them to get everything from them. 

Do you know my story?

I spent two hours daily to promote my mentors’ products. How to increase their sales? Can you?

Neil Patel emailed me asking, “How can I help you?”

I spend more time on social media to keep comments, likes, shares, retweet their posts.

When I read their post, I get the right direction, sure-success path, and motivational energy.

And the truth is I don’t help them, but I learned from them.

I keep myself to them as I am a paid servant. Why?

04. Blogging is a precious thing. I need proven guidelines.  

I could understand they know about how to be a success in blogging.

Don’t learn from everywhere, every person, and don’t go to who wants to help you eagerly. 

Successful bloggers don’t have time to focus on you. 

They are busy, so they aren’t on the frontline. 

You discover them where they are.

Blogging is almost hard to win, but yet quite possible.

  1. You need a disciplined life.
  2. You should have a realistic mindset.
  3. And you need to learn first.
  4. You need to invest money and time to learn.
  5. You need to acquire online business habits.
  6. Persitent is its root piller.
  7. The patient is its fundamental concept.
  8. Confidence is its energy.
  9. Generosity is a startup step.
  10. Empathy is additional capital to invest in your business.

Is it possible or not?

If other people can do why you can’t?

Put stress on you, why you don’t?

Thus, you can love yourself. 

Here is an example of self-love. 

Winning financial freedom is the way to love yourself.

Your happiness, health, and achievement will deserve the highest importance when you love yourself.

Then, you realize that without loving yourself, you can’t love others genuinely.

Self-motivation, self-control, self-discipline, and integrity are powerful sources of happiness.

05. How do you practice Affirmations? 

Example: Stop worrying about what other people think.

Self-love is something that is unique to each person.

You need to exercise self-love through affirmation of self-love. 

Self-love techniques are amazing confidence boosters.

You can experience the benefits of self-love day by day. 

These are the exercises. Read them daily. Improve your confidence.

Start blogging from now on. 

Take action.

Keep doing.