Writing a blog post is not enough to be a success. It needed in-depth research before. Billion or a million posts are publishing the daily. In your niche market, how many posts, article or content are submitting hourly, daily, weekly; you can’t imagine. Why do people read your post?

Everybody is almost overwhelming with blog posts. So now people are not getting surprised on the title only, they are also searching for who is the publisher. It is important to consider, please.

when I search for anything regarding blogging, SEO, traffic on Google search result, I don’t care of who is the first; I am searching and scrolling page to page, where is Neil Patal or Social media examiner.

It means if I can find out their post; I am sure I am getting something special information regarding my search. Writing should be like this. Then people search for you or your post.

Eye-catching title but it has not a value in the post, people mark you then leave you or your post. Look at the title “How to earn $10,000 in one day?” How hot it is! New bloggers will dive into the post.

So, it becomes a common trend in writing the title on how to attract the visitors. It becomes a brainstorming job.

Once, I found an article on, “How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners step by step?”

I have been gone through the article. Amazingly, it just recommends for an affiliate training course only. The post is not committed according to the title.

Remember, the reader must check post whether the post is committed to the title. It is important.

A blogger must have a target audience and a loyal audience. Otherwise, you never earn online money at all. It is true that is happening.

If you can provide hyper quality unique content with a solution of your audience problem, a trustworthy audience will grow up, you can’t count them ever. Neit Patal never knows me I am his follower.

I think blogging is important to make a realistic mindset. Read the following article I have written separately.

A realistic mindset is crucial to blogger being a success.

You must confirm what the searchable keywords in your post are:

Example, in this article my searchable keywords: blog post

I went to Pinterest and did a search for ‘blog post.’ I found some suggested searchable keywords list. I add other keywords from them. Now it becomes “How to write a blog post?” Look at the image below.

Research How To Write A Blog Post

Research How To Write A Blog Post

My main post target is how to make research before creating, “How to write a blog post?” So I just have added Research before. Now it becomes,” Research: How To Write A Blog Post?”

The post should have value for the target audience:

Please remember, when I am reading any post, first I think where the writer wants to reach me at. Sometime it has happened to me before; the writer was going on around the recommended product and it was so clear to me. It should not be.

I have read a post about 10 successful affiliate websites example. A gold standard blog is such kind of approach; the reader can’t find affiliate link even or can’t estimate this is an affiliate site. But they are 100% affiliate site. How much more they provide value, visitors can’t get time to think about this.

The post should be according to your audience needs:

There are two things; one is what product you are going to recommend your audience for an affiliate. And another is what your audience problems are now. This is not the same at all. these two may seem same, what do you think?

First, research for finding what your audience problem is. Then create a high-quality unique content to get the solution of that problem. Then you reveal a product to solve that solution quite quickly. Audience belief you, like you and keep faith on you. They never mind on your recommendation.

The post should be a high-quality specific unique solution:

You just read the following article that is enough for you I think. Remember, affiliate marketing and blogging are the same. They together are earning the same ways. I have written it before.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners-How to Write High-Quality Killer Content

It should be a better solution than the solution to your competitors:

You can read the article for extended information about this. Remember, affiliate marketing and blogging are the same. They together are earning the same ways. I have written it before.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners: The research is the way of entering into affiliate.

You can write such a post others can’t write this before you:

Blogging success is a big competition now. Very genius people worldwide are in blogging. You can’t get a place in such an overcrowded place. You have to be creative, dedicated and smart. So, you can read the article I have written it.

Affiliate Marketing Beginner- Be Creative, Dedicated and Smart

Please note that where I feel need an elaborated description on any topic, I have referred you to read other more specific articles that I have been written before. So you should read them and don’t skip anyone if you keep faith in me.

Research: How To Write A Blog Post?