Hi reader,

How many days you are blogging?

No progress! No traffic! And No sales!

Do you need to remove bloggers’ frustration?

Nothing wrong happens. Your decision was correct. Sure!

Blogging is an evergreen, online income source. It is legit and people prove to blog successfully and its income.

Maybe, you can’t estimate how precise a blogger is. And how much proudly you need to blog. I answered a question on Quora just one hour ago.

Quora question

Quora question

“You consider yourself become lucky.”

YOU are lucky. And you get deep pleasure. WHY do you frustrate? You need to learn how to drive blogging avoiding mistakes. Nothing else.

Do you have a bicycle? Can you drive it?
And do you have a motorcycle? Can you drive it?
Do you have an airplane? Can you drive it? Yeah! You don’t know how to drive an airplane.
Blogging isn’t as you think. Learn how does blogging work for you. Blogging seems hard but possible to drive.

If I tell you how to drive, you can digest it. Are you happy? Really?

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Discover your weakness and fix them. Nothing else more. I tell you my story. One article changes my blogging life. Only one, can you imagine? Can you believe it?

How to improve writing skill?

Read the article and compare with the writing skill you have. First, read the blog post and then take the next step. Read the blog. Please don’t become a scanner. Analyze the article.

If you do not analyze the article, you don’t qualify as a blogger. You can leave it. If you think the article helps you to improve writing, read it least five times.

How to Write a Blog Post in 2019: The Ultimate Guide • Smart Blogger

How do you think now? I can remove your frustration if you follow what I say. Join the writing course; it is free. This course makes me a writer.

The course is free. So during this course period, if you get a suggestion to buy ebooks to support your writing skill, you buy.

Free 16-Part Snackable Writing Course

After finishing the above course, I understand now I am a writer. I realize everything I write before is garbage. I ask Henneke to destroy my earlier posts. She advises me, not to cut them, but update them.

Hi reader.

We overload information on the net. People become crazy to see the info. So, people become a scanner, they don’t read the articles. People want something else more such as soul-touch, relationship, and connection.

You never get access online business if you can’t give the reader something amazing, excellent and extraordinary.

How to improve your blogging skill?

What about your blogging ideas? Do you need to remove bloggers’ frustration?

We are failing at this point. Searching from here and there, we become a blogger. The online is the International market.

Talented and creative people gather here. You never get a chance to stand out online without having the professional blogging skill. Be careful. Try to understand it. It is true.

Before starting a blog, did you check the following matters? Otherwise, how can you continue? You need to get ideas on the following matter.

  1. Can you still make money from blogging in 2019?
  2. Is blogging for you or eligibility of it?
  3. How many skills do you need to blog?
  4. When and how do you become as a pro blogger?
  5. When and how much can you earn money?
  6. How much money do you need to invest?
  7. Can you blog full time to live?
  8. 10 examples of successful bloggers?
  9. Daily schedule for full-time blogger.
  10. How to take the next steps?

Mastering a blog:

How many skills do you need to blog?

  1. Writing skill
  2. SEO and Algorithm
  3. Niche and Audience
  4. Build a loyal audience.
  5. Research the niche and become an expert.
  6. Research the niche audience and Discover their urgent need.
  7. Learn WordPress and WP Theme.
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Mastering social media
  10. Promotion

Every skill you need to a professional level. If you think, you are very serious to a bog. Searching from here and there you get ideas. This blogging ideas, you don’t drive online business.

You NEED to complete a blogging course. Join the course and improve your blogging skill professional level.

Mastering a Blog: Volume-1

I keep it free till now. You just spend time and effort. Following people don’t get to enjoy the course.

  • Unrealistic mindset
  • Don’t want to learn, just want to see.
  • Have no time to read, but just scan.
  • Get rich overnight.
  • The people who keep everything half done.

The course has three parts. This is volume-1, If you enjoy the first part, you can apply us for the next course. We will give you the next course link. 


Blogging is alluring. It keeps you happy and proud. It becomes boring when you don’t have the skills it needs. Bloggers doesn’t search income sources. But, they choose which one is the best for them.

I am sure you can remove your frustration. If you agree with me,  send me a mail to inform your progress. I will glad to know about Remove Bloggers’ Frustration.