We own everything we need. But we get noticed some of them and large of that remain outside our eyes. We should discover the path of identifying our things. And you need to learn how to get owned things of your ones.

You should sense of proud of what things you owned. You don’t understand, which things you owned. Be a genius. Take things what you owned, nobody jealous to you.

Nobody jealous to you:

Anybody jealous to you, why the eyes you owned? Why do you own two legs? Have you seen ever a thief of your brain? No. Never. You own these things. Likewise, many things remain beyond your grab. How to inside out? How do you achieve that?

You need these abilities:

You need to have intellectual abilities, knowledge and right thinking power.

And you should be self-inspirational, self-energetic, and endless curiosities.

A hidden goldmine, you need these abilities to discover it.

A rich man:

A man asks a rich man, “I am poor, I need things and please help me.”

The rich man said, “Do you give me your two eyes; I give you one million dollars?

The man said faster, “NO. NEVER.”

The rich man said, “You are a millionaire. You are not poor. Go away.”

King and Queen:

A poor boy study in a college. He is poor but polite, curious and truly good in education. He is king in his own world. An eye-catching young girl study that college. Every student wants her, but she addicts to the poor boy.

Poverty Goes Away

Poverty Goes Away

One day, she herself is lovely and beautify herself from a beauty parlor. At night, she goes to her lover’s house and knocks the door. The boy opens the door and see, a queen stands out in front of him. She said, “I come to tell you; I love you, and she goes away.”

The boy looks at her going back until she has seen. He comes outside of the house. He sees stars decorate the sky, and the moon is laughing. The moon smiling shines brightly with flashes of light the entire world, a heart touching scene.

Poverty Goes Away

Poverty Goes Away

He asks himself, who glorify me today; the moon or the queen. He says, “No need to differ with each other. I am the owner of the two.”

You should feel proud:

You can become proud if you figure out what things you own. And you can define what you have unfulfilled things and shortage. If you want to buy a shirt, you need to pay. Short of money makes you the owner of a shirt. Right?

You own things and hidden resources for having unfulfilled desired. If you don’t find your hidden property, until death, you remain poor.

Your poverty is a permanent reward of having short of inspiration, motivation, and curiosity.

So, where is your wealth? How can you get noticed them? How can you achieve them?

A weapon:

Can you detect you have a weapon inside you? That is creativity! That is a skill. You need to improve it, increase it and learn how to use it.

Your creativity discovers the hidden goldmine, elegance of the world and inner satisfaction from what you own, these are in replace of what unfulfilled things. You are the king of your own world.

You become always rich, and poverty goes away giving you thank.

Precise worthy things:

Your shortness, poverty, and anxiety are not because we have nothing. You own everything that you need. Gentle, truthfulness, generosity, and sympathy are precise worthy things. You have these, just you need to uncover them, use them where it needs.

The boy is a king and awarded by the queen. Why? Though he is poor but polite, curious and truly good in education.


The poverty is a symptom of sick of soul. Creativity can cure it. You become wealthy forever.

Poverty Goes Away

Poverty Goes Away

Keep yourself isolated for a short period. Or keep you remain alone. Spend time outside and go a long walk. Look for sources of inspiration. Find your source. Exercise the eyes and brain.

Be proud of what you dominate and laugh alone loudly. Find your happy place. You get noticed an inner path to travel your goldmine — grab resources and the rest of you owned — that you don’t have experience.