Who are you? I don’t know.

Maybe you are more than me where I am on SEO strategies. Then you are most welcome!

If you are a new blogger or affiliate beginner, SEO strategy and its proper application is a sensitive, hard and comparatively challenging job in your make money online business.

Million or Billion posts are submitting on the net over the world, hourly, daily and weekly. How can people find you or your post or your blog/website? Remember, you have to earn the knowledge of Pinterest SEO Strategy at an advanced level.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is for visibility in search engine result pages. SEO is playing the key role of online business. You must have SEO knowledge if you are an online marketer. Mastering on SEO is not so easy it seems. In fact, it is a pretty tough job.

SEO is a matter of in-depth research where it works and where it doesn’t work. There is no exact prescribed solution just you can follow.

Every search engine optimization is changing the SEO algorithm unevenly.

10 years ago SEO-strategy and SEO-strategy in 2019 is sky height different. Anchor tag, backlink, blog comment, forum post, 300 to 500 words articles, keywords density, and else more we had seen before.

Pinterest is also a strong search engine these days. Can you apply anything I mentioned the above on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. The image is playing here as a key part of the visual search engine game. And you have to follow Pinterest suggested keywords. It is important, please remember.

So, you may be an expert in the search engine, but you have to learn again Pinterest SEO strategies differently.

There are two main places where you have to use SEO strategies.

  1. SEO on the blog and blog-post
  2. SEO on Pinterest while you will create a pin, boards, and profile.

So, I am telling here about what is Pinterest SEO? How to apply them? Where to apply them?

Please remember, make sure that SEO on-page and off-page on the blog and posts you have done perfectly.  It is also a part of Pinterest SEO too. If you fail there, you must fail here. Since, Rich Pins take information from blog and blog-post, as well.

What are the niche and keywords?

  1. Niche
  2. Master Keywords
  3. Long-tail keywords
  4. Searchable keywords

I am not telling you about the above list. The list for as a reminder you have learned and done it perfectly in your blog. I show you a scenario asunder.

My niche is Blogging Tips. Its search value is high, and competition is also high. It is a very wide market; as a new blogger, I can’t get access to the market. So, I have to go for long-tail keywords. How to create long-tail keywords?



Blogging tips

Blogging tips for new

Blogging tips for new blogger

How many long I have to come down, can you imagine? This is an idea of how to make the root keyword to long-tail keywords.

My URL: bloggingtipsfornewblogger.com => blogging + tips + for + new + blogger

Blog Title: Blogging Tips and Tricks

Category: Blogging, Blogging tips, Tips and Tricks, Pinterest, Affiliate that means all around my niche.

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

I have just given you a simple idea but I hope you have done it well on your blog.

Pinterest SEO Strategy: How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog?

What do you need to optimize?

  1. Optimize your profile
  2. Optimize your boards
  3. Optimize your pins

The above three places where you need to design and layout your keywords to optimize all in the search result. When a Pinterest user searches for finding a good pin, the user also likes to check pinner’s profile.

The profile itself is searchable. Pinterest users search for the profile. How can your profile discover to people reach? Eye-catching profile and optimized profile separate mechanism. I want to show you how to optimize your profile in a search result? If you want to know how to make profile attractive design, you can read the following article.

10 Steps: How To Craft The Perfect Pinterest Profile?


In the profile there 5 places where you need using searchable keywords.

  1. Username
  2. Business name
  3. Bio description
  4. Profile Image name
  5. Website-URL(optional)

I have green marked here; try to understand closely the matter of where you will use keywords in the pinpoint spot.

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

In my business name, there are four keywords. If I go for searching people by keywords, my profile must come to show, then it will be an optimize-able profile.  My last keyword is Affiliate Beginners. I am going to search for people by Affiliate Beginners. Look at the image below. My serial number is two. So, for every keywords phrase, your profile must be SEO oriented.

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog


Boards and Pins also need to be well-organized with SEO strategies. Look at the below picture, each blog name is around by my business name. These board names have been collected from Pinterest suggested keywords. Do you know about how to collect Pinterest suggested keywords list?

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

From the above-board list, I open Tips and Tricks board to show you how to design and layout SEO keywords. Look at the image below. There are four places where you must put your keywords right way with a meaningful sentence.

  1. Board Name
  2. Board Description
  3. Board Image filename.
  4. Board Image Text

See the red-marked where you need to put keywords. Pay more attention closely; you can understand.

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog 5

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

For more details, you can read the article below.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards The Right Way?


The following image is for pin and image filename example I mentioned below. I have used strong three searchable keywords. I kept them in four places. How and where you should observe them closely below.

Keywords List:

  1. Starting a blog
  2. Blogging tips
  3. Successful Blogger

Places where Keywords needs to put:

  1. Pin Title
  2. Pin description
  3. Image Text
  4. Image filename
Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

Image Alt Tag: It is an important place to keep essential keywords. Then the image will show in Google images search result.

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

If you want to learn more details, you can read the following article.

How To Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed?

Where do you need to optimize?

Optimization on Pinterest is a place. Pinterest is a search engine, especially a visual search engine. Another is Google where blog post needs to optimize. Google is the king for traffic. But it takes more time. For a new blogger, Pinterest is the best one. It is important to know that through Pinterest, you can optimize and rank Pinterest pins, boards and profile in Google. Look at the image below.

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

Look at the above image. I have searched for Pin Worthy Images on Google. Pinterest itself is optimized with boards on the first page of Google search result. Can you imagine the leverage of Pinterest?

Where do you need to optimize on Pinterest?

Smart Feed/Home Feed:

Smart feed is according to best pins for you, not the latest pins for you.

It is the user home screen. Without search, you will get more pins when you click on the Home Button. In which algorithm, Pinterest shows information here without any search.

Pinterest collects user data from the profile, boards and pins even user interest, specific search, and previous search history. According to the above all factors, Pinterest generates Home Feed pins all.

Following Tab Feed:

The following tab feed is according to the latest pins for you, not the best pins for you.

It is a paramount important tool for you if you can understand its algorithm. The latest pins come from Pinterest users you are following. Those are your competitors’ information pinning lately. For example, today I want to create a blog post. I am wondering what about I can write today.

Remember, you will write for your audience but don’t write for you. How can you learn right now what is your audience need? Does that mean you need to have research about what is your audience looking for? Now it is easy for your research by following tab feed what your competitors are pinning right now. Scroll down, you will get more information.

In my following feed, I could find more pins about Pinterest SEO. I could understand it was my audience needs. Then I went for Pinterest search feed. How could I get more keywords around Pinterest SEO? This article title is “Pinterest SEO Strategy: How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog?” How many searchable keywords are here? Look at the below keywords list. These keywords are not imaginary; I got them from Pinterest suggested keywords. Look at the below image how to collect them.

  1. Pinterest SEO
  2. SEO Strategy
  3. How to Increase
  4. Traffic to Blog
  5. Increase Traffic to Blog

It needs research, in-depth research from a different angle and with different variations. Remember Pinterest suggested keywords using several keywords at the right place are a golden opportunity to optimize your pins, profile, and boards.

  1. How to find Pinterest suggested keywords?
  2. How to match them?
  3. How to make a full title?
  4. The title should be engaging and good meaning full.

The following image I have researched to find searchable keywords suggested by Pinterest.

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

Search Feed:

Above is a sample of search feed. Search feed discovers the best result for you according to your different information such as website, profile name, boards and pins. Even Pinterest considers your interest, specific search and previous search history to show data in search feed.

Hashtag Feed:

To use hashtags are suggested by Pinterest. People are using hashtags like Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag is searchable and clickable. Hashtag using the place is Pin’s description only. Up to 20 hashtags are allowed. 3-6 hashtags using are the best suggestion. Hashtag search result algorithm is the latest pins according to the hashtag.

More Like this Feed:

When you click on a pin, it will be opened with detail information. After beneath the pin you can see More Like this asunder. It is also a valuable tool, and you can research and collect information if you can use it.

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog

I have tried to show you the right places of using keywords in the profile, boards, and pins. I also tried to show how to collect searchable keywords from Pinterest. How to optimize and where to optimize your pins, profile, and boards?

These are important to increase your traffic 10 times more. I hope that. If you have any question, you can put in the comment. I will reply as far as I can.   If you have interest, you can also read the following article.

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

Pinterest SEO Strategy How to Increase 10X Traffic to Blog.