Explore new territory, discover a hidden pattern and turning imaginative ideas into reality. Bloggers need creativity, they need to stimulate it, and they should be passionate about it.

In this article, I show you how to involve creativity in part-time blogging to stimulate your progress faster.

Creativity speeds up your business dream turning into reality.

Labour works, the supervisor thinks, and the engineer invents something new.

Blogger! What do they do?

Bloggers need to curious about finding an easy, strong, conscious solution.

Abstract of our goal of this article:

  • Realistic mindset.
  • Define our required skill and perspective progress.
  • How to improve your imperfect skill.
  • Find an easy, relaxed and sure-success path.
  • Improve your efforts.

Remember, curiosity, inspiration, and creativity are your weapons.

Ordinary strategy, aimless efforts, and doubtful integration hold you back.

Guess what? Sounds hard?

Creativity is the skill that you have. You need to nurture it, refine it and flash the fire flames of the curiosity and inspiration.

Ready? Let’s dive to deeper.

Realistic mindset on part-time blogging.

Wipe up the earnings desired from your brain for your blog up to six months.

  1. Improve your skill, physical progress and achieve the goal. This is your workflow.
  2. Define your skills and discover the lacking in them. Remember, you never earn without having the required skill.
  3. Where and how to improve your skill? How can you understand of improving your skill at the professional level?
  4. Planning, forecasting and time & job distribution.
  5. Create a budget to go faster.
  6. Achieve and estimate your progress in blogging.
  7. Build your niche audience.
  8. Prove your skill and build your trustworthy, and earn authority in your niche market.
  9. Monetization step.

Make money blogger can’t tolerate the above schedule. I am a full-time blogger. Spent 12+ hours daily. I have waited for one year. If you think, you need urgent money, don’t waste time on logging. Leave it quick.

New blogger, part-time user, need a quick earning, this is not suitable for you, folk. Most failure bloggers were part-time blogging. Don’t waste your time.

I don’t give you sure-success blogging model in this article. Here is a strategy on how to enforce your creativity in part-time blogging. Don’t misguide by a top secret, automation or 6-figures. I am not offering like this.

Define your required skill and perspective progress.

You required the lowest following skills.

  1. Writing skill
  2. SEO and Algorithm
  3. Niche and Audience
  4. Build a loyal audience.
  5. Research the niche and become an expert.
  6. Research the niche audience and Discover their urgent need.
  7. Learn WordPress and WP Theme.
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Mastering social media
  10. Promotion

Your duty to measure your skill. How much you have and required to improve pending skill.

How to improve your imperfect skill.

For instance, you need to improve your writing skill. How can you improve at the professional level? Apply your creativity here

If you need to improve in writing, then…

Join a writing skill course.

Use proper tools to check spelling, grammar, punctuation, trim fat, good readable score.

Add a content-oriented high regulation image. 

Article length around 1000 or less. 4-5m reading time.

When your draft completed, stay it for one day. Proofread 5 times by your eyes. 

Use tools for improving article quality.

Finding words: ‘describingwords.io’ and ‘onelook.com/thesaurus/’

Checking duplicate content: ‘copyscape.com’

Spell, Grammar, style, sticky, readability, and else more: ‘scribens.com’, ‘prowritingaid.com’, ‘app.grammarly.com’ and ‘proofreadingtool.com’. Use them according to my sequence. If you don’t know how to use them, watch videos tutorials.

Draft and save: ‘docs.google.com’ and save on Google Drive.

Royalty free images: ‘pexels.com/’ and editing through ‘canva.com’

Title generator and strength analyzer: ‘title-generator.com’ and ‘headlines.sharethrough.com’

I show you a guideline for writing skill. You should set up other skills you need. This is your creativity exercise. 

Find an easy, relaxed and sure-success path.

What does it mean? You need to promote your post. How to use your creativity here. Googling by “How to promote your post”, open 100 articles and collect subtitle of them on your pages. 

You make a source list. Detect the sources where you promote. Then again Google how to promote there? Thus, you sneak into deeper. 

For instance, you select Facebook groups. OK. Then googling by “How to promote posts on FB groups.” Now read 10-20 article. After that, start promoting.

Accomplish something is not enough. Labors work a full day. How much they get a salary? Think for the manager or SEO. 

Increase your curiosity, inspiration, and creativity apply them on part-time blogging. 

Improve your efforts.

Extend your time or add manpower. For instance, your boy studies in college. You give him a simple task as blog post share in social media. I have 300 FB Groups where I joined. If I want to share my post on 100 groups a day, I need 2 hours. You can use your wife, adult-boy or daughter whatever you have you can use them.

The most use of your time spends outside of your blogging as you are on traveling. You can think of your project during this period when you get time.

Write an article title. Convert the title into 20-30 with different ways and using varied power, sensory and emotional words. 

Write seductive, engaging and emotional sentences and paragraph. Use different words and from varied angles. 

What your audience urgent need and make a list. Discover how to solve them.

Remember, the above three exercises if you can do it, stimulate your creativity flaming day by day. Improve your confidence.


I know part-time bloggers don’t get satisfaction and enjoy their job. Because they can’t see the improvement. No readers, no traffic and no sales. 

You improve inspired and curious that improve your creativity. Your creativity discovers the easy path to be a success in part-time blogging.