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Do you need to drive more traffic to your blog?

Have you Pinterest Account? How to Optimize Pinterest Profile?

Or you are brand new in this MAKE MONEY ONLINE! If it is yes, nice! You are most welcome. First, you need to study the basic of MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Otherwise, you can’t understand what does Pinterest want from you?

Training is the key to success.

To create a Pinterest account is pretty easy and simple, and a quite quick setting job. But crafting the perfect Pinterest profile is sensitive and needs in-depth research. You have to have the efficiency to implement all about its art and science. Actually, it needs a knowledge of SEO, an expert of keywords setting and layout and eye-catching assessment. Why is it important? Because…

  1. Your profile will face a strongly competitive market.
  2. Your profile will attract quite quick profile viewers.
  3. Your profile has to be optimized in the search result.

You should understand the importance of your profile and the perfect use of an updated mechanism and technique. First, you have to know the high-priority spots where you should be artistic.

  1. Niche and keywords list
  2. Profile name
  3. Profile image
  4. User name
  5. Profile bio
  6. Profile cover
  7. Website claim
  8. Rich pins setting
  9. Organize your boards: feature boards, board order sequence, own board first
  10. SEO Optimization

To create a Pinterest business account, your niche and keywords research should have to be ready. Pinterest is a visual search engine and your profile need to be optimized that means your profile will show up in the Pinterest search result.

How to Optimize Pinterest Profile?

If you have a website equipped with your niche and keywords, yes you are almost ready. So you can go ahead.

If it is your new business idea of ‘MAKE MONEY ONLINE’, get started first, then you must have in-depth niche research and a keywords list according to your target audience. If you didn’t do it before, please read the following article to have clear and transparent ideas of niche and keywords list. It is important.

Tips and tricks for smart, creative and dedicated affiliate marketing beginners and new bloggers.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners- 1000 Killer Niches 2019

If you are a new blogger, have no Pinterest account before, it is better you go through watching a Pinterest beginner tutorial on YouTube. Then you come here and it will be comfortable for you.

Step 1:

Profile name: Pinterest gives you 30 characters limited space for your profile name. This limited space you have to focus your business. By using niche keywords, it needs to be an eye-catching, memorable and search engine optimized. Your business’ name is in the account name, and the user name is a good idea.

How can you do it perfectly? Say…

Your niche is weight loss. Search for people of weight loss on Pinterest.  Look at the image below, I have searched it.

This is the smart feed search result, home feed, you can get search result according to those who are ranking best accordingly.

Amazingly, you can find data through different and new ways on Pinterest, You will introduce with them in another article elaborately.

  1. The Following Tab
  2. Hashtag Feed
  3. The Smart Feed or ‘Home Feed’
  4. In Search

This is a ‘weight loss’ search result. All of these are your competitors. You have to be better than those. Look at the first one above image and click on its profile.

Can you imagine how much more strong and self-explanatory its profile name? We can break down it such as.

  1. Chang in seconds
  2. Clean eating
  3. Healthy recipes
  4. Cooking tips
  5. Fitness
  6. Weight loss

It has 10m+ monthly viewers and 750k followers. About all together, can you imagine, “How much intelligent she is! How many more creative she is!” You could estimate there are many businesses. Actually, she manages one target audience covering all.

To select your profile name, I will suggest you search for research at least 20 profiles on your niche market. You can understand how it should be. Then you can select your business profile name. Thus, you may get a place in the existing competitive market.

Here, I just give you an idea as a beginner, if your niche is woman weight loss and your name is Marlee. You can give profile name as like “Marlee | Woman Weight Loss” Marlee will be your brand, and woman weight loss will be your niche market.

Profile name should be easy, simple and self-explanatory of your total business type and range. As a beginner, your niche should be narrow like weight loss => woman weight loss and please don’t take more than one niche.

Step 2:

Profile image: All about Pinterest, always you keep it in your mind that Pinterest is a visual search engine. Images are playing the role of a big part on Pinterest. There are four image sections on Pinterest. This is a quite sensitive place to gain success in your business. Please don’t forget it.

  1. Profile image
  2. Profile cover images
  3. Board image
  4. Pin image

A picture is worth a thousand words; it is a well-known dialogue. Your profile image is a mirror of your business’s identity. How much creative, professional and dedicated on Pinterest you can be! These are the places you can prove it.

The image must be a high-quality, high-resolution and perfect dimension in each place. The image will show your business idea to the image viewer.

The first picture above is a travel blogger profile image. The image itself shows us traveling inspiration. The second above image is woman weight loss profile showing us weight loss practice.

In the profile image, people use two types of images such as a headshot or logo. As a beginner, a headshot is suggested. People make relationships with people, not with your business. Most of the bloggers are using a headshot. Yes, the background may have your business idea like the above two images.

Profile images: 165 x 165 pixels are suggested. You can get help from a professional graphic designer in these cases. Or Canva is great for an online image editor. It is almost free. You have to learn how to use it?

Step 3:

Profile Bio: People are looking at actually on profiles. It’s worth setting it up to reflect your business. Your profile will be “Recommended” to new followers. Write a strong description of your business including a good number of searchable keywords, but make sure it reads pretty well and make a sense to optimize Pinterest profile.

Provide value through your writing and easily understand what you’re offering. Use keywords perfectly. Then your profile gets visible through search result optimization. Look at the below image, how professional they are!

Profile description size is 160 Characters. Description will be searchable keywords enriched, clean readable, and covering whole business offers. The description should be in around of profile name definitely.

It is better if you search for 10-20 profile description around your niche market. Be cool and pay concentration on it, it depends on your future business growth. This is the second important place to keywords layout and design to optimize in the search result.

Step 4:

Profile cover: Pinterest profile cover is not like Facebook, Twitter and so on. It is a completely new attraction. The profile covers banner at the top that lets you highlight your Pinterest boards pins or your latest pins.

Go to the top-right profile cover image and will see a pencil icon to edit. Click on it to open a list to choose one whatever you like.

You can see the image like the left-side image.

There are two options; one is latest Pins images, and another is pinned images of any selected board.

Latest Pins: This pins image is suggested.

Board Pins (any of the public board): Highly popular board image can be selected.

You can choose an option whatever you like. Latest pins are the best choice I think.

Or you can change it over time. And observe the good effect.

First, you may feel messy, but it is a worthy outlook in the term of the business view.

This is a profile page below. There are some important parts and location you should recognize them understanding their weight and value. Profile viewer can observe your activities at a glance in a short place quickly.

Profile Name: it should be well-organized with a niche market. To select the profile name, it needs in-depth research according to other rich profiles in your niche industry.

Monthly view: it is your first sign of business growth. Always you have to follow of how can you increase monthly views. It is not your traffic. Traffic will see another place.

Location: I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. You may be from London, UK.

Website: you should have own website. It should be claimed. It also should be configured with Rich Pins. Please remember, high-quality killer content, claimed website, create pin by rich pins, these all together push your profile, your boards and pins ranking up, amazingly.

How to claim the website and configure rich pins? It will be better for you to watch YouTube videos. there are no any extraordinary things, you just watch a tutorial make them set up on your own.

Profile description: this is your profile description writing place. How to write profile bio, I explained it before. All the above information comes from here. Look at the below image…

Look at the top-right corner three dots. Click on there, a menu will fall down and then click on setting. Edit profile page will be open. Go thoroughly to understand everything clearly. Then proceed on with one after one perfect way with confidently.

Step 5:

Website claim: Go to setting through top-right three dots. You can see the following image. It is done but you have to do if you want to optimize Profile profile.

Click on website claim button. You will get a pop-up suggested two system HTML tag and HTML File.

Copy the above HTML tag and put your webpage HTML edit mode in the header tag.

…………..Put here………………………..

Then press on submit. Yes, well-done. You can see the text tutorial and watch a video tutorial on the Pinterest help page.

Step 6:

Rich pins setting: it is a rich system you can create a pin from your website image directly. It has a valuable advantage that Pinterest itself takes the required data from your site page. That will be always updated.

Rich pins are the enhanced version of the regular pins, providing more information about a pin. They can be used in six contexts such as app, movie, recipe, article, product, and place. Their effectiveness is significantly better than the usual pins.

This will give you access to analytics and the Pinterest ads manager. It is also proved that setting up Rich Pins for your site also should improve your results on Google and other search engines.

Rich pin setup is two steps process.

  1. Copy HTML rich pin tag and past in your website. Click here
  2. To validate your setup is ok, click here.

Please note that if you are using any WordPress theme. The theme will help you to set up rich pins easily. Please read the article, click here. You can watch a video also.

Step 7:

Organize your boards: How to create SEO optimize boars? It is another article. Here is what you can learn on how to organize your boards. There are a few boards asunder.

  1. Feature board
  2. Public board
  3. Secret board
  4. Group board

This is a nice out looking at the feature of the Pinterest profile. This is a showcase display five selected board as a slide-show. Say… you have 40 public boards, five of them are selected as feature boards. It will show up the profile page under Overview.

How can you select feature boards? Go to profile setting, click on the edit button for feature board selection asunder. Choose the best five boards here and then save it.

10 Steps How To Optimize Pinterest Profile?

10 Steps How To Optimize Pinterest Profile?

Step 8:

SEO Optimization: There are two SEO parts. Following is the main SEO design and layout spots. You should care about using perfect SEO strategies.

  1. Your blog/website
    1. Page
    2. Page title
    3. Page content
  2. Pinterest
    1. Profile name
    2. Profile description
    3. Board
    4. Board image text
    5. Board description
    6. Pin title
    7. Pin description
    8. Pin image text
    9. Pin image file name

Please note that everything depends on your site authority and page authority. If your content is reader engaging, there are no obstacles on the way to get ahead.

Step 9:

Engaging: Pinterest SEO algorithm, the most important part, is engaging metrics. What is an engaging pin? Following things together is engaging metrics

  1. How much more you create pins daily. Five pins daily are comfortable suggested.
  2. The consistency of pining. You can create 35 pins in one day and wait 6 days in rest. But daily 5 pins and every day in a week.
  3. How often your pin gets re-pin or saves the first day.
  4. How much re-pin/save your pin get in total.
  5. How many clicks did your pin earn?
  6. How many comments it gets.

All together is engaging. The engaging pin can earn an extra reward that means various priorities from Pinterest to optimize profile.

Step 10:

Relevancy: Pinterest’s top secret is relevancy. Relevance pins distribute quickly. Relevancy is a strong algorithm metric to optimize in the Pinterest search result.

  1. Keyword research using the Pinterest search query
  2. Long-tailed keywords
  3. Domain quality, pin quality, and pinner quality
  4. Audiences interests, searches, and specific search history

When you search for keywords list on Pinterest by your root keywords, Pinterest provides suggest relevant keywords. When you will search for Weight Loss Tips, look at the search bar beneath, a related keywords list suggest using them. How to use them?

  1. Weight loss tips for woman
  2. Weight loss tips for man
  3. Weight loss tips for teens
  4. Weight loss tips for moms

Thus you can create a list of long tail keywords. These keywords will get priority to Pinterest.

One is Pinterest pinner, and another is Pinterest users. Pinterest keeps pinner information such as Domain quality, pin quality, and pinner quality. On the other hand, Pinterest also keeps records of users interests, searches, and specific search history.

When Pinterest user search for anything, show up the result one of considering the above relevance.

How to create a new Pinterest profile? How to customize Your old Pinterest profile? I explain of 10 Ways to Improve Perfect Pinterest Profile.

Perfect Pinterest profile guide is crucial to improving to optimize Pinterest profile and Pinterest user. This is the first step to get the viewer attraction.

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