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How to optimize Pinterest pins?

Are you looking for web traffic?

Are you a beginner in ‘MAKE MONEY ONLINE’?

Listen, ‘MAKE MONEY ONLINE’ is legit and true. Earning for you is quite possible. No doubt. Keep determined, otherwise, you will set back.

Someone sent me a message, “Can you help me? I want to start an affiliate.”

My answered him, ” Sure! I sent him a link of my affiliate tutorial of around 50,000 words,”

He replied, “I don’t go through training. I want to take real action.”

I asked him, “Do you know an affiliate?”

He said, “Yes, I know the affiliate. Just I want to know how to start and where to start?”

I meant he was quite trained but didn’t get started yet. I said to him, “First, open a Pinterest business account. If you need help, then watch a video tutorial as a beginner.” After a few times, I thought, “Did he has a Niche and keywords list. How can he use them on Pinterest?”

I asked him about this. He replied, “What is this? Where can I get it? Give me instruction.”

I was a little wondering! Without having knowledge of niche and keywords strategies, how can people start an online business?

In this article, the tips are how to optimize Pinterest pins in the search result.

Realistic Mindset

Our beginner’s mentality is, “Oh, make money online – without training, without a budget, without effort, success in a short time, passive income, 6-figure monthly. You can earn when you sleep or on travel.”

The realistic mindset is required to succeed. Training is the key to success. Do you know 90% of affiliates are failures? This is the cause, “DON’T LEARN BUT EARN”, they like to skip ‘L.’

Pinterest is not for earning (I know some people are earning without a website through Pinterest only). It is a machine to drive traffic to your website, your web contents make the visitors as customers. If your contents don’t make them stick with you, with your website by a subscriber, then visitor gets back quickly.

Blogging is the main earning source, content is king; Pinterest helps you to get traffic.

What is Pinterest? How does it work?

Do you know this? If the answer is ‘not yet’, you should read my following two articles then come back here again.

10 Steps: How To Craft The Perfect Pinterest Profile?
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Now you can learn…

How To Optimize Pinterest Pins on the Search Feed?

The pinning is the main role of Pinterest. And optimizing pins key part of Pinterest. Without high-quality content, only pinning has no value. So, make sure, your content is reader engaging and specific and unique user solution.

Pinterest smart feed search engine algorithm is a vital point. You have to understand how it works. Amazingly, every search engine algorithm is changing unevenly. You have to follow its trend and keep you updated accordingly.

Let me say my own story…

Few months before, I have created a board named “Harry Potter.” It was kept empty. One day later, I deleted that board. I found some information about Harry Potter in the Pinterest message box and email Inbox.

Another one, one day I wanted to observe the best Pinterest profile example. I found an article around 10 Pinterest profiles. I was so much happy to research those profiles. All day long I spent my time to check them out. The 6 profiles as about traveling and the rest of them were around recipes.

Till now, I have been getting information and recommendation about Harry Potter, traveling and recipe from Pinterest.

Last one, one time, I have seen Pin about Gym. I was little wondering, why Gym pins in my smart feed were. I got a point to research for checking my following list. One of them was the GYM profile. My niche is blogging tips, but why am I following GYM niche?

Pinterest Algorithm Strategies:

I found the reason; I have read an article where I found about how to increase followers? The article said, “Find the best profile of your exact niche, open its followers’ list, you start to follow them. Then they will start back following you.”Blogging tips niche is such a kind of niche; every type of bloggers can follow them. Can any blogger tips niche follow every type of niche?

Do you know what Pinterest want from you? I have learned four things from the above stories.

  1. Pinterest follows its user interest.
  2. It follows what the user is searching for.
  3. Pinterest follows the user’s previous search history.
  4. I must check the profile before following.

So, only keywords setting in pin title and pin description is not enough to get traffic. The Pinterest optimizing algorithm is more different than Google.

  1. Website authority
  2. Content quality
  3. Pinner quality
  4. User interest, search and search history.
  5. Then you can check pin quality out.

Thus, Pinterest distributes pins its users accordingly. All the above quality together increase pins’ scores to distribution.

You can’t just upload a graphic to Pinterest and hope for the best. There are many steps to take place getting your pins noticed to distribute for driving leads to your website.

Pinterest SEO:

How to optimize pins in your smart feed

The image file name example with keywords

How to optimize pins in your smart feed

Using keywords in different places. How to use keywords while I will create a pin?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. All search engines discover data through SEO strategies. Keywords design and layout is a major part of SEO strategies. Make sure your niche is selected and keywords list is ready to use. There are four spots where you have to put a few searchable keywords…

  1. Pin Title: How to optimize pins in your smart feed?
  2. Pin Description: to optimize pins is depended on SEO strategies, pinner quality, and Pinterest user’s interest. Click to discover the real fact…
  3. Hashtag: Using hashtags is suggested. Hashtags are searchable and people are searching for by hashtags. 20 hashtags are allowed. But keywords based few tags are better.
  4. Pin Image: Pinterest extract text from an image and a different direction. Text in the image with keywords is essential like, “How to optimize pins in your smart feed”
  5. Image File Name: How to optimize pins in your smart feed

I show you one keyword using the example above two images. You can use more than one keywords. But description should be readable with a call to action.

Your Website Value:

Pinterest honors authority site and page authority.  Every website earns a score according to provide user value. Follow the ethical guideline to maintain audience loyalty.  So, your website value makes push-back to optimize your pins, content, and website.

Your Content Quality:

Hyper quality killer content has a right to get access everywhere. In this case, Pinterest distributes the pins to unfollow users if pins getting more re-pins pretty quickly and click through.

Spend more time to create content makes it user specific solution. Define your ideal customer. Know what your customer wants. Commonly, visitors tend to move here and there to get a better specific solution. Visitors come to your content back if it has a reader engaging value. Read the following article to learn more…

Affiliate Marketing Beginners-How to Write High-Quality Killer Content

Optimize Your Profile:

How many more powerful profiles you designed is to optimize itself. So it also helps your pins get more distribution.

  1. Profile Name: The niche based a name with perfect keywords. Pins get attraction by profile name.
  2. Profile Bio: To distribute your pins, profile bio description helps to optimize pins.
  3. Profile Cover Image: All your pins together ranking up your latest pins.

Make sure you have paid focus on crafting high-quality and utilizable profile. Read the following article to update your profile accurately.

10 Steps: How To Craft The Perfect Pinterest Profile?

Optimize Pinterest Pins:

The main plot of the article is here. The above discussion is to make help pins optimization only. How to SEO optimize your pins for Pinterest?

optimize Pinterest pins

optimize Pinterest pins

  1. Pin Title: Title should be relevant to the post title. It should be an eye-catching and right keyword enriched.
  2. Pin Description: A few words to make a big impression. The strong call to action. Description of your pins is very similar to the title of whether blog titles match the keywords and description. 500 characters are it limits but best sentences of around 100 characters. The description remains relatively short with searchable keywords. Pins with descriptions of about 300 characters long tend. One post different pins, in this case, each pin title and description must be unique. Different keywords in the descriptions for each pin to target different interests of your audience
  3. Rich Pins: Pinterest like the rich pin and give priority to distribute than as usual pins. Pinterest removed rich pin descriptions. Rich pins extract the required information from the page and website. Make sure your site claimed for the owner verified and configured for the rich pin. Rich pins are easily found in Google Images
  4. Pinning Consistency: Focus on the first 5 Pins daily. Not pin too many images at once. Focus on consistency over the volume that means pinning regularly throughout the day.
  5. One post for 5 pins: one post you can pin more than one image. In this case, each pin title and description should be deferent but must be relevant.
  6. Old post new pin: Yes, you can pin newly for an old post from your wite. In this case, take care audience interest and title and description must be relevant to post.
  7. Fresh pins: Pinterest likes and wants fresh pins. The content never is seen before anywhere. Post owner first pins the post from the own website. Pinner can pin from the own website or from another website. Your post pin by another user as the first pin, it should not be. Brand-new posts are prioritized. Take care of it.

Additional Feature:

  1. One pin for more boards: if you want, one pin you will save in different boards. In this case, you must save it in the most relevant board first. Because a pin takes the board information from the board where you saved first.
  2. Time of day that you pin: No matter whenever you pin, but first 5 pins get priority to distribution.
  3. Pin auto scheduler: Yes, it is allowed, no problems. Pins quality scores will not be decreased using any software for schedule pins.
  4. Non-followers: if your pin is highly qualified and more engaging, your pins will reach to non-followers as well.
  5. Monitor pin saves and clicks: Always you should monitor top performing pins and boards. Check analytic report data and identify the poor pins and boards. You will get a chance of upgrading them.
  6. Better engagement scores: it is also countable and considerable how often and how many your pin gets re-pin, click, and comments.
  7. Group Board: It is not more important. It will be better the beginner can avoid group board creates, a new join, and saves. You can more search for about it if you have an interest.
  8. Re-pin: Getting re-pins is crucial to boosting pin distribution. So, you are pinning on but no engagement and you also don’t care about it. You can’t drive more traffic to your website. It is desired to get your pin repinned quite quickly. It is also a sign of business growth.
  9. The user engaging: the user engaging pin is a sign of your audience is already built, and your web content is according to audience need and solution.

To optimize Pinterest pins, you need to follow the above tips perfectly at the right place.

Image Quality:

Pinterest plays with images. The image is a key part of the visual search. How a perfect image should be! It a matter of art and science. Just an image uploads and waits for the best result. You don’t think so. An image is worth a thousand words.

The text is searchable we know and easily understand it, as like Pinterest mission and vision is to make image also be searchable. So you must have to follow image guideline and instruction.

  1. Image Size: Pin is 2:3 ratios or 600 x 900.
  2. Long Size: “Giraffe” pins WILL BE PENALIZED
  3. Only any Image: Pin-worthy graphics and images you should pin.
  4. Logo: the logo or branding to the image is ok. The logo at the top center or bottom center is recommended.
  5. CTA: You should add the text of the strong call to action.
  6. Multiple Colors Images: Multicolor image is suitable. Choose photos that have a bright color and a lot of contrast.
  7. Add text to your image: When adding text overlays, choose a readable font name and size. Use only a few words that entice people to click. Make important words easy to read. Place the text over a clean background.
  8. Mirror: The image is a mirror of your pin should reflect on what’s on the page.
  9. Mobile Friendly: Image dimension should be easier for mobile users. It is important. All search engines, especially Pinterest, give priority on the mobile-friendly.
  10. Audience: Keep the image positive and relevant to your website and audience.

Pinner Quality:

Pinterest also follows pinner activities, interest and how much pinner social is. Pinterest will reward the pinner on better performance rather than others.

  1. Social: Show Pinterest you are an engaged user by pinning, liking, commenting and interacting daily. Pinterest is attempting to be more “social” by giving users new ways to engage with content.
  2. Consistency: Not pin too many images at once, it is not so good. Focus on consistency over a volume that means pinning regularly throughout the day. Daily five pin and every day of a weak. Or 35 pins in one day and six days are waiting to check out the effect, it is a bad idea.
  3. Time spend: How many times you are engaged with this platform. You always hope to get re-pin, like, comment and people following you. But you should like others, give comment other’s pins and you would follow others.
  4. Quality content: How much more and how often you are providing high-quality content to your audience.
  5. Audience Building: How much take care of your audience. How you are nursing them to build a trustworthy audience.

Board Quality:

The pin saves first in the most relevant board. Because the pin takes the information from the board, you save first. Board quality is a support of pin distribution.  You’ll want to track key metrics of how people are interacting with your brand on Pinterest. The data will allow you to refine and improve your Pinterest marketing efforts and get closer to your customers.

  1. Boar Name: Board name with keywords and name match with pins keywords relevant.
  2. Board Description: Description should be with 2/3 searchable keyword. Your pin support description
  3. Board Image: the image tell Pinterest what type of pins are there.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards The Right Way?


  1. The platform signals about your pin by engaging or ignoring your pin.
  2. No early engagement, your pin will have a hard time getting views
  3. The new profile looks at your monthly views stats.
  4. Less likely to be repined or clicked is identified as a poor quality pin.
  5. Pinterest started counting re-pins.
  6. Optimizing your images proves beneficial for your business.
  7. Pinterest reads and recognizes your text more than you think.


  1. Keep the image positive and relevant to your website and audience.
  2. Every pin should be relevant with blog post title and content.
  3. Every pin should be relevant to the board and your profile description.
  4. Exact match is not so much required but relevancy must be every connection with up and down.

Increasing Follower:

Your content, website authority and pin quality attract the right followers perfecly. The pin will reach to un-followers as well. Moreover your pin will be recommended in “Related Pins”

Followers within a specific niche and relevant to their interests are required. Get followers within a specific niche are the right direction. Only growing up followers is not enough. Your pins quality makes it engaging for followers. Pinterest is then more likely to keep sharing it.


All about the article on how to SEO optimize Pinterest pins and how to prepare your pins for the smart feed. All the tips are aslo to make your pins more searchable.

How to optimize your content for Pinterest as well as how to rank first on Pinterest search result without fail. This is a matter for pinner how much more efforts are providing in this platform. Make sure you are updated with the latest Pinterest SEO strategies and algorithms accordingly. How to optimize Pinterest pins in 2019 as well?

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