How to Optimize Pinterest Boards?

How does it work for me?

These are very basic questions on Pinterest. Pinterest was a social media site. Now, it is a search engine and a tremendous source of driving solid traffic to your website. But, still, it has social features too, such as an engaging feature.

This article is one of a series of Pinterest tutorials. This is the second one. If you want to follow the series, the previous article is…

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If you are new in Pinterest and have no account yet, you may better watch the Pinterest video tutorial for beginners. Then you can read it. As a result, you will be able to understand what Pinterest wants from you?

People come to Pinterest to buy and sell. People also search for what they need and solution to their problems.

Pinterest has four ways of finding data from different angles. Very nice and advance feature if you can properly use them.

  1. Smart feed/Home feed
  2. Following tab
  3. Hashtag feed
  4. In search

I am not going to explain here detail. I am just showing a list above.

People search for a profile on a niche market. People search for a pin for getting a specific solution. People search for a board getting elaborated solutions for one problem. A scenario is to understand the fact perfectly.

Say… you are searching for a weight loss solution on Pinterest. First, you will think about who is famous in this industry. Finally, you pick a profile out you like. There are 36 boards such as weight loss for a man, weight loss for women and like these. Then you will go for finding your problem related to a board like Woman Belly Fat Burning board. You get it and go into the board there are 50 pins about woman belly fat burning ideas.

Profile => Board => Pins

You can also search for an individual by Woman Belly Fat Burning such as a profile or board or pin.

I want to show you where a board position on Pinterest is. The board plays an important role in the Pinterest search engine game. You should dive into deeper in the board of Pinterest inside out.

How to start creating a board?

We need huge traffic from Pinterest, right? We should be a pioneer in Pinterest getting traffic. Since the board is an important part of Pinterest driving traffic to your website. So, we have to learn it in a professional way to optimize Pinterest boards?.

How to create a board?

How to beautify boards?

How to organize boards?

How to optimize boards?

The above all questions are not the same level. We have to learn above all. How to optimize board? It is for increasing traffics, leads, and sales. So, it is a significantly more important question, and you have to know the accurate answer.

Pinterest SEO and Search engine algorithm are a key part of optimization. But Pinterest is different from Google. Pinterest has additional features that are engaging and relevancy.

  1. SEO strategies
  2. Search engine algorithm
  3. Engaging
  4. Relevancy

Niche selection and keywords list are a vital point. If you have niche selection and keywords list, you are almost ahead. You will easily understand the following part of this article certainly.

Those who have no niche selection and keywords list already yet, they need to complete the course first. Otherwise, your boards will not be optimized. So you should read the following articles, then you may proceed here. It will be comfortable to understand the article.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners- Google Algorithm and SEO

Affiliate Marketing Beginners- 1000 Killer Niches 2019

The main points of optimization are as under. You may think it is a checklist to follow. Don’t forget it.

  1. Board Name
  2. Board Description
  3. Board Cover image.
  4. Relevancy

Pinterest gives you also its SEO ideas. If your niche is weight loss, you search for weight loss pins. Pinterest will give you a related searchable keywords list. Have you seen before? Look at the following image.

Niche Market: Weight Loss

Boards Name: it should be searchable keywords based within 180 character limit.

  1. Weight Loss for man
  2. Weight Loss for woman
  3. Weight Loss for the teen
  4. Weight Loss for above 40
  5. Weight Loss Motivation


  1. For man
  2. For woman
  3. For the teen
  4. For above 40
  5. Motivation

You can use any of them, no problems. For irrelevant board may be penalized.

10 Boards with 10 pins in each board is a starting size of the standard level.

Four types of board.

  1. Public board: This is open for all. Everybody can get access to a public board.
  2. Secret board: Secret board is only for admin/pinner.
  3. Group board: Group board is like a Facebook group. Everybody can pin/save there.
  4. Feature board: these are selected best five boards of the public board as a showcase of famous pins.

First, you will create a board as a secret board, whenever it will be matured, and then you can open it as public. It is a good practice. The empty board, no description, and no cover image, it may be unfair to your followers.

Board Description:

it should be enriched with few searchable keywords and relevant keywords. The visitor can understand the identity of which types of pins are there. It should be meaningful as well. Look at the image below. Pinterest shows us searchable keywords list of our niche.

Optimize Pinterest Boards

Board Name: Weight loss for man.

Keywords list: Exercise, Gym, and Diet Plans

How to write description along with three keywords but it should be attractive and meaningful? I just give you an idea to open your brain how to do this.

“The man who wants to be slim must follow weight-loss diet plans. Daily weight loss exercise should be habituated in the morning and evening simply. Gym for weight loss is a perfect idea.”

Board can optimize by board name and description when you can layout and design the right keywords in perfect placement. It is a brainstorming and time-consuming job. Don’t make a hurry. You must pay attention to write a description accurately.

Pin optimization depends on some algorithm metrics. Remember, board name and description is one of them. Don’t focus on using the full 500 characters.

Optimize Pinterest Boards

There is some additional information you can take it to note asunder.

  1. 500 boards, including secret boards and group boards
  2. 200,000 Pins, including secret Pins and your Pins on group boards.
  3. 50,000 followers, including topics, boards, and people.
  4. You have a 500 characters limit in board description.
  5. Board name characters limit is 180.

When you get an error that you hit a limit, try deleting some Pins or boards or unfollowing people or decrease few characters.

Board Cover image:

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It can extract information like a text from an image and other direction. Pinterest wants high quality and high regulation with perfect dimension images.

It always needs an image. Board cover image is very important. This image should be reflecting on the board description. Its design should attract Pinterest users.

You can visit some highly rich profile about how they make design their board cover. It will be researched for board cover. Every research makes you one step ahead of a professional. Look at the image.

How wonderful it is! How many more professional they are! How much creative they are! Actually, we are not dedicated to our job.

Optimize Pinterest Boards

ONLINE MAKE MONEY is still available, we are not ready to do hard work, nothing else. Pinterest is still now a great source of bulk genuine traffics.

You can also watch a video tutorial on how to design Pinterest board cover. If you are not a graphic designer, how can get your images? Canva is nice. I am grateful to Canva. Canva needs less skill but great output. To learn, watch a video tutorial about Canva .

Another important thing is the board size: 238 x 284 pixels. You can’t use full of board size. Board cover image size: 217 x 146 pixels. It needs the practice to get a shape in your hand to set the board cover image perfectly.

Canva gives you all social media required image with the perfect dimension. You have to learn about how to use it? Your board name is according to keywords designed. So, you must put the board name in the cover image. It helps search engine optimization.

  1. The profile images: 165 x 165 pixels.
  2. The pins in the feed: 238 pixels x adjusted to height.
  3. The pin size: 735 pixels x adjusted to height.
  4. Pin board size: 238 x 284 pixels.
  5. Cover image: 217 x 146 pixels.
  6. Thumbnails: 51 x 51 pixels.

Look at the image below. It is the home page of showing a different template of image dimension.

Optimize Pinterest Boards

Learn it and use it, very helpful Pinterest image tool. It will help to optimize Pinterest boards.


As, it is an important algorithm metric on Pinterest, so Pinterest gives priority to relevancy. You should understand the fact.

  1. Pinner quality: Persistent efforts or gap. How much time does pinner spend on this platform?
  2. Website quality: Low authority or high authority or brand new website and half-done.
  3. Content quality: High quality or poor quality or irrelevant content

To optimize or distribute a pin, the pin is identifying with the above values. The pin also qualified by below information how much accurate you are designed with a niche and keywords.

  1. Profile name
  2. Profile bio
  3. Board name and description
  4. Board image

Exact matching is not mandatory, but the pin should be relevant. Some example can help you to understand the theme.

  1. Your web content title and content should be relevant. How much accurate relevant they are.
  2. Your post title and pin title should be relevant, but no need to make an exact match.
  3. Pin title and pin description should be relevant.
  4. The pin in the board should be relevant.
  5. Two years old web contents with a new pin is ok. Everything should be relevant.
  6. New web content with 5 pins is also ok. Pins title and pin description should be different but relevant.
  7. One pin saves in 5 different boards is ok, but boards should be relevant.

If your pin title and content title and content can’t match or not to be relevant, your pin may be a setback in optimization. Man belly fat burning => Man stomach weight loss => Woman fat burning

Optimize Pinterest Boards.

Optimize Pinterest Boards.

Web content title: Ten Tips – How to grow Pinterest traffic to your website? This article you can post the following five titles in Pinterest with separate pin description. These are the relevant example.

  1. How to generate Pinterest traffic to your blog?
  2. How to drive Pinterest traffic to your website?
  3. How to create Pinterest traffic to your affiliate site?
  4. How to build Pinterest traffic to your website?
  5. How to increase Pinterest traffic to your website?

The above five titles are different internal meaning is the same. Can you guess it, yet? You have five boards asunder.

  1. Pinterest Traffic
  2. Web Traffic
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. Blogging Tutorial
  5. Blogging Secret

You can save above fives pins in the above boards. These enters are a relevant example. But you can’t use the title: How to drive organic traffic from Google? And pin in the boards: Increase Body Weight.

Please remember, the first pin must put in the most relevant board then other board. Pinterest Traffic is the most relevant board for above Pins. One Pin saves in five boards, in this case, pin in the most relevant board first.


Pinterest is a searching engine. How to optimize Pinterest boards? You should have sufficient knowledge about SEO and search result algorithm. One Pin saves in five boards, in this case, pin in most relevant board first. Please read the article.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners- Google Algorithm and SEO

You can understand how SEO strategies work behind. You can understand the leverage of a search engine algorithm.

Minimum board pins are 10 and maximum board pins are 100.if increase more pin then you can create a new board. It is not fixed but suggested. You should introduce with Pinterest analytics. You can understand the profile, pin, and board status. How, why and which one is growing up and falling down.

That can help you to understand how to do the required modification. Pinterest wants pinner engagement. How many times you can spend on this platform. How often you are pinging daily and consistently.

  1. Old blog post with a new pin.
  2. One new blog post with 5 pins
  3. One pin saves in five relevant boards
  4. You should have secret boards where you can store some fresh pins there. When any board is falling down, you can transfer that pins from secret board to that weak board. Thus, you should be active all your boards.
  5. Please take it to note that the group board is not more essential. As a beginner, you can skip it now. Group boards’ pins are not distributed. You have to go there to see.

Thanks for keeping the patient read a long article. Our next article coming soon

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