Do you HAVE a higher dream of being financial freedom? Little wondering, how is it possible? Or Whether is BD online income  possible? Thinking, how to get the best online JOB in BD?

Maybe, you want to start an online business or online job BD, but you don’t know where to start or how to start?

Listen, nothing wrong you happened. You are right. ‘Earn Money Online in BD’  can make your dreams come into reality.

In this post, I show you ‘online business or online job in BD’ how much possible is it? How many opportunities we have in BD.

If you are a postgraduate, have high ambition and you fix ‘do or die’ you achieve the goal, you are the right person for the article.

The post is a framework, how to get access to online business or job market at a higher grade. Everybody can use the framework for their online job.

I use the copywriting here. How to learn about copywriting? How to earn from copywriting? You can use what you want to do. For instance, creative writing, storytelling…

This is not just an essay, you read and grab the theme. This article is a practical job, exercise, and research on how to enter a global online market or online job in BD.

Step- 01: Learn about your niche.

Search on Google following question, to know about copywriting from varied angles.

  1. What is copywriting?
  2. Who is a copywriter?
  3. How to learn about copywriting?
  4. Free online copywriting course
  5. Copywriting tips
  6. Copywriting hacks
  7. And copywriting Example
  8. psychology copywriting
  9. persuasive copywriting techniques
  10. SEO copywriting techniques

Search for the above question on Google with double-quotes asunder.

What is copywriting?

What is copywriting?

Read ten articles on every search result which means you read 100+ articles around copywriting topics. Right?

Read ten articles on every search result which means you read 100 articles around copywriting topics. Right?

Thus, you can understand copywriting ideas. The first step, you get ideas, on what you will do in the online market. OK?

Read the Course Vs Practice the Course. Read the article and follow the guideline.

Remember, don’t cheat with yourself. The article is for your online career. Do what I say.

Step- 02: Learning source:

  1. Find out best 20 pro copywriters
  2. Find out the 20 copywriting training, guide or tips sites.
  3. And find their social media.
  4. Find out 10 free or paid copywriting course site
  5. Follow 100 copywriters on each social media.

Step- 03: Social Media List.

Create social media accounts, as new asunder. Don’t change anything on LinkedIn. if you have a LinkedIn account earlier, don’t create else more. Other social media need a new one.

  1. Medium
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Quora
  5. LinkedIn

If you have any of the social media accounts earlier, please skip them. Create newly again.

Step- 04: Daily practice list.

  1. Read 10 articles from 20 selected sites on one topic around copywriting topics.
  2. Write one article around copywriting that topic.
  3. Put an insightful comment with a multi-line after reading each article.
  4. Share every article in your social media.
  5. Published a post on LinkedIn and the next post on Medium.

Step- 05: Promote others, such as mentors or pro.

You need your exposure on the net. You need to know others in your niche. Others can know you.  This is a proven way, to expose yourself in your niche market. In social media account:

  1. Don’t increase followers. Let them increase their own way.
  2. Increase following, 100 pro copywriters.
  3. Promote pro bloggers’ post and product in social media.
  4. Medium: Give 30 claps, comment, and share.
  5. FB: Give a like, comment and share.
  6. Twitter: Love, retweet and a short comment.
  7. LinkedIn: Love, comment, and share.
  8. After one month, write 5 answers on Quora in a day around copywriting.

Step- 06: Blogging and writing course.

These two courses together are the main gate of entering the online market. How much you earn efficiency on the courses, you can stand out online as faster.

  1. Nobody can stand out online without having professional skills.
  2. Training is the key to success.
  3. A realistic mindset is crucial to be a success.
  4. ‘Make money online’ needs two skills desperately such as writing and blogging skill.
  5. You need to be a brilliant writer and solve reader intent article with sharp and subtle crafting hand.
  6. Complete the course for those two skills. Read them minutely.
  7. Be cool. Don’t make a hurry. Lean then earn.

Mastering a Blog: Volume-1

Step- 07: Follow the mentor’s guide.

Don’t watch YouTube videos and search on Google for 6 months. After 6 months you get realized the limitation. Then go according to your plans.

I follow my mentor’s advice, with pinpoint instruction , until now.

Don’t search for, ‘why’? Keep your head down; go through the guidelines. Don’t do what you want online, accept what advice is given here.

After 6 months, go on your way. 3 Shocking facts about BD online earning.

Step- 08: Niche list for practice. 

Here are a few niches, you do the practice by using one of them.

  1. Creative writer
  2. Copywriter
  3. Fiction writer
  4. eBook writer
  5. Course writer
  6. Short storyteller
  7. Novel writer
  8. SEO expert
  9. Affiliate marketer
  10. Blogger

The above niches aren’t limited to your life choice. These are for training. After six months, you choose what do you want to do?

Step: 09 Launch your blog.

After six months, you must launch your site. From now on, you publish your post on your blog. Remember, your blog is your skills. It certifies you as qualified in your niche on the web market.

  1. High-quality domain name
  2. High-speed hosting
  3. Premium quality WP theme

Don’t be cheaper. You expense as much as it needs for high-quality.

Don’t use a free platform, such as Blogspot.

How to earn money online in Bangladesh without investment?

After six months, publish posts on your blog, no more elsewhere. Improve your blog. Your blog is your portfolio.

Step- 10: Earn as much as you can.

After one year, you can write for copywriting as a commercial basis on Upwork. Don’t go for earning before one year, though you are qualified to earn.

Upwork has a limited grade job. Leave it as much quick as possible. So, collect the order from direct clients.

You collect direct orders from the client is your main goal.


The exercise establishes you as a copywriter over the world. You recognize other pro copywriters in the online market.

You can catch jobs outside of the job sites. And you can recognize the original buyers.

Don’t take BD online income tips easy and simple. If you follow 100%, you become the world-class qualified on your niche.

Remember, you have learned three major skills.

  1. Blogging
  2. Writing
  3. Copywriting

The focus point is blogging and writing. After that, you can do whatever you want on the net.

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