The matter of online income source in Bangladesh makes you busy. Does it do?

Do 9-5 jobs make you bored? Or you don’t prefer 9-5 jobs? Or you are the highest dreamer of being financial freedom.

And the best part is most people want to become self-employers or entrepreneurs. They like freedom and don’t like to work under pressure.

But wait, there’s more. Lots of people want to get rich or get rich faster. They need huge money, as quickly as possible.

And I’m not stopping there. A few people are bound to work from home. Some of them are educated women and housewives.

Here’s the big secret. People want to meet their needs and fulfill their desires through online jobs. Work from Home. Freelancing. Outsourcing. Fiverr in Bangladesh.

And hopefully, it is possible to meet their needs through work from home.

Stick with me here, because if you are one of them, you are welcome to the insightful information. In this post, I talk to the people who want to know how to earn online income.

Don’t be wondering whether you find jobs in the online job marketplaces. In contrast, think about whether you have the skills for that job. You see my point, right?

Choose the BD online job career, make you skilled to expert level, and enjoy the low-hanging fruit ever. 

Always finding ways on how to improve yourself is the sure successful path.

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  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  4. Envato Studio
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Toptal
  8. DesignCrowd
  9. Nexxt
  10. DesignContest
  11. TaskRabbit
  12. crowdSPRING
  13. Hireable
  14. WriterAccess
  15. 99Designs
  16. Catalant
  17. Bark
  18. DesignHill
  19. Skyword
  20. Gigster

01. How to convert your offline skills into an online career?

Online Income Source in Bangladesh -careerYou have skills. What do you know about yourself? 

  1. If you are a teacher, your teaching subject is your skill topics.
  2. If you are a professor, your subject is your skill topics.
  3. And if you are a doctor, treatment is your skill topics.
  4. If you are a General Manager, the managing team is your skill topics. Highly demanded topics.
  5. If you are a restaurant worker, recipe – pizza at home like a restaurant is your skill topic.
  6. And if you are an accountant, personal finance is your skill topic.
  7. If you are a chief accountant, save money, personal budget, traveling budget are your skill topics.
  8. If you are an educated housewife, child care, parenting, and recipe are demanding skill topics.
  9. And if you are an educated cultivator, planting, organic vegetable, and inhouse cultivation are your topics.
  10. If you are an Alim, religious matters are skill topics.

These aren’t ordinary skills, but these are proven ones. Most of them have a long time practical experience. You don’t need to build your online career again. You have to learn how to show your career online to help people. 

Here’s the bottom line. You need to convert your offline skills into online skills. You require training, time, effort, and money. And it isn’t a simple task, but nothing hard like rocket science.

Online Job BD | Online Career BD | BD Jobs Today | BD Job Sites | BD Jobs

02. What is an online career?

Online Income Source in Bangladesh 2020You know about the topics as such you can teach others, you can become a consultant, and you have professional skills on those topics.

Many people have the skills that are offline based, but they don’t define them as valuable online skills.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say. For example, you are a math teacher or a professor or university student in math. How many days, months, even years did you spend to digest the math?

What do you say? Isn’t that the skills? Professional skill? And even you have become already a math specialist.  

Here’s the big secret. These offline skills are the same for online skills. Can you trust me? I know it very well.

Here’s a little case study of this strategy in action.

My two sons together take part in the SSC exam this year. They spend more time on mobile. I become crazy about them. Their mother informs me, don’t disturb them. Now they are in an online math class. 

I am a pro blogger for bloggers. My niche is blogging tips. I always research how to discover profitable niches. This idea is my great discovery.

Here’s how you can do the same thing in the online field. My sons are massively pleased in an online class. They told me they are happy with online education 10X more than manual coaching. 

How to build an online platform for your business? See how other people are doing. You will get ideas.

Search on Google for intext:SSC” * “math” * “BD|Bangladesh” * “2020” or search on YouTube by “SSC” * “math” * “BD|Bangladesh” * “2020”.

Best search keywords for your research:

  1. top educational websites in bangladesh
  2. online education sites in bangladesh
  3. educational website of bangladesh
  4. repto education center
  5. online bangla coursee learning platform in bangladesh
  6. bangla online course website
  7. amar pathshala
  8. instructory bd
  9. bd online courses

By the above keywords, you can search on Google and YouTube to get information what you need.

You need a website. Learn how to create a WP free website. And then create a YouTube channel.

51 Tips: Learn How to Earn Online Income in BD.

03. How to monetize your skills?

How to monetize your skillsYES. Monetization is a crucial part of this article. First, build up an online platform.  When students come to you, you can learn how to sell them. 

It comes from real-life experience.

Free + Paid services = Business. First, give them high valued free services. Students will come to you. And then offers paid services, they get satisfied by paying you.

Why can’t most beginners stand out online business?

People make lots of mistakes when they get started an online business. Never do these. Unrealistic mindset makes really those reasons.

  1. Don’t make a hurry to earn money.
  2. With the relaxed brain, set up yourself on the online platform.
  3. Learn first, then get started. Otherwise, everything progresses mixed with errors. 
  4. Learning for six months or more, learn how to earn online income. Research on how people are making money online.
  5. Online is slow. The established period is for six months or more.
  6. Who can succeed in online business? Who is the best in your field? Online is a more competitive market.
  7. Build a satisfying audience first. Then earn.
  8. Remember! Online earning is not a problem. The problem is to build student groups that are satisfied with your education services.  
  9. Stick with it until success. Do or die.
  10. Online is a slow development process. Google gives you a chance when it finds you what and how it wants from you. 

Online Earning Opportunities in Bangladesh: Do You Earn Money Now?

04. Now where to start? How to start then?

Now where to start-How to start then

  1. Create a WP free website.
  2. Read ten articles around your offline skills and write one with 1000 words about the topics you read daily. 
  3. Publish the article on your new blog.
  4. Share it on social media.
    • Facebook: Create a FB page and public group.
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
  5. Learn on-page SEO.

Go for three months in this way. It makes you an online money maker. This practice is not a complete solution. But it pulls you from offline and pushes you into the online platform.

When you read ten articles, you can learn more about your offline skills. And you can understand how online business going on.

When you write an article on the topics you read ten articles, this writing converts your offline skill to online skills.

After completing your three months of practical exercise,  if you want to be an affiliate marketer or blogger, you MUST need to complete online courses. Don’t mistake here. 

If you want to become a freelance writer on your skills, you can find a job on the above 20 job marketplace sites, the list of online income source for Bangladesh.

05. Advance Tips: Online income source in Bangladesh.

Advance Tips on Online income source in Bangladesh

  1. This article is a framework on how to convert offline skills into an online job career.
  2. I used the teaching education matters, such as online coaching, advice, and suggestion for students.
  3. You can use this article for your subjects such as General Manager, Manager, or Accountant.
  4. Online surveys are a way to earn money from survey sites. 
  5. After signing up, taking surveys to start making money is a matter of two hours for cash, or extra income, or extra cash. 
  6. The GPT program site is the solution to start earning to make money from home or extra money online so faster.
  7. Monetize a blog with affiliate links is the best way to make money online. But it needs super skills, times, and investment. 
  8. Online marketplaces are full of scams or scammers’ traps. Don’t waste your time, money, and energy over there. Be careful!
  9. Passive income is a higher dream of online marketers. Don’t fall into passive income traps. Do your jobs, money comes its way, in time. 
  10. Sell your digital products that are the most profitable business online market, such as course sheets, eBooks, and training sheets.


Does the matter of online income source in Bangladesh make you busy now?

This article aims to show you how to convert your offline skills into an online job career. Have I shown you that you have skills, and you can earn money online by using that? 

If yes, then I have an online skill to earn money online. If not, you should read the post several times, and then skip it.

Earning online is not so difficult as you believe. 

But learning the right technique to earn is yet a matter. 

How to make money or ways to make money online? Freelance writing, Google Adsense, websites like for affiliate programs, and start a blog is income potential that is a way to make money online.

Discover the top ten online money makers of your skills. And then follow them, how they earn money that is a practical learning source.

If you want to learn an online money-making process, you can read my blog. My blog is only for that purpose you need. How to become a professional blogger?

30 Job Tips: Online Money Income for Students in Bangladesh.