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Without a doubt, people want to earn. And you like that as well. Me. And everybody.

But the question is, how to earn online income in Bangladesh? Legitimately. Decent amount. Without any fail. Right?

Well. We need a precise, concise, and secure guideline. How to earn free online Income in Bangladesh?

Do you know? You need to get trained. Where do you get precise training? You need to stand out in the online crowd and competitive market over the world?

People who have educations can join various online courses. The precious online courses that make your career compelling to elevate you to the desired goal.

Can you imagine? How to earn money online in Bangladesh without investment? This question has enormous search volume. WHY?

Most BD people work on the GPT program sites. So they don’t need any job-career, skills, no budget, and even no training & course. The online daily labor works there. 

But our highly educated people who are engineers, doctors, and professors where they can do job. We have no precious direction for them in Bangladesh.

The site contributes ultimate guidelines, training, and courses for genius, talented, and highest dreamers about online Income in Bangladesh.

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Be careful of job scams in BD:

Beware for job seekers, online is full of scammer’ traps. Beginners get fallen into their trap, get harassed, and lose money. Before engaging with any site, check scam, rate, and review.

Be careful, don’t waste your time and money on online scammers sites in Bangladesh. The sites have no address, no jobs, and scammy. 

You can invest money in different fake issues. But you can’t make income from them at all.

Whether the job site is a scam or safe? Are their reviews real or fake? Check by following online tools.

GPT program websites:

Do you want to make money? Do you know ways to earn money online?

How would it be? You make money from home, start earning money from now on, and make money fast, get paid to — GPT program is your solution.

The people who are searching for following queries, survey sites — online surveys — taking surveys that get paid money instantly. 

  1. Earn Money Payment Bkash
  2. Extra income
  3. Earn cash
  4. Make extra money
  5. Earn extra money
  6. Side income
  7. Pocket money

GPT sites are comfortable, homely, and faster ways to make money online methods. Online taking survey is a way to make money online. Do you know? GPT programs don’t need hard skills and educations. 

Online business is to make money blogging with an affiliate program is a way to earn money. Monetize a blog to make money online is a get-rich-business. Blogging needs to complete an online course. 

Fiverr is a job marketplace for freelances. A freelance writer can earn good money. 

PTC sites:

PTC stands for paid to click site. It earns money from the advertiser. And it pays you some of them. The job is easy, but slow process. It is referral based jobs, such as direct referrals and rented referrals. 

You can do jobs, collecting directly from the site or other people who get jobs from the site. People are doing referral-based jobs from Bangladesh.


Find and apply for freelance jobs on Upwork.  A global freelancing platform where the client and freelancer join and help remotely. BD people do freelance jobs on Upwork from Bangladesh. Jobs are hourly or fixed price rate. 

There are three parties– contractor, client, and Upwork.  The contactor search for jobs from clients. The client search for contractors gets jobs finished. 

Upwork is a platform where clients post jobs and contractors bid their jobs. Upwork earns from contractors based on contact earning commission 5% to 20%. 

Google Adsense:

If you have a blog or a website that has lots of visitors. And then, you can create a Google Adsense account to get ad links. Google collects money from advertizer and pay you a small amount of them.

When can you generate money from Adsense? If your page visitors click on the ads on your site with a purpose, thus the advertiser gets visitors, and they pay to google for getting visitors. Google pays you some of them.

Google Adsense is one of the best methods to earn money online in Bangladesh

Affiliate marketing:

If you have a blog or website that has enormous stable traffic, you can join affiliate programs through an affiliate network site, such as ClickBank, CJ, and ShareASale. And then you get links, banners, ads with different categories to add to your blog, or website. 

When your visitor clicks on ads, or banner, or links, you send a visitor to your merchant site. And when your sending visitor subscribes to their site, you send a lead. 

And when your sending visitor buys from your merchant site, you send a buyer to purchase affiliate products or services.  

Different ways you can get the affiliate commission, such as sending visitors, or generating a lead or after the sale. The commission may be a percentage or fixed rate on the sales amount. 

Forex trading: 

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange, where people buy and sell currencies over the world. Lots of Govt., Non- Govt., and banks participate in forex trading.

Ordinary people can join on forex trading under authorized broker that is an online job our people are participating in forex trading from Bangladesh.   

Forex maintains a secure, reliable, and fair online money transaction system. Forex trading is an attractive online job, but you need to gain training.  

But in truth, Forex trading is a risky job and more chance of getting scammed. So you can do it with proper training and stay under a high authorized broker. 

How to send freelancing income to Bangladesh?

BD people are growing on make money online jobs. Alongside, payment method options are increasing. Every payment method doesn’t give us the same benefits. Transaction security, times, charges are quite different from each other. 

As an online money maker, you should have precise and concise ideas on steps to transfer. How and which method is best for you. 

  • First, ensure to deposit your earning money in your job site account. 
  • And you need to transfer money from the job site account to Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). 
  • And then you need to transfer money from Skrill to a local bank or bKash.

Other money transfer methods:

  1. Direct to Bank
  2. Payoneer Card
  3. Wire transfer

 Here are simple ideas. When you need to take action for money transfer to Bangladesh, you need more research to get clarity.

People ask the question related to online income in BD

01. How can a beginner make money online in Bangladesh?

Excellent question. It needs a delightful solution. Right?

Work from home is the main beautiful distinction between online and offline jobs. Nothing else more you can hope from online. 

Skill: How many skills and which skills do you have to earn money online?

It needs time: How many times can you invest in online income?

Budget: To build a skill, you need money. For example, you want to be a graphic designer. 

You need to have professional skills. With regular skills, you can’t compete with world genius competitors. 

Here is a complete guideline. You can follow it: Online Income in Bangladesh 2020

02. How can I Income online?

People want to make income online. Right? 

You like that so. Me. Everybody.

To earn income online, you need to have a device with a net connection. 

Do you have it? If yes, do you want to earn money without skills? 

If yes, GPT and PTC program your solution.

Here is your solution: 

Online Earning Opportunities in Bangladesh: Do You Earn Money Now?

If you want to build a career first and then you want to earn.

Here is your solution: 

30 Job Tips: Online Money Income for Students in Bangladesh.

Follow the articles that you need.

03. Is earn money online real?

You ask this question when people earn money online.

Make money online is legit, reliable, and proven. But remember! Earn money online is labor-intensive, hard-work involved, and almost time-consuming jobs. Do you know that?

Here is your solution: 

The Untold Secret: How To MAKE MONEY ONLINE In BD 2020?

04. How can I earn through Google?

People earn money online through Google Adsense. 

How does it work?

You should have a blog or a website with enough traffic. Then you can apply for a Google Adsense account if you get approval, Google provides you links, banners, and ads to add to your site.  

If your visitor clicks on ads with buying intent, thus the advertiser’s site will get visitors. Google earns money from the advertiser, and Google pays you a small amount that is related to you.

All digital marketing depends on Google’s organic traffic. 

  1. Leads Gen and email marketing
  2. Content marketing 
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Blogging
  5. eCommerce

If you want to learn more, here is your solution: This full article is your solution.

05. How can I make money while I sleep?

YES. You are a genuine person to ask the right question.

Possibly, you are the highest dreamer. You desire financial freedom. You don’t like 9-5 jobs. OK. 

Well. You learn to be a blogger, affiliate marketer, or digital marketer. First, you need to be a freelance writer, and then you should go for that I said earlier.

So far as I know, you should have three years of full-time practical experience to earn when you sleep.

Here is your solution :

Genius! Talented! Highest Dreamer! Welcome to Be a Pro Blogger. 

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