Most people think themselves, “How can I earn money online?” They search for ways to earn with Google and YouTube, but they become confused. Whether online earning opportunities have in Bangladesh.

A biologist can detect the germ of water. We don’t grab that tactic. I passed 20+ years in IT. Now I am a pro blogger, writer on Quora, and author of Ebooks on Amazon. I can recognize how many opportunities we have.

What is online earning opportunities in Bangladesh?

How much our educated young people are ready to avail of the opportunity, I can realize the fact. I can recognize the source, and I know the precise and concise path on how to arrive there.

Here is what I don’t explain how many jobs are available on the web. But I explain how much we are fit for those jobs.

Enormous jobs are on the net. People work there across the world. According to the world, we live in a smaller country. There is no country restriction. Anybody can do this.

If we face obstacles, our desperate skills can break the speed bumps into a flat level. We can turn the sharp curve into a straight line on the way to succeed.

Who will awake them, aware of them and lead them? Our busy people in sleep, drunk or useless entertaining.

Please note that this practice for postgraduate, have time and read-write English well. 

Online Career:

You take online as a job-career. For instance, SEO Expert. This is such a career, evergreen job-career over the world if you have a real-life solution.

This is one example, do you notice how many examples I have, enormous, you can’t imagine.

Do you ask me how to become an SEO expert?

Yes, I have a ready answer.

Who believes me? Who follows me? I don’t care either.

Here is the way…

Whether you check online earning opportunities in Bangladesh.

Are you ready?

Let’s go into deeper…

Step 01: What do you need?

Three things you need first.

  • High-quality domain.
  • High-speed domain hosting
  • Premium quality WP theme

The rough idea, it needs 10-15 thousand TK.

Don’t be commercial here. Here is a wrong turning point. I recognize you. Our people go nowhere, in this hole.

BlogSpot is a free website. It has lots of free themes. Why do I spend 10-15 thousand TK? Because of that, we are laboring in the international market.

Free platform users and cheapest NEVER stand out online.

  • Niche: SEO Tips
  • Blog URL:
  • Blog Name: How to become an SEO expert.

Step 02: Where to get started?

Research and discover 10 best SEO sites. Make them a list with columns asunder.

  1. SL
  2. Site URL
  3. Name of the site name
  4. Name of the site owner
  5. FB
  6. Twitter
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Pinterest
  9. Instagram

Step 03: Follow tasks in a day.

First, read 100+ articles on SEO topics from the above sites you listed. After finishing 100 articles, then follow the following jobs.

Read 10 articles and write one around SEO topics. Don’t move aside.

Read and write one SEO topic a day.

Publish your post on your blog.

Republished the post on Medium.

Share the post on following your social media account.

  1. FB
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram

Go for 6 months with no failures. Then give up my guideline. You make a design on how to dive deeper and deeper into SEO strategies.

After 12 months, you become a pro SEO or Expert SEO.

You never think to earn and job, else more.

Step 04: There are a few limitations.

Don’t break the rules, please.

  1. Don’t search for SEO tips elsewhere except those 10 sites. If you search here and there, you are liable for your failure.
  2. It needs 6-8 hours daily.
  3. After 2 weeks, you send me your progress. I will check whether you are on the right path.
  4. Don’t gape. Just follow the Gov. Holiday. If you become failed adjacent 3 days, you are liable for your failure.
  5. Put a multi-line insightful comment on each article you read a day. It is mandatory.
  6. On the way, you will get a business or a job offer, don’t accept it. Otherwise, you are liable for your failure.
  7. You read more one article daily on how to improve your writing skills.
  8. Stopped wasting your time with video games, movies, and friends gossiping. And social media is addictive. These are success enemies.
  9. During this year follow me as a mentor. Don’t follow others’ instructions.
  10. These are proven ideas. Change nothing on your own.

These rules build your inner ability.

Step 05: Do you recognize me?

I spend two years in a closed door. My family members become crazy to me.

I leave everything for blogging. I forget even to take scheduled medicines in a day. And I become sick.

Now, people know me over the world in my niche market. I have worldwide friends. I will start a world-traveling soon.

BD Online Income Tips. 


Think the right ways you can discover the online earning opportunities in Bangladesh.

I followed my mentors. This is a proven guideline. I enforce it in my life. I stand out online this way. Who follows it?

People want something easier, quicker, and automated. No. NEVER. I don’t have this gigantic animal.

How many times people passed with jobless. But they don’t do this. This is hard. We can’t go under a tight schedule. So we are laboring in the international job market.