Do you want to discover the ways of online earning in Bangladesh? How to earn online in BD? But I promise you can learn the way of passive income after reading this post. 

People in our country such as educated housewives desire to earn money, good money, and money from home.

If you make meaning, you’ll make money. –Guy Kawasaki

Genius, talented, and highly dreamers have inspiring sources to earn money online in BD. Most of them don’t know how to get there. They search for ways of entering into online job marketplaces. 

If you are one of them, great, you are lucky. Keep reading. Pick your one up. 

My title’s promise is how to earn money $100 daily. Right?

Guess what? How to earn $100 from now on? Without any skill?

  1. Does it need education?
  2. Does it require professional skills?
  3. Without time investment, can you earn money?
  4. It needs a budget or without a budget. What do you say?
  5. Do you know how to transfer your income to BD in your hand, mobile or your bank?

A realistic mindset is crucial to success. Your hope, estimation, and reality should be the same. Your dream shouldn’t leave beyond the reality margin.

These are the points you need to understand. 

$100 X 80 =8000 BDT (approx.). Can you estimate who can earn 8000 BDT daily in our country?

How much money the person should invest to earn 8000 BDT daily.

If you say, a high profile job holder, 8000X 26= 208,000. How many skills and experience they need to have?

800 BDT! You can earn money from today, or right now, or from now on. Trust me. I know that very well. 

Even our unskilled people can earn this money offline. Right?

The good news is that BD supplies 16% online laborers, where India is 26%, and the USA 12% of global labor supply.

If you want a high category online job, how can you achieve it? Where to start? And how to start? In this post, you are going to earn this idea. 

How to Choose Your Online Job Career in BD for 2020?

Tips-01: Online earning in Bangladesh

Define your goal precisely01. Confidence: You require to have strong faith, in online jobs, it works for you. If you spend time and money, it must give you a return. If you are confused, you can’t overcome the online disaster period. Do or die. Stick with it until success.

02. Define your goal precisely: What do you want? If it is money, how often and how faster? How much money? Only money makers can hardly stand out online. If helping people is your fun, you like to make connections and relationships with people. That is the first basement of online income.

03. Learn and then earn: Searching here and there on Google and YouTube is not trained. You need to complete online courses aligned with your career subject. So It needs a budget. And spend one year building your online career. Otherwise, you are online labor. You can earn money now without skill.

04. The ten online careers: As an example, I give you an online earning skill list. You may choose one of them or from your collection. But you require to make professional skills for one topic.

  1. Web Design
  2. Wordpress and WP theme
  3. WP theme developer
  4. WP plugin developer
  5. Programming languages
  6. Freelance writer
  7. Copywriter
  8. Social media master
  9. Affiliate marketing 
  10. Blogging

05. How to build your skills: Say, you prefer freelance writing as an online skill. From where and how can you build writing skills? You accomplish the course in BD is not enough to earn money online. You need to complete an online course.  

Skill for online earning in Bangladesh

06. Private practice: Read ten articles and write one daily on the topics below. Most online entrepreneurs don’t have a learning spirit. They are searching for ways of earning faster. They probably don’t get the path, maybe frustrated, and almost certainly become tired with misleading. 

  1. How to improve writing skills?
  2. How to write persuasive writing?
  3. And how to write engaging articles?
  4. How to create quality content?
  5. How can you write storytelling?

After three months, you can join an online course. Now the course will be digestible for you. I build my writing career through this practice. Can you trust me? Take it seriously.

07. Earn experimental knowledge: Don’t earn money during the career-building period. Learn as much as you can. More practice makes it easier on how to make money online later. 

08. Research skill: Online needs research skills. Everything is changing. Nothing static is online. What works, what doesn’t work? And you discover it through close attention.

09. Full time: Making money online is labor-intensive, hard-work involved, and full-time engaging job. So leave your unnecessary time killing jobs such as mobile games, movies, and spend more time with friends.

10. Progress step by step: Please don’t make a hurry. Progress day by day. Money comes it’s way on time.  You go with your job carefully. Anything rush sets you back. Online jobs want persistent efforts with a long patient.

Tips-02: Online Job Career: 

Choose the right career11. Choose the right career: Choosing the right career topics are a strategic job. Pick what you know, you like, and you have an interest. Don’t choose which has enormous money, but you don’t have a little bit idea on that topic.

12. Go inside into deeper on your career topic: Creativity works here. How creative are you? For example, you are a new writer. If you read 100 job descriptions on Jobsite about your topics, what do you say? Can you bring inside mystery out?

  • How to write the best articles?
  • How to write the best sentence?
  • And how to choose a perfect word to put in the right place?
  • How to write an eye-catching title?
  • How to write a hook sentence?
  • And how to write an engaging paragraph?
  • How to write motivational closing?

Thus, you dig into inner your career topics. Finding ways of improving the career skills you need.

13. Top-ten blog on your career topics: They are your competitors. They are seniors to you, your skills, and your blog. So learning from their sites more closely is a great source of improving skills.

14. Top-ten blogger on your career topics: Follow them on social media. Read their post. Keep social engagement on their posts. Write an insightful comment over there. Thus, they know you, your blog, and even your post.

How make yourself different from others?

15. Make yourself different from others: For example, you are a freelance writer. How can you make yourself different from others in your marketplace?

Here’s a little case study of this strategy in action. How can I make myself different from others in this post?

  1. Power words: Genius, talented, and highly dreamers have inspiring sources to earn money online in BD.
  2. Engaging question: Right? Guess what? 
  3. Storytelling: Coming later.
  4. Use metaphors: 12. Go inside into deeper on your career topic:
  5. Write from the heart: SL 13-14
  6. Statistical data: The good news is that BD supplies 16% online labors, where India is 26%, and the USA 12% of global labor supply.
  7. Add a stunning image: The image keeps value something supporting your title. 
  8. Add Quote: If you make meaning, you’ll make money. –Guy Kawasaki
  9. Add powerful subhead:  I collected 100 subheads then I picked seven from them for this post. 
  10. Every sentence must keep a value for its reader: No. NEVER. Each word keeps value for its readers.

What do you say? If you add the above ten features in your writing, can you make yourself different from other writers? Instantly, I write ten writing features. If you research, you can discover the other ten features.

16. Create unique offers: If you can create stuff nobody could create it before, you have no competitors in your marketing zone. This is a challenging job. 

17. Go through where there are no competitors: If you make yourself different from others and create unique offers to your niche audience, you will have no competitors. When does competition arise? 

When the same products and the same quality, but different prices, the competition will grow up over there. But you are unique from everywhere. 

Improve your career weakness

18. How to fill up your career weakness: Can research discover your gap? Otherwise, how can you improve your quality gap? Define your lacking and read 100 articles on this topic. Thus, you can fill the gap up.

19. Keep yourself updated: Read more than you write. If you read ten articles, then write one daily. A good writer must be a good reader. Reading keeps you updated. Don’t read what you like to read. Reading and writing must align with your career topics.

20. Post comment: When you read, don’t scan. To learn, you must read. After reading, write a comment. Take the practice as a permanent job, daily job, and even mandatory job.

Tips -03: Online Income Sites

21. Sign up: When you sign up for a Jobsite, update your profile 100%. Fill up it with real data. Don’t rush. First, watch YouTube tutorials then get signed up there. Check ten freelancers aligned with your career topics. Check their bio, experiences, portfolio. Update your profile as a professional approach.

22. Read terms and conditions: If you fail to follow their instructions, they can identify you. Don’t make anything fake. If your reputation is better than others, your profile keeps moving to your client. Do you know that? 

23. Simple job at low prices: First, take simple jobs at low prices. Thus, your wheel starts moving. Earn score and confidence. And then you become a kung fu fighter.

24. One or two sites only: Find jobs on one or max two sites. Nevermore than that. You require score and skill with a reputation. If you work everywhere, you will never grow a reputation.

25. High price: Always work at a high price. Because you are different from others, and your offers must be unique. So you live in a featured zone. Your price is high. Right? Finding ways of improving yourself is the key to success in online jobs. 

Tips -04: Payment Bkash

26. Skrill payment: Getting paid for the job you did is the main issue. Confirm it before signing up. Check min withdraw amount, payment daily, or weekly. Make sure the site gets you paid through skrill. It transfers your payment into Bkash.

27. Deposit to Bank: When you become an expert in your career topic, and you can earn decent money, then keep your money in a Bank account instead of Bkash. 

28. Update payment policy: Do the research and check the update payment policy. Bangladesh is in a position for online labor supply over the world. So BD can update a comfortable transfer policy. 

29. Anti-virus: Keep your device virus-free. Otherwise, viruses transfer all your log info to hackers. Be careful. Beware. Don’t mistake here.

30. Feedback: You pay your client the best feedback. You don’t ask for the excellent feedback for you. Let them do what they measure. 

Remember! You require everything reality and be generous to people online. You don’t need to be a little bit fake. Online is a dominant network. Everything gets recorded. 

Tips-05: Work from Home

Work from Home31. Online labor: Most BD people work as online labor. Fiverr, Upwork, GPT program, and PTC sites are the sources of labor supply. Almost certainly, I don’t speak about how to become online labor. In contrast, how to become a digital marketer, affiliate marketer, and blogger. 

32. Trustworthy: Create trust in your skill to your audience. Then Google trusts you. If Google doesn’t trust you, your skills, and authority, you can’t stand out online with your money-making business.

33. Authority: In every place online, you should be clear and transparent. Anything hurry and fake set you back. Clarity is an essential point. Google wants to see your improvement persistently.

34. Scam: Don’t be a scammer. Don’t fall into scammers traps. Online is full of scammers’ domination. Be careful of scams. Beware not to be one of them.

35. Social signal: How much are you social? You wait for getting likes, comments, and sharing. How much do you participate with others? How many fans do you have? and how active are they? Do they respond to your content? Social signal is an SEO metric.

36. Generosity: If you want to earn money online business, find out problems. And solve them, without interest. Why do people follow you? People stick with you, your blog, and even your blog post. Can you explain any reason? Generosity pulls people and pushes them to you.

Tips-06: Online Money Income for Students

37. Financial solvency: Students who have financial stability must not make money online. Online job is almost surely addictive and time killer. If you have an interest, you can choose a career. You can spend a little time learning. After finishing education, join over there with a full-fledged. 

38. Needy student: They can spend a little time on GPT sites to earn a few money. But not to be wealthy. Everything online is a time killer. So earn as little as you need on spare time. 

BD students search for how to make extra money, earn cash, earn extra, extra cash, and extra income. They want to make money fast. Survey sites are ways to earn money online and work from home.

39. Online career: You can choose an online job career is a good idea. In leisure time you should spend time learning. After finishing the study, you can join there. For example, you want to be a blogger. OK. You create a free WP blog. Write over there. Share them on social media. You can’t earn money, but you can learn.

40. University student: You don’t prefer to work at Fiverr and Upwork. These are online labor markets. You can pass your time there as a learning phase. But aim to be digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and blogging. So you need to complete an online course. 

Tips-07: How to earn $100 daily.

Online Earning in Bangladesh41. PCT Sites: Paid to click is your first lesson. Do you know how to earn $1, $5, and $10 daily? Get started from here. 

If you earn $5 daily, how can you manage your family life? 

PCT is not for earning, but it helps you to enter into an online job marketplace. 

More or less, if you can earn $5, that makes you joyous about earning satisfaction. You can learn many things from here such as sign-up, login, job description, terms & conditions, withdraw money, and encashment.

PCT sites are ways to make money online without skills, invest and education. An easiest way of online earning in Bangladesh

42. GPT site: GPT is one step ahead of the PCT site. That has paid surveys, polls, reviews & ratings, and so on. You can earn $5 to $10 daily. Taking surveys or online surveys is a way to make money online to start earning from now on. A simple way of online earning in Bangladesh

Why do you spend time earning a little money? YES. YOU are right. But, the time is coming ahead, you can earn $500 for one article. Can you trust me? I got an offer of $1500 for a scientific article.  

43. Freelancing writer: Without being a writer, you can’t get access to online business. First, become a writer. Then proceed on to your career goal. Spend six months on Fiverr or Upwork as a writer. You can earn $30 to $50 daily. Or even else more.

44. Outsourcing: Work aligned with your career goal. Don’t work on what you get faster. Find your jobs that support your career. 

 45. Fiverr: First, learn how to use it. How does it work for you? Watch youtube tutorials. Second, improve your profile with 100% real data. Read 100 job descriptions. Find out the skills you don’t have yet. Improve them. Follow the Pro profile. You can learn from them.

46. Upwork: Follow what you get on 45. You can earn $50+ daily when you become a writer pro. Spend a year on Fiverr and Upwork. 

Earn from blogging

47. A blog: Now, you need a blog. Blogging is Get Rich Business. Before launching a blog, follow asunder. 

  1. Select a niche supporting your education, previous skill, hobby, interest, and even passion.  
  2. SEO friendly, brand support, catchy, short, and memorable domain name.
  3. Hyper super-speed hosting plan.
  4. Premium quality, lightweight WP theme.
  5. Complete blogging and writing courses.

Don’t be cheap. Don’t use free-stuff. Spend as much as you can. Or more accurately spend money as much as it needs.

Start a blog, own website, and site like for affiliate programs. Websites like to start making money to monetize to sell your digital products such as ebook, course or guide is a way to make money online.

48. Affiliate marketing: Create social accounts at FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora. Share your post there. DON’T DEPEND ON SOCIAL TRAFFIC. Pay focus on organic traffic. Follow asunder.

  1. Don’t use Google AdSense ads. 
  2. Don’t use affiliate posters, banners, and sponsor posts. Only use affiliate links. 
  3. Generate organic traffic with informational keywords. 
  4. After generating organic traffic, join affiliate programs for high quality and high rate affiliate products and services.
  5. Digital products are the best. 

49. Blogging: Be careful blogging is not a part-time job. Blogging is a well-known and precious online making money method.

  1. First-year is for learning
  2. The second-year is for implementing what you learned.
  3. The third-year is for earning unevenly
  4. After three years of practical experience, you can earn passive income.  

A successful blog is more precious than a shop in Dhaka’s new market. Your next generation can carry it forward as an established shop.  

50 Passive income: Earn the desired income stream persistently. Get financial freedom. Travel over the world with your device for a year. You can earn money when you are sleeping or on travel. I have shown you how to earn min $100 in a day. But I hope you can earn more than that. The blogging is a way of online earning passive income in Bangladesh.

Genius! Talented! Highest Dreamer! Welcome to Be a Pro Blogger.


Online earning in Bangladesh, did you get a complete solution on how to earn $100 daily? 

Do you believe now, you can earn money online? 

If you don’t find anything you want about how to earn online, read the post at least five times and then skip it.

If you get something you want, read it more than five times. 

Listen, you can earn money from now on as online labor. 

Or you can earn money after building your career. Is it clear to you? I am not speaking about how to become a laborer.

I want to make BD people how they can earn passive income. Step by step, how can you proceed on from a lower to a higher level.

Remember! How to make money online? Side hustles, make money from home. Some extra money, income potential ways to make extra money. But it is not a Get Rich Overnight scheme.