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Why do people read inspirational quotes?

Do you know why? Have you read inspirational quotes ever?

“My blog has no readers– no traffic, no leads, and no sales.”

My first blogging disaster that was. 

Do you have time to listen?

Well. I could write English well. I had no grammatical mistakes. 

And I could write as much as I wish daily.

In the fact, I wrote 120+ posts on my blog.

And I answered 1600+ on Quora. 

Luckily, I read an article on improving writing skills. 

I got confused about whether I could write or not.

I paused 1-2-3 days. And then I thought I need to complete a writing course.

After finishing the course, my blog posts became garbage to me. 

Without asking my mentor, I deleted all post and even Quora answers too.

I saw in my blog only three pages like home page, about us and contact pages.

I just wrote on Google how to write homepages. 

Enormous results come up with a solution.

Before reading any solution, I could understand. The remaining three pages need to delete. By keeping the URLs, I removed the text from all three pages.

Then the site was ZEO text. That was the result of 12-15 months’ effort.

How pathetic disaster was for me. Can you imagine?

The end of my short story.