“Fails to Meet User Needs” To “Fully Meets User Needs”

Traffic crisis becomes a buzz word.

People are the hunter to increase blog traffic fast.

Experts are providing solutions to increase blog traffic faster. Traffic can’t get power to stand out. Where the problems are?

I am answering on Quora. 70% of the questions are about how to increase traffic and SEO. Actually, new bloggers can’t realize the facts how does blogging work for them?

Traffic from Google, it takes time for new bloggers. It is not so long as it sounds. If you can understand what Google wants from you, traffic generates easily.

Traffic from social media is possible but times wasting. It can’t provide you a persistent traffics stream. Those are established for a long time, they are exceptional.

Not the same problem is for everybody. Where are you sticking with? It is a strong matter to identify it. Otherwise, you can’t proceed on but hanging there.

There is no one-size-fit-for-all formula. So, pro bloggers give a common solution to obey being a success.

Answer the question yourself.

For what you have created content, for your choice or for Google to send visitors or for user intent solution?

Who will visit your blog? Can everybody visit your blog? Only your niche audiences visit your blog. People have not enough time to spend anywhere. They are spending time elsewhere to get a better solution.

Who will visit your blog? This the point from where bloggers get wrong turns. This is why blogger doesn’t increase blog traffic. If you are a lucky one, you can understand the facts.

Let’s go inside…

Step 01: Niche.

Niche selection needs to be right. Make sure the niche is profitable. You are professional on your niche. If you have made any mistakes here, the mistake will hit generating traffic.

If your niche is not profitable, so there are no competitors. The market is not ready, and you have to build the market.

If you don’t have an in-depth idea about your niche, you can’t satisfy your customers. You can’t beat your competitors.

What is the solution? Read articles as research for your niche. Absorb what its ins and outs have. Be expert more than nobody else in your niche market.

I have read 150 articles within three months and write 22 articles with around 3,000 words each strongly aligned to my niche topics. All articles, I have published in LinkedIn. Still, they are life.

To understand your niche, you need to do strong research about your niche inside out. Long life problems solved.

Step 02: Niche Audience.

Say, your niche is ‘organic weight loss for a young girl.’ You have created content for daily morning-evening exercise. Who will read it? Any male will read it. Any eldest women will read it. Any young boy will read it.

The only young girl will read it, never. The girl who is fatty will read the article over the world or any zone.

Have you identified who will read your blog posts? What guess? Everyone can read your articles. This is the pinpoint spot where new bloggers can’t understand who will read their posts.

My blog niche is blogging tips for a new blogger. Everybody read my articles. It can’t be it should not be.

You have to identify who is your audience and where they are. How can you reach to them? How they come to you. You are my niche audience. I am able to reach you. You are reading my article.

If you can’t identify your audience, you never reach to them. They never come to you.

Step 03: Audience Urgent Need.

Now you have to make research what is your audience urgent need. I spend 3-4 hrs daily on Quora for finding my audience need. When I create content providing solution for the audience urgent problem, then it gets viral.

10 Tips Increase Blog Traffic Fast That Had Gone Way Too Far.

10 Tips Increase Blog Traffic Fast That Had Gone Way Too Far.

When you identify your audience, create content for their help without interest. Mostly, people never buy from a stranger online. You need to introduce with them. They have to well-known to you.

When you help them free, they will come close to you. So this is a chance to show you and your blog as an expert, authority and trustworthy.

If you don’t make the connection and relationship with your niche audience, you don’t get traffic.

Everybody doesn’t read your blog post. Only your niche audience will read your posts. But you have no relationship with your niche audience.

Here is the problem bloggers don’t get traffic. Here is only one solution you prove yourself as expertise, authority and trustworthy to your audience.

This is called E-A-T signals for ranking. Google search engine algorithm discover search data according to the signal of EAT.

Step 04: Research for Fining out Better Solution.

Listen to what I say you. Pay attention, please. If you can’t understand your audience that you are an expert and trusty in your niche, the audience will leave you going elsewhere to find a better solution.

If you fail to understand Google that you are an expert and trustworthy in your audience, Google never picks you for your audience.

Google wants its user best solution, security and trustworthy. Now all SEO strategies and algorithm are in E-A-T. EAT is an acronym of Expertise, Authority and trustworthy.

Say, I am spending time on Quora to find out my audience need. I can feel their main problem is SEO. I have read at least 12 articles on E-A-T. After that, I have started to write for SEO.

Identify your audience urgent need and does in-depth research on how to create content providing user intent solution nobody else created it before.

Step 05: Create Content for Audience Solution.

Moneymaker bloggers those have no idea about their audience. No idea about keeps value before the sale. They haven’t built an audience behind their blog.

They never know what their urgent needs are. When they create content, the content becomes a sale pitch. The blog is decorated with ads and banner.

Audiences don’t like to come in their touch. Blogging root formula is helping people free to make a connection and relationship with people globally.

Blogging needs you and your blog exposure to your audience. If you start the selling slogan, they never come to you. They have no trust in you. You have not created trust you before.

Blogging is fun helping people without interest. Thus people come to you and your blog. You will get a chance to make them trust you.

Step 06: Website Quality Rate.

Free platform user bloggers are always struggling for a long time. Most of them are failures. Fear, doubt, panic, and frustration are around them and pull them down.

You should have a budget for…

  1. High-quality Domain
  2. High-speed hosting
  3. Premium quality theme
  4. Course or Ebook

Smart bloggers invest where it is needed and proceed on a more professional way. Create access in the market and stand out there.

Part-time and cheapest bloggers are failures.

  1. Your blog should be mobile-friendly.
  2. High-speed hosting.
  3. Secure HTTPS:// with SSL certificate.
  4. Strongly fulfill about page with information.
  5. Contact us page with the transparent address.
  6. Author bios.
  7. Thin quality content makes updated and deleted.
  8. Privacy policy
  9. Good reputation
  10. Reader engaging high-quality user intent solution

Step 07: Author Quality Rate.

Google wants to make sure quality service to its users. Search result algorithms are changing unevenly. Google published Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines. We have to follow QRG.

EAT a signal. Those are not fit for EAT rating, website, webpage, and the author never come in ranking. They will be aside from the search result.

So, improve yourself, create expert content and attain audience trust. Then you can stand out the online market. Google becomes strong in this issue.

Much big company affected by EAT and fall down overnight. On the other hand, many companies are raising up again follow the QRG.

10 Tips Increase Blog Traffic Fast That Had Gone Way Too Far.

10 Tips Increase Blog Traffic Fast That Had Gone Way Too Far.

Step 08: Trustworthy.

You become an expert is not enough; you have to earn trust in you from the audience and Google. Google watch people say what about you in your niche.

Build an audience. Make relation with them. Help them freely. Create user intent solution. A trustworthy will grows up. Please remember, it needs times and persistent efforts.

Trustworthy never grow faster. You have to prove you are secure and well-wisher for your audience. In my post, an audience put a comment, ”I need it, thank.” She could say.“Amazing post! Wonderful! Nice!”

Who says to unknown people, “I need it and get it from you.” She was grateful to me. If you help your audience, they must be grateful to you.

Step 09: Implement EAT for SEO.

E=> Expertise: author, page, and website.

A=> Authority: author, page and website.

T=> Trustworthy: earn trustworthy from audience and Google. You and your site are secure to Google users.

These kinds of SEO are implementing. If you are according to QRG, you can stand out the online market. Otherwise, kick out.

Step 10: User Intent Content and Increase Blog Traffic.

Google wants from you user intent content. How can you make sure your content is user intent?

Look at…

  1. Bounce Rate
  2. Session Duration
  3. Returning visitors
  5. Social media engaging features.

These are the metrics you can understand. How many experts you are? How much trust people keep in you?


Bloggers are facing traffic crisis and sale. You have to find out exactly where the problem is? How to solve it? Update your thin content and increase your expertise. Grow up a trustworthy among the audience.

There are no ways of the bypass road, top secret, automation, secret method. Lack of EAT, nobody can stand out in the online market. Google put stress on the algorithm to make sure its users benefit.

Hasan Habib

I am Hasan Habib from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am the father of three sons.

I was in a job. Now, I am fulltime engaged Blogger.

I am writing about blogging. I also train new blogger.


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