Growing traffic is the first sign of business possibility.

To see traffic is coming, a new blogger can keep breathing peacefully.

New bloggers are always waiting eagerly for getting traffic. But there are few situations about getting or no getting traffic factors we should have good ideas.

  1. Traffic is rolling up but not sufficient.
  2. More traffic growing up but not engagement and subscribing.
  3. More traffic with high bunch rate is a very risk or a bad sign.
  4. Good traffic generated but no repeat visitors, always new visitors.
  5. Little traffic but good engagement and subscriptions.
  6. Traffic with spending more time on the page.
  7. Traffic with time spending and navigates with other pages
  8. Repeat visitors are more than new visitors.
  9. Traffic with a high engagement such as giving a like, putting a comment and share.
  10. Little traffic but good leads and sale.

Give priority on engagement over traffic volume.

The narrow niche generates little traffic but gets more subscription, leads and sale is right online business policy as a new blogger.

Hi new bloggers! The business is here!

Hi affiliate beginners! The business is here!

New bloggers or affiliate beginners can’t understand so often it very clearly. Narrow niche or long tail niche selection is such a place where many bloggers can’t stand out right away but get slipped quite quickly.

In my first blogging life, I had got slipped too.  I had got confidence later on a narrow niche. Following factors are involved in growing traffic…

  1. Narrow Niche and right keywords selection.
  2. Your content can engage visitors and make them subscribers.
  3. Your content can give value before a sale.
  4. You can provide a high-quality and more specific solution according to your audience need.
  5. You have to build a target audience.
  6. And you can make the audience trustworthy.

These above factors are involved with traffic. You should have a clear idea of how to build a target audience or you get failed later. If you have completed a course on making money online from the right place and you didn’t fall into online scammer’s trap before, I hope you are well-known with the above concepts.

If you have learned how to start blogging by searching from here and there, I am confused and a little wondering on how can you proceed on for traffic.

If you have any confusion above discussion that you should have a good idea but you can’t understand them clearly, you need to read the following two articles then come back here. It will be right for you.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners – Google Algorithm and SEO
Affiliate Marketing Beginners – How to build customer trust and loyalty?

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

I have seen many affiliate beginners those who are not ready to learn; even they have no patience to learn. It is a bad sign for the new bloggers. Otherwise, they are rewarded by failure. 90% of affiliate beginners are a failure because of not having knowledge of the full business process.

You need traffic and more traffic. That means you are in the middle of your business.

  1. The niche and keywords selection are finished.
  2. You have already built a website or blog.
  3. So, you have high-quality contents as well.
  4. Just, you need to roll traffic on.
  5. And your content according to your target audience needs.

Make sure about the above elements you have ready. If it is not, you can’t generate traffic or traffic will not stay with you, your content, or with your website.

If you have no SEO enriched content and website, the search engine never gives you traffic.

If your content is poor or isn’t according to your audience need, visitors will not stay on your page. Then the search engine doesn’t give priority to distribute or ranking your content. If you are facing this problem, I suggest making spare time learning to get a perfect solution.

Read the following article and come back here again. It is a very long tutorial if you have no fundamental knowledge of blogging or affiliate marketing, you must read it.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Step By Step

If you think, everything is ok. You just want to increase more traffic. You are welcome! You are in the right place.

Traffic generator tools

  1. Google
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. And all other social media.

You can get organic or paid traffic from the above tools.

Google is great! But it takes time to get noticed your website on Google; it needs 4-6 month or even year long. And Google traffic is high competition place. As a beginner, you should choose an alternative.

Facebook: I, myself, spent here more time and efforts. Facebook is buzz area. I didn’t get happy on Facebook for traffic. Facebook is interested in paid traffic.

Twitter: As a beginner, you should skip it now.

Pinterest! Yes, Pinterest!

It is the right place, it can alone drive traffic to your blog as you need. It is free and almost simple more than others. Pinterest drives more traffic to your website than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined!

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

To dive to dig into Pinterest traffic, before I want to explain an important thing for this article. Driving traffic to your blog is not a few specific jobs. Every step of your business process you should have done accurately. it is the solution to drive traffic. I want to solve the traffic problems from the root.

So, whenever I recommend you read an article, it means you will get there more details solution. You must read them. Because of getting all the solutions, I provided them into different segments. It is your luck if you can feel the guideline.

Pinterest is a nice source of generating traffic. But you have to have a transparent idea that it was a social media site but now it is a strong search engine for almost all business like Google but more than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Its beautiful feature is it is a visual search engine. Pinterest is pretty updated to search for an image like text. It is an additional feature than Google.

You have to understand the leverage of Pinterest then you can use the advantage of Pinterest features. If you have not a sufficient idea on Pinterest, you may better read the following article.

What is Pinterest? How does it work for my blogging?

Pinterest has own SEO strategies and search-result algorithm. If you have an experience of that, then you can implement the right way in the perfect place. Followers will grow up organically.

Pinterest traffic comes from Pinterest users that mean from your followers and unfollowers together. It is a Pinterest great feature.

Pinterest helps your high-quality content in distributing to the right users those who are searching for your offer.

Pinterest lifespan is 24 hours, a week, even year that is more than other traffic sources. So you need to take the following steps.

Eye-catching and SEO optimized Profile:

Pinterest users when they can find out the best solution pin, they search for the profile to know about how much professional it is. To craft a profile is an art and science. It needs highly Pinterest SEO optimization setup. How to craft a profile is required for a long article. So you can read the following article that makes your profile a professional approach.

10 Steps: How To Craft The Perfect Pinterest Profile?

Keywords enriched Boards:

The board is a source of very specific solution pins. Pins are saved here according to relevancy so that Pinterest users can find all specific solution or information in one place. Boards should be highly SEO optimized and well organized. To generate traffic, boards can take part in a major contribution. So it needs a separate article. You can read the following article.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards The Right Way?

High-quality Image and SEO optimized Pins:

Pins are playing the main role in Pinterest. If you are the best pinner, traffic will generate easily and organically. Pins need high-quality images and SEO design and layout accurately. It is not so easy it seems. How to create the best pin, it needs long elaborate description.

My assumption, it needs a long-time experience. You just upload an image is not a solution. Pinterest lens extracts text and collects direction from images. Here is no place I would explain here more because we have a separate article you can read it.

How To Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed?

Engaging followers:

Actually, traffic comes from followers and engaging followers mainly. Pinterest has an advanced algorithm for the high-quality pin to reach at users those who are searching for this pin even the users are unfollowers.

How to grow followers persistently and make them engaged and growing up a relation with faith? It is important for online business. Read the following article and learn more about this.

How To Grow More Pinterest Followers Fast?

Web Traffic:

How to generate traffic? It is not a separate issue. I have explained above all together is the solution to drive traffic to your blog. Every step above all takes part to increase traffic to your website. To increase more traffic, you need to update above all steps right way, nothing else.

It is not a good idea you will search for top-secret methods to generate more traffic. If you are a real online successful business marketer, then you can understand my speech.

Email List building:

If your content is engaging and makes visitors to subscribers, you will get a good chance to communicate with them. And if your email is comfortable to make them happy, they will be a member of a loyal audience. How to create high-quality content? It needs vast experience and in-depth research.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners-How to Write High-Quality Killer Content

Please note that Pinterest is a favorite for beginners to get easy and pretty quick web traffic but Google traffic is still king. Don’t forget Google SEO strategies and algorithm.  I found prominent bloggers they are enjoying two side traffic benefit. It is quite possible. Just, you need to be alert.

When you write content, you should consider Google SEO strategies and when you are going to save pin, then consider Pinterest SEO strategies. In fact, there is no conflict with each other. Google is a place where most completions are available. Another thing is it takes more time to get your website noticed to Google. If you feel a need, you can also read the article for Google SEO.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners: Google Algorithm and SEO

Don’t diversify your time, efforts and money. It is a strong wrong idea for new bloggers. Example, for traffic generation, you use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all together at a time. If you have manpower resources, then it is ok.

Pinterest is enough for the required traffic, just keep in mind Google. Pinterest must work for you. If you have any confusion on Pinterest, most probably you can’t rise up.

I am adding some topics regarding increase traffic. You can find details description in all articles I mentioned the above. So, I didn’t explain here again.

  1. Be Consistent
  2. Be Patient
  3. Being an Active User
  4. Comment on Popular Pins
  5. Comment, Repin, And Tag
  6. Promote Your Pinterest Account In Your Email Newsletter and Signature.
  7. Brand name & Brand image on your profile
  8. Pinterest’s Make a widget feature
  9. Keep Pin It And Follow Prompts On Your Blog And Website.
  10. Add the Profile Widget on your website.
  11. Pinterest follower button on your website
  12. Use Keywords, Descriptive Titles & Hashtags
  13. Pin Good Quality Images
  14. Include Pinterest calls-to-action in your content.
  15. Share a Lot.
  16. Share pins on other Social Networking Sites
  17. Post To Your Most Popular Boards
  18. Reuse your best pins.
  19. Curate Great Content and Images
  20. Find your audience.
  21. Find Friends From Other Social Networks.
  22. Increase Pinterest followers.
  23. Keep Your Followers Happy.
  24. Follow High Profile And Relevant Pinners.
  25. Interesting Board names
  26. Launch A Contest
  27. Link With Your Other Social Media Accounts
  28. Share your Pinterest content on other networks.
  29. Promote your Pins.
  30. Promote Your Individual Boards.
  31. Start your own group board
  32. Contribute to Others’ Boards.
  33. Mention Others