To create a blog is a matter of 2 hours. To develop a blog that earns passive income is a matter of years, a decade, or a life.

We don’t start a blog within 2 hours, and we don’t wait for a decade. First, we learn how to blog? After that, we go on how to start a blog?

To start a blog without investment is the wrong mindset. Blogging is a business, so you need to invest as a business capital. Here is the point, new bloggers make great mistakes.

I tell you where to invest money in getting blogging success faster. 

You should invest the money as much as it needs. The free platform users and part-time bloggers are failures.  

At the beginning of a blog is a place where you need to set up a blogging foundation.

Here are the things.

  1. Complete a blogging course.
  2. High-quality domain name.
  3. Hyper-super speed hosting plan.
  4. Lightweight premium quality WordPress theme. 

Here is the place you must invest as much as it needs. Don’t be cheaper. Don’t search for how to save money. 

Failures bloggers finish these jobs without training. They never recover the loss to the end of blogging life. 

So we learn how to blog first. Then you start your blog professional ways, irresistible, and with desperate blogging foundation.

Blogging is your business weapons. It should be updated, upgraded, and highly qualified to beat the world crowd market.

Step by step guide: How to start a blog? 

What elements do you need to start a blog? Do you know that? So you define them to make ready.

  1. Practical training on how to start a blog?
  2. Choose your niche, find your niche market, and define an ideal niche audience features.
  3. SEO friendly domain name that is short, memorable, and catchy.
  4. Mobile optimize hosting plane.
  5. Lightweight WP theme.
  6. Money to spend
  7. GA and GSC installation, configuration, and advanced trained to use them.
  8. How to build a blog SEO?
  9. How to optimize blog performance at 100% from the beginning?
  10. And how to create a home page, about us and contact us with SEO oriented.

How to learn the above topics before starting a blog? Yes, you learn, I show you how to achieve those skills.

Read the following article that is a part of this course. 

Ultimate Guide: How to Create a Free WP Blog for a Beginner?

After reading the above article, please confirm that you have achieved the following ideas.

  1. Blog SEO
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Understand GA information data
  4. Understand GSC 
  5. And understand the Yoast SEO Plugin
  6. How to create a post?
  7. How to share social media?
  8. Choose the free WP theme, upload, active.
  9. How to optimize images?
  10. How to test page spread?
  11. Understanding categories, tags, and menu
  12. How to test mobile friendly?
  13. How to minify resources such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
  14. Have you created social media, I explained over there.

If you don’t understand the above things, read the article again and again. These concepts are the basement of blogging.


  1. How to create a blog on the Blogspot platform?
  2. How to create a blog on the Wix platform?
  3. And how to choose different themes?
  4. How to use different plugins?

Don’t skip anything, read, and learn what we said here. Fulfill the exercise.

If you think you have learned that means honestly, you didn’t learn. 

So recheck again and again.

Let’s go for real jobs.

Read the following articles. Finally, learning how to start a blog?

EASY WAY TO START A BLOG: Turn Blog Into A High Performing Machine.

Read the above articles at least five times. 


Now, how to start your blog?

  1. Define your niche, you earn money from your niche blog.
  2. Choose a domain with niche keywords.
  3. Choose to host from WordPress hosting.
  4. And choose a premium WP theme.
  5. Choose the Plugins you required.

Set up your own way, what you have learned.


Web hosting providers:

A new blog needs web hosting, especially blog hosting. Nowadays, a web host is a prominent problem for your blog. 

Just host is not a matter, the entire online marketing depends on hosting provider services, and server quality.

Hosting companies such as HostGator, Bluehost, and Squarespace give hosting services. A self-hosted blog is one that lives on your server.

The WordPress itself is a hosting company. So WordPress blog can work over there super smoothly. It has a competitive offer to high offers hosting services. 

Domain name registration:

If you want to get a domain name involves registering the name you want with an organization called ICANN through a domain name registrar, that is your domain. 

The domain privacy is a matter these days. A custom domain is a unique, branded name that identifies a website. 

The hosting company offers the domain name or free domain name. You can do everything domain hosting in one place. 

Premium WordPress theme:

You may have a blog, your first blog, and a WordPress blog. The WordPress is the best blogging platform to make your blog or site using free WordPress. 

You can install WordPress as free with a rich WordPress dashboard to make money blogging. The WordPress plugins make the WP dashboard high performing machine. 

Your blog needs a blog theme, not free blog themes, but a premium WordPress theme.  


How to make money, monetize your blog? Google Adsense, AdWords PPC, and affiliate marketing are the steps of making money blogging. Great content collects an email list to email marketing.

Blog posts, blog content, leadership articles can drive blog traffic, subscription, and repeat visitors. 


How to start a blog? Guideline step by step for beginners. This course is to be a pro blogger. How to start a blog? How to create a robust blog foundation from the beginning?

You have created blogs several times on the free blogging platforms that make your real blog steps easier and stronger.

Every segment of this blogging course, I have mentioned monetization. Because new bloggers don’t understand how to earn money from a blog?

The course has a separate chapter for monetization. You can learn how to monetize your blog.