You are a little wondering how to start a blog?

Perhaps, you have a dream of being a millionaire?

Nothing wrong happens. Your choice is brilliant. 

I have. SURE! But I am not Greedy. 

I spent a year to learn how to blog. I spent the next year to develop a niche audience. 

Can’t I hope for a persistent income stream from now on? I didn’t have pipedream. 

A perfect mindset is crucial to be a success. How to think the right way is a matter of learning. Creativity teaches you how to think. A higher dream is energy, to get up the right vehicle to arrive at the desired destination. 

To get started a blog is a matter of a day, but keep up the blog alive is a matter of years or even a life. To start a blog is a perfect choice. But to nurture a blog needs skill, persistent efforts, and a patient.

The good news is that blogging success is possible. But the sad news is that people go through the wrong way, to reach a destination, a place of failures.

How to start a blog that makes money?

Be creative, realistic, and brainstorming. You don’t test whether a blog can make money. Blogging success is a proven idea, legit, and reliable. To start a blog is to earn money. What do you need to start a blog?

  1. You must have completed a blogging course. 
  2. You need to have writing skills. 
  3. And you need to have a budget.
  4. You need to have the required time, energy, and efforts.
  5. Blogging is a full-time and long-struggling job. 

To ensure whether you are ready with the matters a blog needs. Don’t start a blog with messy. How many slippery points are on the way to blog success, you can’t measure. 

Turning the wrong turn points, people go nowhere. They never come to the success point. 90% of new bloggers are failures. 

Blogging is the best online earning model. Everything is not for everyone. So, blogging is not for everyone.

01. Find your niche about what you will write, teach and advise niche audiences. 

Where is your skill? What about you have the best ideas to write something for people’s help? What about can you teach others? Which topics do you become a mentor? Can you answer the question?

Finding your niche is the first job of blogging. Do you know how to find your niche?

02. Research for your niche market.

You know marketing is a sale process. Niche marketing is the strategy of how to sell in a particular market. 

You target a small group of people who has specific products or services. Niche marketing needs your skills. 

The audience keeps trust in you. You have relations with the niche audience. 

To identify your niche market is your second job. How can you define a precise and concise niche market?

03. Craft a niche marketing blueprint.

What is your niche product or service? How do you sell and earn money? You should design and layout of your niche marketing strategies and check the niche marketing viability.

Marketing is a process of how to sell products and services. Do you know how to craft a niche marketing blueprint

04. Pick up your best domain name.

Do you know creativity? Blogging needs creativity. How much creativity can you apply? 

To keep a name is not enough. Art, science, and philosophy all together dominate digital marketing. You need experience to Craft a domain name. 

Picking an SEO friendly domain name is the first place where you can show your creativity. How to choose a perfect domain name?

05. You need a better web hosting plan.

Best web hosting is a matter of SEO metric. It involves the success of the business goal. To choose the right web hosting plan is a tough job these days. 

Web hosting has technical and commercial issues. Do you know that?

As a beginner, you take advice from your mentor. To earn user experience, you need to learn about web hosting commercial and technical affairs. How to pick a web hosting for your new blog?

06. SOE optimization before launching a blog.

Do you know, you need to apply SEO strategies before launching a blog. The experts in SEO they are lucky in blogging.

How to optimize your blog? How to optimize your blog post? Do you know the post title is a hook to catch readers? You need to earn SEO Optimization professionally. Don’t miss it. Don’t careless. 

Read the linked posts in every topic added. Those are the parts of this post. Read them minutely.  

SEO before launching a blog is your first and even last learning issue. Those posts make you the best user experience that is the top SEO metric these days. 

How to turn your blog into a high performing machine?

Your blog needs to be healthier as if it is a high performing machine. Here is what you learn how to turn your blog into a high performing machine.

After launching a blog, people think 90% of the blogging job has finished. Creating content and monetize the content traffic is a remaining job that is 10% that a great mistake. Don’t think like this.

You have done nothing. You are ready to do something. What do you need to do? How to nurture a blog is a gigantic idea.

The following topics are not a matter I write in one article. So, I give you short ideas. But you need to learn them in-depth.

Don’t start creating content until you have completed the following things to turn your blog into a high performing machine.

01. SEO optimization:

Your blog needs SEO friendly. Where to start? How to start?

a). You have prepared the domain name, hosting plan, and blog name, considering SEO. 

b). Your WordPress theme should be light-weight and mobile-friendly.

c). Home page, about us and contact us pages must be super-quality content. Don’t take it a little job. Don’t make a hurry. After launching a blog, to create three content is your first great job.

d). Pick an SEO plugin such as Yoast or Rank Math. But don’t change later. 

e). Don’t install enormous plugins. It makes your blog heavy.

f). Ensure perfect use of roobot.txt and sitemap.xml file.

02 AMP version:

a). Install an AMP plugin. 

b). Ensure Structural data and Breadcrumbs you configure the right ways. 

c). Keep your blog 99% upgraded by the following tools.

Don’t start writing blog posts before configuring your blog mobile-friendly.

03. Google search console:

To consider the search console as a powerful tool. Google advises you, warns you, and notify you about your blog status. You can learn how much your blog technically healthier. If you don’t be an expert in search console, you can’t pass the user experience SEO signal.


Watch the video to learn how to configure and use the search console for your blog.

04. Google analytics:

This tool informs you about the growth of your blog commercially. You can find traffic and audience status. 

If you don’t understand Google analytics information, you stay blind about your business. Do you know what is session duration, bounce rate, and CTR? It needs to configure. 


Watch the video tutorial and learn how to use Google analytics for your blog. 

05. Define your niche audience:

A niche audience is a highly targeted group of people. You should identify them.

What is their biography? What do they want? How to keep them pleasant?

06. Social Media:

You need to have social media engagement.  Social signal is an SEO metric. 

Google craves your blog and posts how much they can attract people’s attention. You can create the following social media account.

a). Facebook.

b). LinkedIn.

c). Twitter.

d). Pinterest.

e). Quora or Reddit.

07. Long-tail keywords research:

You need to research keywords and create a long-tail keywords list.  The long-tail keyword needs to have a monthly search volume but low competition.

08. Content map:

Do you know about the content map? When you create a content map,  you must follow the sale funnel levels. The content map is a big job before creating content. 

If you don’t follow the buyer’s journey or sale funnel levels, your content will be messy. Your content must nurture your visitors, turning into potential customers.  

09. Sale funnel:

Do you know the buyer’s journey or sale funnel layers? 

A buyer has different actions between intent to buy. Each step has a different goal. They use several keywords to reach to buy.

a). What is a food processor?

b). Top-ten food processors

c). The best cheap food processor

d). Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Food Processor Review.

A sale funnel has different layers. Choose level keywords is Top-ten. Near to buy keywords is the best cheap. The specific product name review is buying keywords.

10. Monetization strategies:

From the beginning, you should have a monetization plan. Before creating content, if you don’t have a monetization plan,  how to keep CTA step by step to the sales. 


After launching a blog and before creating content, you need to achieve the above ten steps ideas. Otherwise, your blog has the risk of going nowhere. 

90% of new bloggers are failures. What is the reason being failures? They don’t know about how to blog? Where to start? How to start?

So you need to complete the blogging and writing skill course. Without training, you can’t keep yourself straight aligned to the success. 

I crave to hear from you. How much more useful, you think the post. Or have you more ideas we can learn from you. Please put a comment.