Are you wondering how to increase Pinterest followers?

Do you want it rapidly?

Why? Driving MORE traffic? For MORE sale?

Yes, I am like you, too. I need More sale as well.

All followers are not your traffics and all traffics are not for sales. Yes, sure! Do you know this?

We make followers to traffic. And we need to convert traffics to leads and then sales.

Only growing follower is not enough to earn passive income. Many bloggers are stuck with enough traffic but don’t get a sale! Even though, they are ready to pay for making the speed bump flat on their way.

Actually, you are offering something. Some people also are searching for that. If your offer is the best one above all the others in your niche market, people must reveal you if you exist in the market. Because people need it, want it, search for it.

If your offer is not comparatively high-quality rather other in your niche market, anyhow you can increase followers, but it can’t generate sale accordingly.

Since, nobody goes to follow you if you have poor content. While it’s also a great idea to have a visually appealing blog design, that’s not going to help you increase your Pinterest followers.

The point where you stuck with, you identify it accurately. Then you can solve the problem quite fast.

How To Grow More Pinterest Followers Fast?

You need followers that mean you are in the middle of your business. Right niche market selection and accurate keywords list according to your niche, you would have to be ready. If your content is of high quality and engaging, it is well-done. Half of the job is finished. Great! Just you need to update Pinterest, nothing else.

If you have been failed before, you never pass later. It is confirmed, no alternate.

I am going to dig Pinterest now but it is just alarming about the previous job quality.

It’s significant to note that we are not talking about the NUMBER of followers ever. What is essential is the level of engaging with your followers?

If you can understand your ideal customers can find you organically, your audience growth will become more consistent and independent of your own performance on the site. Here’s what I am explaining.

One of the golden opportunities of social media is that not all of your content should be created by you. On Pinterest, not all of your content should be created by you. The curation is an important way to engage followers. You can save other users pins in your boards for your followers.

It is important learning what’s working and what’s not being the key to Pinterest marketing strategies. Pinterest’s analytics has helpful information for techniques like influencer marketing and finding group boards to join to extend the horizon.

First, you should understand and estimate the leverage of Pinterest, and then you can use its maximum features perfectly.  You must read the following article to get a better understanding of it.

What is Pinterest? How does it work for my blogging?

What is Pinterest?

To use Pinterest for growing up your business, you need to know its leverage and business tools it has. How many people are using it?

  1. Pinterest has over 70 million users globally.
  2. 40 million of those are regularly active.
  3. 2 billion searches are done every month on Pinterest.
  4. 87% of pinners bought something because of Pinterest.
  5. 23% of all Pinterest users post daily
  6. 70% of all Pinterest users are women
  7. 92% of all pins are made by women
  8. Only 30% of its users are men, but that figure is growing.
  9. Pinterest reaches 83% of women aged 25-54 in the U.S. That’s more than Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  10. Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic.
  11. Pinterest generates 4 times more revenue per click than Twitter.
  12. Pinterest generate 27% more revenue per click than Facebook.
  13. Almost half of Pinterest users live in the United States.
  14. 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on info from Pinterest.
  15. The number of people who see your pins is greater than your number of followers.
  16. Studies have found that around 80% of Pinterest content is repinned.

For new bloggers and affiliate beginners, Pinterest is the best platform to grow easily and quickly getting more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

How does it work for you?

What can Pinterest do for you?

  1. Build credibility and authority in your niche.
  2. Rapid growth in website traffic
  3. An increase in email subscribers
  4. Free marketing for your business
  5. An increased income and bottom line for your business
  6. Don’t think of Pinterest as a social network.
  7. Pinterest is a fast-growing visual search engine.
  8. Focus your content to get your pins noticed on Pinterest.
  9. Research what your Pinterest audience likes.
  10. Curate pins from other users
  11. The site also drives more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined. That’s a lot of traffic.
  12. Pinterest experts advise Repinning even more content by following the Pareto principle of 80% Repins and 20% of your own Pins.
  13. Pinterest tries to help you find people with similar tastes.
  14. Since it is a visual search engine; the image is a key part of the Pinterest algorithm.
  15. The pins lifespan on Pinterest is greater than Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus and even the rest of all.
  16. Its lifespan is 24 hours, the whole week and even a year. I have found a pin at first position of a search result; it was published two years ago. I was astonished how it is possible. But it is true and at first position.
  17. Pinterest distributes your pin first among your followers if it gets repined quite quickly, Pinterest treats it as a worthy pin, the pin also gets wider horizon according to repinners followers count.
  18. Not only have that, but Pinterest also distributed that worthy pin to un-followers those who are searching for it as well.
  19. Even though, Pinterest recommends the pin to another by notification.
  20. Pinterest knows more than you who may be your actual follower, you need to introduce yourself on Pinterest what you are offering is. Maybe, you can’t believe me that actually, we are failures here. Pinterest has good business tools to grow our business.
  21. Please note it that Pinterest algorithm considers it user’s interest, specific search, and previous search history.
  22. Pinterest is a search engine like Google but with strong and different features. So you must follow its own SEO and keywords suggest.
  23. When you pin an image, you can see the option to follow boards on which the same pin has been added. You generally get the message to add there.
  24. When you pin an image, Pinterest recommends boards people have pinned the same image to assist you effortlessly find people to follow your profile or boards.

I was reading an article, the author said, “I wasn’t following many people. In fact, I stopped following people – unless they were my blogger friend – and I still gained more followers.

Because no one’s going to follow you if you have poor content. While it’s also a great idea to have a visually appealing blog design, that’s not going to help you grow your social media followers.

The only effort, for me, is writing my blog posts and creating my images.

If you’re struggling to gain Pinterest followers or playing the, ‘if you follow me, I’ll follow you’ game and unfollow those that don’t follow you, here are the six things I did to help me grow my followers.”

Sometimes happen to us. We use a platform like Pinterest, but we don’t know how actually it works for us.

Few steps here, you can follow, followers will grow tremendously.


Your site is well-organized with a perfect narrow niche market and well-equipped with proper SEO strategies. Keywords layout and design are checked and found correct. The contents are according to your audience needs and problem solution by research found.

Pinterest account:

Your Pinterest account must be a business account. Now check it now if you have confusion. Your website must be claimed accordingly. The rich pin is configured with your website. Now check it if you have confusion. Pinterest gives priority verified site and rich pins. Rich pins take pin information from the page and site directly which is remained updated according to the site.

Pinterest SEO:

Want to know how to grow your presence on Pinterest?

If you’ve done SEO, then you’ll be glad to hear that optimizing for Pinterest is much easier than optimizing for Google. It mostly involves keyword research and incorporating those keywords into your boards and pins.

To find out which words people are using when they search for something on Pinterest, all you have to do is type words related to your industry in the search box and popular suggestions automatically pop up.

When you type in the word blogging, autosuggestions like blogging tips and blogging tips for new blogger pop up. After searching, related search keywords lists are shown beneath search bar.

These are searchable keywords, these keywords you can use where it need to optimize. People search for your offers with these keywords on Pinterest.


It is the first pinpoint spot where you should pay more attention giving time, efforts and research accurately. Exact keywords setup and the perfect image are required here. Like an example asunder…

Web URL:

Web title: Blogging Tips and Tricks

Pinterest business name: Blogging Tips and Tricks | New Bloggers | Affiliate Beginners

Pinterest username:

How strongly the above niche designed is. If it is possible, it is great.

Profile Bio: I am providing blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers and affiliate marketing beginners. | How to learn | How to start | How to grow up | Pinterest Traffic | Followers.

Within 160 digits, you have to explain to your visitor what you are offering, clearly. It is not a place where you something or anything you just write here. Your visitor must assess your ability to see your whole profile how much you’re professional then they follow you.

Bio must be with searchable keywords: Blogging tips | new bloggers | affiliate beginners | How to learn | How to start | How to grow |. But it should be in a sentence structure so that people can understand the offer.

Image: If you are a blogger, a headshot is better. It should be attractive and high regulation. For a company, they can use a business logo. How to create the best Pinterest profile, please read the following articles. No need to explain here more else.

How To Grow More Pinterest Followers Fast 1

10 Steps: How To Craft The Perfect Pinterest Profile?


There are four kinds of boards. I am not going to explain here how to create them. I want to say how followers can attract your boards.

  1. Public Boards
  2. Feature Board
  3. Secret Boards
  4. Groups Boards

Build up your boards thoughtfully and over time, creating a unique resource worth following.

You should stick to one topic per board. It may happen to lose your board followers quickly is to share irrelevant pins to your boards. You can share lots of different topics on different boards, but make sure you stick to one topic per board to keep your followers happy and get them longing more on the board.

Board Name: Board name should be short and searchable keywords like SEO Tips, Blogging Tips, Pinterest Traffics, Affiliate Marketing, How to start a blog. The board name with keywords is optimized well.

Board Description: Followers search for board and follow board too. Within 5oo digits, you must explain with few keywords what types of pins are available here. Pinterest will make your score down if you save irrelevant pins in the board. And followers should not be happy to follow for finding irrelevant pins in the boards.

Board Image: yes, it is too much important. Board image will increase the incredibility of your profile attraction. My board cover is with same design image for all boards. To see the board, my followers can understand whose board this is.

Feature board is a showcase to show the important boards with pins attract visitors. All boards assortment is the most important issue. Your own blogging boar should be first, where all your own blog post pins are available here. Please note that it does not mean all own blog post first save here and then other boards. NO. Pin first save the most relevant board, then you can save others.

Important and attractive boards to your niche must be the upper layer by drag and drop. Other group boards must be a lower layer.

How to create the best boards? You can read the article. No need to explain here else more.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards The Right Way?

Quality Pins:

Do you want to get your pins in front of more people?

  1. Users search for Pinners when they are looking for specific brands and people to follow.
  2. Add keywords to your business name to help you be found within Pinner’s search.
  3. Title your boards with keywords to help them show up in Pinterest search results.
  4. To rank higher in Boards search results for specific keywords, place them as close to the beginning of your title as possible.
  5. To increase the chances of showing up in Pins search results, include the keywords you want to be found for as early as possible in the description of your pin.
  6. Keep your keyword descriptions short and simple to show up in relevant search results.
  7. Don’t be spammy. Pin at least 1:1 ratio of other content to your content. Treat Pinterest like its own entity, so get creative.
  8. Attract Followers with Your Pinterest Profile.
  9. Paying more attention to communication is different than mass marketing.

How to create the best quality pin, read the following article.  No need to explain here more.

How To Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed?

But there are ways to make your pins stand out from day one:

  1. Use tall images. Using Canva or PicMonkey you’ll have access to Pinterest templates
  2. Create multiple pins for each blog post for maximum exposure.
  3. Use more white space in your images
  4. Stick to 1-3 fonts that mesh well together
  5. Don’t use human faces. This study says pins without faces receive 23% more repins
  6. Call to Action (if you have a freebie for that post)
  7. Always brand it with your logo or website URL

Pinner Quality:

Pinterest keeps a record of its user interest, specific search, and previous search history. Pinterest wants to notice how much active you are. What type of action you take. How many times do you spend on this platform? So, what types of activities, a pinner should have daily.

What am I doing?

  1. I am a full-time blogger. So I can spend more time here.
  2. Daily, I save a minimum of 5 pins manually. I am not using any pins scheduler software yet.
  3. Smart feed I always check by scrolling what is showing for me.
  4. Follow tab daily checking what are new pins are coming.
  5. Search for best boards according to my niche. If I can find something more specific to my niche one-two boars I follow.
  6. Search for Best profile according to my niche. If I can find something better, I follow 2/3 profile.
  7. Search best pins by checking the quality about the website, content, profile, niche, keywords and my follower need, I save in different boards.
  8. I put one-two best pin comment, not more that.
  9. My spending time uses all throughout the day.
  10. I always check Pinterest notice and email.

By the above activities, First Pinterest selects your interest, what you need, and what are you offering. Please, it is very important. Thus, your pins, boards, and profile distribute your followers and other perfect users those don’t follow you yet.

Don’t save many images at once that make clouding your followers’ feeds with your pins all at once, your pins to go out at regular intervals by using a scheduling tool.

Your pins get the lifespan longer even years. Followers will grow organically. Most important things, when your pin gets more engagement then traffic increase.

You should have an email list from traffic to the subscriber. Then you can communicate them to convert leads and sale.

I am telling my story here…

This Pinterest account and the blog are new started lately. When I started this Pinterest account to update, I thought I would check the best profiles out. I searched Google for ‘best Pinterest profile example.’ I found the top ten Pinterest profile list. I went through those ten profile pages throughout the day. I was so much happy to visit them how much more the artist and scientist they are! I felt I have just completed 3 months of Pinterest course. So far as I can remember, 6 profiles were traveling the niche and the rest of them were recipes.

Why am I telling the story here?

At least around 15 days, Pinterest was providing me notice more about traveling niche pins, boards, and profile and also about like recipe. I was little wondering, “where is my mistake? My niche is blogging tips, not about travel or recipe. So far I knew, I did not save any pin about those niches.” When I could understand that, “Pinterest observes users interest, specific search, and previous search history and helps them accordingly.”

Daily what are you doing, it is a pure guideline what you need? How can Pinterest help you? Thus, Pinterest knows how to reach your profile at who will follow you.

The good social media user understands that trial and error is a significant part of the jobs. The Pinterest analytics offers various tools and actionable insights that assist you to see how your audience is interesting with your contents.

When you find something is working or not, it’s always a good habit to take a step back and estimate why. After you’ve learned why something works, it will be comfortable to apply in later.

Pinterest shares your content to your followers first to examine what’s resonating. After that, Pinterest distributes your best-performing Pins to other people who are looking for ideas like yours.

Don’t worry to see follower counts drop, if this happens to you, it may be a good thing! You only like followers who will connect with your Pins. Pinterest should be sharing your content out faster and more widely. It is not a matter if you lose unengaged followers.

People engagement becomes a factor in your success, make sure you can be found by Pinners who will engage with your Pins and become a Pinner that Pinners love to engage with you.