‘Earn Money Online’ has a solid field in Bangladesh like Garment Factory. The good news is that our people are fit for the ‘Earn Money Online’ scheme in BD. The bad news is people don’t know how to earn. 

The great problem is that qualified people don’t get the desired position. A highly qualified people are not happy with their job, earning, and efforts.

For instance, 2-3 months’ effort, I am 5th of the top-ten on Most Viewed Writers in Bloggers on Quora. I know my country people, the most educated people can achieve the goal easier and faster.

But how can they achieve the goal?

If I say how I have achieved the goal, you must get inspiration to get started. Is It so easy? 


Earn Money Online in BD

Earn Money Online in BD



The reader. Are you ready to learn? It needs a concentrated reader. Analyzing the article is the best desired. For the purpose of achieving the goal, you need to do in-depth research about the article. BD Online Income Tips.

If you have no time, please bookmark the page. You should read when you are cool to read it. But don’t scan the article. The scanner never learns anything online. At least, please, be a reader. 

How can I achieve the goal?

  1. I can read and write English. 
  2. I read 150+ on my niche [The topic I am doing online business]. 
  3. I write the answer to an easy question. 
  4. Before writing, I check the profile who asks the question. If the person is a high profile, I won’t touch the question. If they are college or university students, I write the answer.
  5. I spend daily 3-4 hours on Quora. 
  6. I read more about what I write. 
  7. I never read other people’s answers. NEVER. Your creativity will die.
  8. I always use Grammarly software to check grammar and spelling.
  9. I never copy-paste from elsewhere. 
  10. I re-check my sentence meaning on google translator. 
  11. I add an image supporting my answer from Pixabay.com.
  12. I write daily.
  13. I write 5-10 answers in a day.
  14. I read 10 articles and write one in a day. 
  15. After two months, I become a viral to the students. 
  16. I wrote wrong, but got 13 upvotes, such like of viral.

Does Quora give me money?


But Quora introduce me, Hasan Habib is an International Blogger. 

Why can’t our people do this?

They don’t know precise and concise guidelines on how doing it.

They search for ideas here and there on the web. They have no online mentors.

I follow topic-wise international mentors. 

Searching here and there, it makes you messy. It is not skilled. Online needs proved skills. 

If you write 100 articles, globally nobody called you blogger. Now people call me a blogger or a writer or author. Why? Since Quora is my documents. 

People need to go the right way. 

It is my heart burning pain. Our people waste time here and there useless entertaining, games, gossiping and social media. But they don’t know how to earn Dollars Online from home on a full-time career or part-time.

If you have the interest, high ambition, and want to make your dream into reality, you visit my site. Join an online free blogging course. 

This is one series-article. If you want to learn the full ‘Make Money Online’ solution, you follow the series.

Where to start and how to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh?


Now, our people are educated and productive. ‘Earn money Online’ is the potential earning source. They need a solid guideline. Most of them fall into online scammer traps.

Most of them follow the unrealistic mindset. Fear, doubt and frustration grab them and pull them down. So, they need genuine online course to learn how to earn money online in BD quicker and faster.