Many people have desired to earn money online. But they have no cash to invest. How can they earn? Is it possible? Yes, to earn money online in Bangladesh without investment is possible. 

Here is what I show you, how to improve skills to earn money online in BD. You can earn money without investment, but unrealistic mindset people NEVER can earn money online though they are ready to invest.

When people cause investing? 

If you want to get a business started, you need to invest as capital. Job holders never invest as a businessperson. But they invested in their education.

Do you not invest to learn skills to earn money online? Do you know, your time, energy and efforts are another currency? If you don’t invest money, instead you must invest time, energy and efforts. 

For instance, you need to complete a course, in writing skills. You need to pay for 5000 Tk for the course fees. You think you don’t spend it, but save money. And you learn by searching for the ideas here and there on Google and YouTube.

What will happen later? You are right or wrong? Whether you save money, in fact? Listen, if you invest 5000 Tk To learn writing skills, you earn money easier and faster. 

Learning by a search on Google and YouTube is not skills. Searching here and there is a wrong idea. But you need proven skill online. Otherwise, how do you struggle and overcome obstacles? You become frustrated spending time, energy and efforts.

Most of the money makers are failures. Because of having an unrealistic mindset. Online is the global earning platform. You need to have proven skills. You will face global competitors. 

So you need a mentor or a teacher or guide person:

For another example, you need a website. With a website, you make your client kept trusting in you. Blogspot is a free website builder. Why do you invest money on a website? 

The international blogger, my mentor says, invest as much as possible on the website for a high-quality domain and high-speed hosting. The quality website is your weapon to fight with global heroes. Invest in the WP premium theme to craft eye-catching design and best SEO practice. 

In contrast, your Blogspot website with a free theme is full phase ready to fight with the international competitive market. How is it possible? Who teaches you this wrong idea? You never see the persistent income stream.

Higher-income source: 

Our people go ahead with outsourcing and freelancing. This is a daily labor job. No work no paid basis job. Few people can earn the desired money. Most of them are very hard workers. 

Educated people need to reach a higher class to earn passive income and make persistent income stream. Financial freedom. Earns when you sleep or on travel.

  1. Nobody can stand out online without having professional skills.
  2. Training is the key to be success.
  3. A realistic mindset is crucial to be success.
  4. ‘Make money online’ needs two skills desperately such as writing and blogging skill.

Where is our lacking?

  1. We need to complete a course on blogging and professional writing skills.
  2. You need a professional mentor on your track.
  3. Don’t run a solo online. You will go nowhere. 
  4. Don’t learn the ideas on which you want to earn. You must complete the course.
  5. Invest where it needs at the right place.
  6. Developing period one year. We don’t want to spend a year. 

How to overcome our lacking?

My country people are educated now, productive and creative too. They are ready to invest time, energy and money. I understand it, they need a sure-success guideline. 

Top-secret of ‘earn money online’, there is no precise and concise guideline to follow. The ideas are experimental that comes after the research. 

Can you imagine, when I wrote 1500 answers to Quora’s questions, I discovered how did Quora work for me?

After using one year of LinkedIn, now I am getting LinkedIn traffic. After using a year of Pinterest still now, I can’t measure the Pinterest algorithm. 

I fully failed on twitter. Eventually, I win on Facebook. It drives traffic to my blog. So, there is no pre-fixed guideline. You invest time and effort with a long patient. You will win. BD Online Income Tips.


Whether you invest money is nothing if you get the solution. Your target is to earn money. If it needs to invest, you invest. Or why do you invest in nothing?

Without investment, whether you can earn money online in Bangladesh. It is not a quality or skill. Without investment we earn money, it is not our goal. Otherwise, you can’t move a bit from zero points. Remember, please.

To improve your skills, invest money to achieve skills. Otherwise, in the international market, we remain as labors.