After two years, I have learned how to create a blog post that attracts readers. Can you believe me? 

If I try to tell you or show in a language, word, sentence, and paragraph, I make sure I will fail.

It is a soul touch matter. It comes from the heart, nothing explains it in words. When you write that come up from your heart for your audience, that is the way you can learn.

High-quality literature doesn’t work here. Eye-catchy text-decorative elements don’t craft the topics. The post writing from the heart can detect its readers and convert them, buyers. 

Look at the image below. I commented on a post that attracted me. What I got the reply?

Post comment.

Post comment.

Writing from the heart, I have heard it from Henneke, one year ago. I have read enormous posts to understand the matter from her blog. 

But I got the hidden secret, but it doesn’t come from searching for it. I got it after trying to write from the heart.  

When I understand the matter, I have deleted 120+ posts from my blog. I have deleted 1600+ Quora answers. 

I don’t ask you, am I wrong or right? But I have deleted them. Those posts were the burden of my site. So I deleted them.

Why did I cut them? That was garbage posts. Those posts don’t help others. 

I strongly recommend you don’t do this ever. Don’t cut a single post ever. If you need it, then update and upgrade by adding new resources. 

How to create a blog post?

I have answered many questions like this in Quora. That is a drastically important question. It needs a great answer, as well. 

Why do people ask this question randomly? They write posts, but they don’t get readers. So they search for new techniques.

I want to break down the steps you need into pieces. Your binocular can detect the pinpoint spots exactly where you get failed.

Please don’t be a scanner to learn. You can scan to measure my skills. Read the post minutely, or if possible, analyze it. 

I learned by analyzing the learning tips.  

Pick a topic your readers want to read:

Do you know your audience? What do they need? 

Where are they? How to understand them? 

If you understand the matter, you will need a week to find the topics and 2 hours to write the solution.

You do in-depth research to find the topics. 

  1. Analyze your competitor’s posts what they are writing for their audience.
  2. Search on google by “intitle:your topic keywords” + “2020”. Read 100 titles. Read 100 post titles to know what people are writing. Do you know search intent, keyword intent, and user/reader intent?

Read 100 article titles and try to understand search intent. Open a few articles and scan the subheads. If possible, collect them. 

Reader intent quality content is the best SEO metric in 2020.

How to write a blog post?

How to write a blog post?

Search in Quora this way. Read 100 questions to understand what your audiences are searching for.

Search in Quora.

Search in Quora.

After getting ideas, create a title by using a title generator tool.

How to write a blog post- title generator-min

How to write a blog post- title generator-min

Your title should be unique. Check it asunder.

Check the title is unique.

Check the title is unique.

How to collect subheads and most relevant keywords?
There are four processes. How to collect subhead and relevant keywords.

Google suggests keywords

Google suggested keywords

Google suggested keywords

I collected all google suggested keywords for  blog post by using the following keyword tool.

How to write a blog post- Google suggest keywords-min

How to write a blog post- Google suggest keywords-min

The above software gives me 427 keywords. I collected monthly search volume by the following software.

Google suggest keywords search volume.

Google suggest keywords search volume.

Data process in different ways

How to write a blog post- grouping

How to write a blog post- grouping

I have juts deleted blog post from the keywords in the last column.

From this position, you should collect your subhead and keywords

Content modification:

A blog post layout:

How to create a blog post? How to distribute focus keywords and LSI keywords, or most relevant keywords

Blog post layout

Blog post layout

This is not a proven format to follow. To increase mental ideas I draw the image.

  1. Proofread, error check and polish.

I use the following tools one after one to make the content errors-free.

  1. Visual and graphical elements.
    1. for the royalty-free images.
    2. for creating a new image for my post by uploading royalty-free images.
    3. for image compression.
  2. Optimize text and discover gap keywords:  After adding the text with suggested keywords,  I got 94%  result.
Text optimizer

Text optimizer

Exercises to improve writing:

Read the following posts that are part of this tutorial.

  1. BEST FIRST BLOG POSTS: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All
  2. SEO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Helps You Achieve Your Dreams: Genius Idea!
  3. How To Take The Headache Out Of SEO KEYWORDS? Take a relax!
  4. A Beautifully Refreshing Perspective On SEO POST TITLE -Blogging Tips.
  5. 10 Tips: How to Create High Quality Blog Content for Your Blog?

 The above posts, you read five times each within seven days. Then you write five articles on your niche or how to improve writing skills.

If you are a genius and talented one, the five articles give you guidelines on how to improve your writing skills. Otherwise, you should complete a writing course elsewhere.

Real ten articles and write one daily for 90 days make you professional writers. I prove it in my life.

How to make your blog the best performing machine?

Monetization ideas you should keep in your mind on every blogging steps. So how to monetize your post? Affiliate marketing one of the best ways to make money blogging. Google Adsense on your blog is another money-making  scheme.

Web hosting is a matter these days. WordPress, HostGator, Bluehost each is hosting company, hosting provider which has different hosting plans. The Web host in WordPress of WP blog with WP theme and plugins is a solution.

Starting a blog using WordPress dashboard integrated with WordPress theme and plugins is the best choice. WordPress blog hosted with WordPress hosting will be a high performing machine.

How to get blog post ideas? You can use free WordPress to learn with free blogging with a free domain. WordPress is the best blogging platform. You can create a new blog from other blogging platforms. 

SEO friendly domain name and blog name, great content in your blog for search engine optimization can drive organic traffic to your blog.

Do you have a blog, a personal blog you can make your blog to earn money? Writing a blog to drive free traffic from search engine results, use Yoast SEO plugin, the best SEO tool.  


A professional writer may not be a blogger, but you are a blogger, you need to be a professional writer.

Read more. A reader can write. The reader may have the resources to write. Read ten articles then write one. 

How to create a blog post? Remember, in the blogging course, first solves the writing problems, then others, such as SEO, mastering social media, and promotion.

When you get trained in writing, you read about how to improve writing skills? Then you write about how to improve writing skills?

You can be a writer if you digest the above five articles, words by words, sentences by sentences, and line by line.