Blogging is not for everyone. Genius, talented, and highest dreamer are most welcome to be a pro blogger. It is labor-intensive, hard-work involved, and time-consuming job.

If you are searching for an online career, blogging is the first choice. You should have a disciplined life. You have strong confidence in blogging where you go step by step ahead.

Here is what you learn how to blog. If you aim to attract how to earn money, you can’t arrive at the destination. The money you want comes its way, in time.

Following is a brief of topics, you need to earn them with pro skills. Nobody can stand out online without having professional skills.

A list of full blogging course topics is hereunder.

  1. Find your niche:

  2. Create a blog:

  3. How to create a blog post?

  4. Improve writing skills:

  5. Search engine optimization:

  6. Keywords research:

  7. Improve blog performance:

  8. Social media:

  9. How to drive traffic to your blog?

  10. Monetization:

What is your aim for blogging? How can you be a unique blogger worldwide? The simple target to earn money blogging never can transfer energy to climb up to the top.

You need to earn money. It’s OK. Right?

Thousand of earning sources are on the web. You can choose one of them according to education, experience, and passion. That doesn’t mean you have to blog.

Blogging is a precise and concise online earning model that is lucrative, alluring, and Get Rich Business. Only money maker can’t be a pro blogger. You can’t keep the patients on persistent efforts, time to need, and money investment.

On the way, you shall go step by step ahead that has speed bumps and sharp-curves to blogging success. Creativity, talent, and cash investment can overwhelm them.

Stick with blogging until success. Do or die. Don’t give up it, please. So genius, talented, and highest dreamer are most welcome to be a pro blogger. You can see the rising sun in blogging.

Free platform users and part-time bloggers should keep staying a distance from this course. If you need urgent money, blogging is not a fit for you.

How to become a professional blogger?

Blogging is a deep thought and a gigantic idea. You have to learn how to blog. It should complete courses to achieve useful skills. 

Searching for blogging from here and there on Google and YouTube do you get ideas. It is not skills you can blog that earn money. 

You never can measure full blogging steps and sequence how to go ahead. You can’t estimate the hassles, obstacles, and struggling on the way to blogging. 

Without completing blogging courses, if you start a blog, you kill your efforts, energy, and money. Most bloggers frustrate and sink behind with struggling in the middle. 

Blogging aims to live — not to get rich overnight. Your earning skills make you stand out at your right place, ranking, and position. And even it sets up your earning level. 

There is no push-button, auto-switch, and top-secret method. There are no bypass road and automatic software. Blogging is labor-intensive, hard-work involved, time-consuming jobs. 

And blogging is a slow-developing online business, but it needs persistent efforts. Blogging is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic and mild. 

Your skills, trust, and authority do you get access to the existing market. When you become generous to your niche audience, generosity makes you showing the hidden path. Nobody else can show you that right path. 

Is blogging for you? Or you are fit for blogging.

If you need an online career to set up your life financial freedom, blogging is the first choice. But blogging is not for everybody.

Don’t study the course from here and there without the following sequence. Follow the course sequence. In contrast, your training will be disorder and messy.

Keep in touch with us. Send mail on your progress, confusion, and achievement to in a week.

Don’t scan the course, read, but it needs to analyze. If you can analyze the course, word by word, sentence by sentence, and line by line, you can achieve the goal.

Don’t make a hurry. Spending more time and exercise is a matter of learning and understanding blogging. Remember, blogging has nothing stable and sticky. You learn from the experiment-form.

The course makes you a researcher and analyst. Then you can learn your way after finishing the course.

Follow exercises with concentration. Memorize the advanced tips. Obey the rules you will get on the course.

You should read the post several times with a time gap before taking a step to the next. This post is for decision-making, whether blogging is for you. Or you are fit for blogging. Learn how to blog from professional bloggers.

Advance tips: How to make money blogging?

Bloggers wait to know how to make money blogging. I want to give you ideas to remove fear, doubt, and panic. 

Enormous ways, you can earn money blogging. A professional blogger has a chance to choose which one is to pick from getting offers. They have never searched for money.

Affiliate marketing is one of them. Go through affiliate networks, figure out Affiliate programs align to your niche. 

Join an affiliate program, get affiliate links, and get started making money.

Yes. Monetizing ideas you should achieve from the beginning. How to monetize your blog to make money online? Step-by-step guide you can learn in this course how to earn passive income.

The topics that are coming next:

How to start a blog? Choose a blogging platform such as WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Drupal. WordPress is king. Choose a blog theme for your first blog that makes your Blog design. Create first blog post and share blog posts on social media.

How to start a free blog using free WordPress? Starting a blog, you can get ideas of web domain & web hosting, WordPress dashboard, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, Yoast SEO, and so on.

If you have a blog, how to create great content, learning content management, and how to earn Backlinks from a new blog, you can learn practically.

You can earn from advertisers such as Google AdWords that pay per click through your blog. 

You can learn in this course how to collect email list, email marketing, and newsletters. 


Where to host for a personal blog? 

Hosting companies such as WordPress hosting, SiteGround, Bluehost, and HostGator are on the net. 

As a beginner, WordPress hosting with a jetpack plugin is the best for you. Hosted WordPress will be best for running a WordPress blog.

Using wordpress, you make your blog with premium WordPress theme is the best combination.

The post has other post links. Don’t skip them. They are equal parts of this course.