Hosting Bangladesh is serving online marketers. But that is the final result?Hosting Bangladesh

Despite what you think, your earning potential is endless on the web.

Most people don’t know that. 

Some people took online marketing steps, but yet they failed.  

Some have intentions, but how to start they are wondering.

Online marketing is one of the best solutions for BD earning people.

Web hosting is the first and foremost component that works behind online marketing in Bangladesh.

Online marketers should take attention to the hosting quality factors in Bangladesh.

01. Jobs before web hosting in BD

You need a chain of jobs and job depth in online marketing. Furthermore, make something more diverse and varied in your jobs.

Real-world examples bring the subject matter to life.

Blogging courses:

What is your first and foremost job if you want to be a blogger?

Do you know that? That is learning about how to blog. Otherwise, every step you take is enough to mislead or misdirect.   

If you complete a blogging course, you should understand what your job is now.

Define your niche:

Select a niche. What do you know about the best ideas? It may be from,

  1. Education
  2. Job experience
  3. Hobby
  4. Passion
  5. Interest or fun to do.

For example, you are a postgraduate in accounting. You can choose the niche like, 

  1. personal finance
  2. save money
  3. plan for retirement
  4. side hustle
  5. Online accounting software

You can understand by reading, you can write expertly, you can teach others, which means you are expert enough to stand out in your niche market. Why?

You are a postgraduate in accounting. Likewise, job experience, hobby, passion, and you can discover your profitable niche.

If you select your niche is personal finance, how can you proceed then?

Select a domain name. 

Domain name:

“A domain name is a unique network address that describes a single website. Internet users can access your website. 

ICANN regulates and oversees the domain name industry. 

The only way to register and start using a domain name is to use the services of a domain registrar. 

Most people search for cheap domain name registration.” The best domain name for your blog.

Selecting a domain name is so strategic so far as you didn’t think it before. How?

  1. Easy to read.
  2. Easy to memorable
  3. Short as much as possible
  4. Branding support
  5. SEO friendly
  6. Keywords included
  7. Avoiding spelling mistake
  8. Dominating your business ideas.
  9. Check out your niche market other domain names.
  10. A domain maybe your name for branding, but not for SEO.

Can you imagine how many factors you may consider to select a domain name?

You need a TLD – Top Level Domains and  gTLD – generic Top Level Domain like For local business ccTLD – country code Top Level Domains like 

Pick a domain name for personal finance, a local business that is in Bangladesh. 


The above examples are to extend your ideas to choose one. The available domain is a matter. 

So, choose at least ten domain names before buying.

Domain owner in domain and hosting in Bangladesh:

A great mistake commonly happens in Bangladesh. Most people purchase a domain by others because they have no buying currency.

In this case, who buys your domain on behalf of you? 

They buy the domain using their email, name, and address. 

So you get the domain to use. But you are not the domain owner. How can you increase domain authority?

Do you know how everybody searches for the owner of a website, authentically? 

People search by using WhoIs. It hurts your ranking.  

I am the man who gets page rank with a guarantee? 

Look at the image: Address on the web. 

domain address-min

Look at the image: Web address in

domain address in WhoIs-min

The address variety makes an impact on SEO  ranking.

So be careful when you buy your domain from others. 

Tell them to buy your domain using your name, address, and email. Right?

If they claim overcharge, OK pay them overcharges. No problems.

02. Hosting in Bangladesh:

People need different hosting asunder,

  1. Shared Web Hosting.
  2. Reseller Web Hosting.
  3. Cloud-Based Web Hosting.
  4. Virtual Private Server (VPS).
  5. Dedicated Web Server.

Here is the list most people buy from one of them.

  1. DreamHost
  2. Hostinger
  3. Bluehost
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. HostGator
  6. InMotion Hosting
  7. MochaHost
  8. Web Hosting Hub
  9. SiteGround
  10. GreenGeeks

Web hosting in BD is a place, don’t think free, subdomain, or cheapest. 

In contrast, you should pay as much as you can for your desired configuration. 

90 % of affiliate marketers are failures? Why? When?

Web hosting is a significant spot where you search for high-speed servers. It means you pay high. 

If you are not ready to spend money on online marketing, then leave it. An online job is the best solution for you.

Digital marketing needs skills, budget, and persistent efforts with a long patient.

In a nutshell, you need to have a hyper super-speed hosting plan to gain google search results rankings.

Spend here as much as you can or spend as much as it needs.

When you buy your hosting plan, buy others, use your name, address, and email. Most probably they will not agree with that. 

Pay overcharge, or take an alternate way to buy, but you should NEVER consider buying hosting using other’s address, name, and email.  

Do you know why our people can’t stand out online digital marketing? Finally, they can’t drive organic traffic through search engine results.    

It may surprise you that our people can’t stand out with digital marketing in Bangladesh. 

I found many keywords whose search volume is 1k to 10k, on the first page of SERPs, Facebook page, Quora answer,  LinkedIn profile, and like this.

What does it mean? They can’t stand out in their own country. 

Where is the problem, and how can you solve it?

Hosting recommendation:

I am using SiteGround. And I am happy on SiteGround. 

Open hosting site from here. Or go for your search query.

03. After web hosting, what is your job?

After getting your domain with hosting, your web address is in life.

First, you need to prepare your new website as a performing machine. 

Before starting a blog, you need to configure and optimize the website to make it ready to work.

Over the world, most people go to an SEO[search engine optimization] service provider, company, agency, or specialist to prepare their website for a workable position. 

In contrast, in this case, people save their money in Bangladesh. They watch YouTube, and they get them done. 

Because of that, they can’t fight with competitors. 

That is why they don’t drive search traffic.

And they don’t get keywords ranking.

Finally, they wait for a year, or two, then they go to work on Fiverr or Upwork. So we are a hero on Upwork as a subcontract under Indian professionals. 

We can’t overcome labor boundaries in online income any way we can.

Where do we stick in and how to get a release? It is up to you.

04. Do you have a to-do list after getting web hosting in BD?

  1. WordPress installation
  2. Lightweight WP premium theme configuration. 
  3. Plugins configuration
  4. GA[Google Analytics] and GSC[Google Search Console] configuration.
  5. Optimize web page speed
  6. Make the site mobile friendly.
  7. Technical Audit makes your site at 100% performance.
  8. Yoast SEO plugin 
  9. Reader subscribe form set up 
  10. Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Term of Services pages
  11. You need organic search traffic with keyword ranking for a blog post.

When you get keywords ranking, that means Google accepts your web pages without any claim.

Now your website is workable.  You can earn money if you come with complete discipline life to your website.

As a beginner, the above jobs, you can do by watching youtube videos. 

But you can’t make it perfect. Because of that, you NEVER drive organic traffic and keywords ranking.

Do you make sense?  Have you any confusion? If you have, comment on the post.

05. What are your jobs when your website is ready?

Content creation? NO. NEVER. 

Mild, crucial, yet often overlooked matter. Pretty simple yet so powerful aspect. 

“You need to write GREAT content.” Why?

“Your content should be comprehensive and better than anything else over there.” How?

The object of keyword research is the process of digging deeper into search queries on search engines.

You need to discover what people’s search terms, how they are searching for it, and how significant they have it in the topic you research.

Define your niche audience. Create an ideal customer persona.

Discover their needs, problems, and heart burning pain. Create content to solve them.

Do everything for free. 

You need the audience’s trust in you.

They want to see your skills.

When people trust you, they throw their money at you. That is the way of earning money online.

Help people for free. Help people for free. And help people for free.

In return, they come to you, they get solved their problems, and they keep trust in you. 

Otherwise, how do you collect trustworthy audiences across the world?

If your main goal is to make money, you NEVER earn. Who does help you? Why?

Give people what you want to have.


Helping people for free is your fun. Did you achieve it?

How can you make relationships and connections with people all over the world? 

Generosity is the way to expand your exposure.


Once I need a backlink from my competitor site. 

First, I read his post, put a multiline insightful comment out there. 

I shared it with my audience. 

I took an image where and how I gave him an anchor link.

Showing it all, I sent him an email asked him for a link.

He replied to me, asking $60 per anchor link.

Learn how to sprinkle sympathy around your neighbors.

Otherwise, you can’t stand out in the online competition.


“How it all works when you detach from your own needs or any outcome for that matter. ” – Ryan

Do you know it? Have you ever done it?

If you don’t achieve the enlightened soul to people, leave the online business, and then join online jobs. That is the best solution for you that I know.


In conclusion, web hosting makes you the owner of a website in Bangladesh. In contrast, you need to be an online business owner. 

Hosting Bangladesh is a simple part of entire digital marketing if your one is a perfect configuration. 

Otherwise, this is the cause of failure. Don’t estimate it simple. Just buy domain hosting, creating content that floods your site with organic traffic.

You are making money and money. Every step you need sincerity, creativity, and persistent efforts. 

Don’t give up at any disaster. 

Do or die. Stick with it until success. 

Keep doing. The outcome will come in time. 

Let you keep doing it. Don’t stop. Keep writing on.

These are all digital marketing secrets.


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