Creative people take steps right way. They can discover the sure success path and they can avoid time, money and energy loss. Labor does something. The manager thinks about what to do. CEO study about how to achieve the goal.

Bloggers are an entrepreneur, the CEO, and owner of the business. Bloggers save their time, effort and energy. The time, effort and energy are a currency as well.

Because people earn money by using those elements. Free blog users don’t think so.

Creative people judge, learn and get an experiment on how to start and where to start. They discover the way of utilizing fewer efforts, little money and reveal the goal faster.

Creative bloggers stand out online. But normal skill bloggers get failed.

Blogging is a world-famous online business model. It is a legit, true and evergreen online money making scheme. Blogging is alluring. The successful bloggers feel lucky and they are proud.

Before starting a blog, creative people learn what is blogging and how does it work. They make a study of how many skills they need.

They can estimate the budget and collect the cost before starting a blog. Creative people know required times daily. And how much money they can earn, they guess idea.

They check the success, earning and failures report. How many people successes? Where? How?

Earning report is $5+ dollar in a month. Success report is 0.001% bloggers. A failure report is 98% failed. They don’t check like this.

Blogger Skill:

You should understand the reality. The realistic mindset is crucial to be a success. Do you imagine how many skills you required to blog?

  1. Writing skill
  2. SEO and Algorithm
  3. Niche and Audience
  4. Build a loyal audience.
  5. Research the niche and become an expert.
  6. Research the niche audience and Discover their urgent need.
  7. Learn WordPress and WP Theme.
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Mastering social media
  10. Promotion

Every skill you need professional level.

You need social media skills. With friend building skill, you don’t earn money from social media. Mastering social media is a very tough job.

You need professional writing skill. Do you learn how to write readers’ attention-grabbing title? How to write to seduce, engage, and compile them.

Do you have a hyper-niche skill? Do you research on how to build a niche audience? This is tough to learn and use them. Otherwise, you can’t win the game. Free blog users never understand the matter.

Earn money.

If you want to earn money, you need to invest. Invest is not a loss, but the expense to earn more money. Business profit is a reward of getting a risk. If you have three weaknesses in your blogging, there is no way to achieve the goal, a persistent income-stream.

  1. High-quality domain name
  2. Premium quality WP theme
  3. A blogging course or book

You should find the highest quality here, no normal and no medium. Otherwise, you can’t stand out the online-competitive-market. Sure!

Most of the low-quality hosting doesn’t get mobile indexed by Google. Why? Mobile browsing needs a high-speed server. How can a free blog get Google indexed?

Blogging is to give advice, suggestion, and recommendation to your audience. How can your audience accept your advice while you are free blog users?

Don’t waste your time, efforts and energy in this way. Be careful, in fact, you can’t fight with free weapons in the competitive market.

If you want to earn money through a free blog, it can be and won’t be.

Free things are marketing traps.

I am an accounting software developer. In a meeting, my client asked me, “You give us the latest technology product, but you use button mobile.” Finally, they confused me. I didn’t get the business.

I answer on Quora according to my niche topics. Today, I answer a question asunder.

Free Blog User

Free Blog User

“Something free online is nothing. Most free-platform users become failed in their business. Free online things are marketing traps, nothing else.”

So, don’t use free things to get business wined. Yes, you can use a free trial before purchasing you want online. It is OK.

Free online offer with limited features. Main features are in the paid version. You can’t be a success with limited support.

When we can be free blog users?

Students have a curiosity to learn how to blog. They create free blogs for learning. And they don’t have a target to sell. They don’t need to be trustworthy and authoritative. And they don’t need traffic. It is OK. It can be.

Few bloggers work for volunteer. They create a blog limited people awareness. People know the site URL. The site is not a commercial purpose.

Most new bloggers create free blogs during the blogging training course for exercise. When they finish the course, they leave it. They don’t use for commercial purpose.


If you say, “I fear of the risk to invest money.” Ok, using a free platform, you can’t earn enough. If Free Blog Users have no money to invest, I tell them to earn through GPT sites (Googling by “gpt sites that pay instantly”), spend full time with huge efforts. When you can earn $500 to $1000, then buy what you need.

If you have money, invest where it needs. If you want to involve full-time blogging, you are welcome to invest where you need.

Do you want to be a pro blogger?

Mastering a Blog: Volume-1

Complete the course. It is still free.