Blogging is alluring. I feel enjoy not boring in blogging.

When blogging is fun helping people, I don’t lose energy. I won’t be tired. While I have lost myself in blogging I couldn’t know.

What about you? What guess?

Wondering! I am sure; you are one of them. I found you here.

Blogging is for fun and earning as well. Blogging earn is legit and proven. It is a ‘get rich business’.

When blogging is for earning, be alert and take the smart decision. Blogging is hard and takes time to get started an income stream.

When you invest in blogging, where it is needed, and take-back-money makes you happy. Successful gives you thank if you are on the right path.

Many new bloggers like to blog but go through the free blogging platform. Is it right or wrong? Have you seen ever or heard free platform user successful story? Even If it may have, you don’t follow.

These days I didn’t find free blog gets ranking, one of the top ten. You. The reader. Have you ever seen?

In this article, why shouldn’t you use free blog sites for a commercial purpose or earning money? We will break down into basic elements to reveal the secrets.

So, new bloggers can’t finish energy, times and efforts no longer in the wrong place.

Let’s go break down the free blog sites adventure…

What is a Free Blog Sites?

On the web, some big company like Google, WordPress and else more offer to launch a free website as a sub-domain and sharing. You can do there whatever you like as a blogger.

Every blogging steps you can enjoy there. But it has a few limitations. That is why people can’t get success through free blogs. Following limitations, I am exploring hereunder.

  1. You Can’t Show Your Expertise to Niche Audiences.
  2. You Can’t Earn Authority on Google and Audience.
  3. Free Blog Sites: You Can’t Grow Trustworthy.
  4. You Can’t Earn More Money.
  5. You Aren’t in Total Control in Blog.
  6. Your Blog Can Be Frozen or Shut Down.
  7. Search Engine Visibility.
  8. Limited Flexibility.
  9. No Support System?
  10. Supporting free platforms.

Tips-01: You Can’t Show Your Expertise to Niche Audiences:

According to Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines, author or blogger needs expertise, improve expertise, and show expertise to Niche Audiences and Google.

Google is changing the algorithm to make sure quality services to its users. Your niche audience needs to understand that you are an expert in this niche market. Then Google considers you as an expert.

Is it possible to satisfy the audience with the free blog as you are an expert and professional in this field? If you take blogging as a full-time earning source, you should ignore it.

Rather than you must invest in high-quality and high-speed hosting plan to get mobile indexed and mobile-user-friendly.

Without EAT-SEO signal, no blog, no blog post, and no author will get access in the ranking.

So, it is clear to understand. You must have paid hosting plan to get stand out in a competitive market. Then you can earn audience satisfaction. Google also gives you ranking priority.

Tips-02: You Can’t Earn Authority on Google and Audience.

You need an authority in your niche market. How much popular you are in your niche. Only SEO layout and design in content is not enough to earn authority.

Quality content, solve user intent solution, service security, SSL certified links, skill employee, perfect address detail and satisfied about us page information and else more metric improve your authority.

Can you imagine? There is any way to proceed on with free blog sites.

To launch a free blog is a matter of ten min. But you can’t stand out within ten years online digital market.

If it is for training purpose or voluntary helping purpose and no need to get ranking, then it is OK.

New bloggers those have high-speed hosting and premium quality WP theme, they are frustrating for a traffic crisis. In this condition, who will click on a free blog post?

Tips-03: Free Blog Sites: You Can’t Grow Trustworthy.

Trustworthy is a huge SEO metric. People trust you. How? You identify your audiences, find out their need and solve their problems.

Normally, people don’t buy online from a stranger. You have to burn your time and putting countless persistent efforts to earn niche audience trust.

How can people trust you, if you don’t have the intent to invest in your business? It is a big weakness to your audience. If you are really to blog, this is not the way you can shine.

Full blogging depends on trust. Without earning the audience trust you have no access into your niche market.

So, come to reality. Leave the free platform and invest as much as it needs. It is not a loss but invests to earn more in near futures.



Tips-04: You Can’t Earn More Money.

When you deal with an affiliate program, they want to see your site quality and status. How much traffic it has daily? Content quality and site technical condition, in this case, free blog don’t get approval.

Some poor quality ads you can get approved. The free bog sites can’t grow up persistent earning stream. Persistent earning needs quality traffic and conversion.

Quality traffic comes from the loyal audience behind a blog. The Free blog can’t build up audience growth, trust, and reliability.

Whereas high-quality competitors are available in your niche market, why people come to your free blog? It is quite easy to understand. There is no highly technical mechanism that needs inside out.

The free platform is for training not for earning. Those are going for earning they come back with failing.

Take a smart decision, invest where it is needed, go professional way and stand out in the existing market.

Tips-05: You Aren’t in Total Control in Blog.

When you buy a new hosting, they give you some access inner level, CPanel, database, File Management. You can craft your blog as you wish. Everything is in your control.

But free blog sites never give those facilities. Even if, you can’t demand of ownership of the site, any time they can close it. These types of cases are happening.

Is it right to spend times and efforts insecure place for business?

Tips-06: Your Blog Can Be Frozen or Shut Down.

As the free blog is not in your control, anytime it can be closed. People suffered from this kind of cases. Many people spent time to develop traffic, creating content and managing the audience.

Get little access in the market. But finally, it made closed. They had no ways to relight the blog in futures.

Business needs to invest. You should engage with full-time blogging. Stick with it until success. Do or die. You will gain.

Tips-07: Search Engine Visibility.

Free blog sites, they depend on social traffic, referral traffic. 12 years ago, I saw free blogs got search engine ranking. Then the search engine visibility was possible.

These days ranking algorithms keep aside from ranking. A free blog can’t meet ranking factors. If it is not possible to get search engine visibility, you shouldn’t take it; never choose it as your business foundation.

All come to zero. New bloggers generate organic traffic in late. But those are SEO expert; they can get Google traffic earlier I have seen.

Free bloggers may be not possible for Google organic traffic.

Tips-08: Limited Flexibility.

Since, this blog is not in your control, anytime it may be closed. Furthermore, it is not flexible. You have to move within a limited zone, such as theme, plug-ins, and additional marketing features.

The high-quality premium theme gives extraordinary SEO, Analytics and Email marketing support. It has business tools and a backup system. But you can’t use them in a free platform. It needs more space, memory, updated PHP, and MySQL.

On the other hand, if you use a free blog, why do you need a premium theme?

When your competitors are using everything high-quality, you can’t stand out in the market with a free blog, free theme, and free plugins.

Tips-09: No Support System?

You don’t get prompt support. Help and chatting that paid hosting ensuring that services quality, you can’t hope that.

Because the free blog never gets any money from you, how can they provide you special support and service?

Many bloggers are hanging with bugs and errors or need some help. They can’t proceed on. If you really want to blog, you must have a budget. You Get What You Pay For. Following things, you should have as mandatory.

  1. High-quality Domain
  2. High-speed Hosting plan
  3. Premium Quality Theme
  4. Course and Ebook for Training

Tips-10: Supporting a free platform. If you have own blog site, to promote your blog posts, is nice free platform to republish your blog post. All the big one is there. This is a special free place everybody can get the benefit.

But without your own blog, how can help you to grow your permanent earning flow business? I don’t.

LinkedIn: I have spent many times there. I have published around 20 articles 3000 words each only for single topics. I have created a page and group as well. In my real experience, I can’t find anything to do without own blog.

These two free platforms are helpful to gear up your existing business.


If you want to learn, like a college student, free blog sites are a marvelous choice. If you want to awareness common people about something free as a voluntary service but you don’t need any ranking position, you can pick it up quite quickly.

Developing a strong business foundation with full-time engaged, free blog sites are not appropriate for you. You should have a good budget to involve blogging to make money online. To depend on blogging you need a persistent income stream.

Hasan Habib

I am Hasan Habib from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am the father of three sons.

I was in a job. Now, I am fulltime engaged Blogger.

I am writing about blogging. I also train new blogger.


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