Fiverr Bangladesh, doesn’t it make you surprised? You can sell what you know. YES. YOU can.

Fiverr Bangladesh

Fiverr Bangladesh

You can sell your skills, efforts, or services in the Fiverr,  the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Online income in BD. Work from home on Fiverr.

“Fiverr mission is to change how the world works together.”

Make money online in BD get paid through payment bkash for working from home.

Sound impressive?
Sure! You can earn.

Keep reading. Discover the skills you have. Learn how to sell them.

Those who have a higher dream of passive income, good money, and an easy way to earn money, Fiverr is the first-step solution.
Buyers get paid to freelancers securely without having scams on that platform.

20 Fiverr Jobs/gigs: You can earn money as a new freelancer on Fiverr.

  1. Can you write English well? Tremendous skill to earn money online.
  2. Do you have a Facebook account? Do you know how to create FB pages? You can earn money from today.
  3. Do you know graphic design? If yes, excellent. You have 100 ways to earn money online on the Fiverr platform. Trust me, please. I know that.
  4. Do you know how to increase social media followers? Hot job.
  5. Can you extract email addresses? Wow. Almost successful business. 
  6. Can you convert doc to pdf and vise versa? Huge jobs on Fiverr for students.
  7. Do you know photo editing? Enormous Fiverr job over there.
  8. Fiverr ebook, Fiverr ebook cover, and Fiverr ebook design. Easy and simple jobs. 
  9. Do you know WordPress? I can divide it into ten jobs. 
  10. How do I split it into different jobs? Look at the below list. 
    1. WordPress Installation
    2. Yoast plugin setup
    3. Google Analytics and Google configuration
    4. Other plugins installation
    5. WP theme installation
    6. AMP setup
    7. Structural data and schema markup 
    8. Robot.txt error fix
    9. Sitemap.xml
    10. Optimize the site for mobile-friendly
  11. Social media cover pages through Canva.

How to create a seller account on Fiverr?

Let’s get started from now on. 

Are you ready? If yes, then get started Fiverr sign up.

How to create and activate a Fiverr account in BD?

Sign up on Fiverr account BD asunder.

How to become a Fiver seller?

Step 01: Click here to open Fiverr.

You can see the following image. Look at the top-right corner, click on the link labeled Become a Seller. 

Freelancers and workers from Dhaka, Pakistan, India, Australia, and countries all over the world are Fiverr sellers.

Fiverr Bangladesh sign up first page

After clicking over there, the following image will come up on your screen.

Fiverr sign up second page in BD

Animated image. The woman is working there. Look at the middle of the screen. Click on Become a Seller button. And then, sign up form will visible.

sign up write email page

There are two methods asunder. 

  • Through social media
  • By manual

You should follow the manual system that makes you understand everything clearly.

First, write your email. And then press on the continue button.   

You will see the next page for the password asunder.

Username: Career+Country+Year=>SEOExpertBD2020 

If Fiverr gets your username unique, then it gets the right sign. 

Password: 8 digits => upper case + lower case + number => 2020SEOExpertBD 

If Fiverrcom gets your given password correct, then you can click on the join button. 

sign up username and password given

They send you an email with an activation link. Go to the mail-inbox, click on the activation link in your mail account.  The following image comes again with a notice.

Account activation link in Fiverr Bangladesh

After activating your account, your next job is to make your profile account updated.
Activation email
Press on the button on Activate Your Account. You will get activation success showing a page asunder.

Fiverr account activated

Stop here, please. Don’t update your profile right now.

You want to research on how to update your profile professional way. You come to the Fiverr platform as new. But you aren’t unskilled. So the next job you should do expertly. Here are all about your sign up get done in Fiverr Bangladesh.

How to update your Fiverr profile expertly?

How to become a Fiverr best seller?

What is Fiverr pro seller? A verified pro seller.

You need to upgrade your Fiverr levels step by step.

Research turns your unskilled obstacles into flat, improve your confidence, and you can dig deeper into your research topics.

Research means to learn from experts. How did they do it before? Their experience is a proven idea. So you learn from that. How do you make research to learn? 

Your competitors and successful freelancers skills are your learning resources. So, experience thoroughly on their activities. Learn ideas from them and go your way. But yet don’t do copy-paste.

Fiverr Bangladesh: Who are your competitors?

Fiverr for BD people, in common practice, competitors always seem to be enemies. In contrast, they have helped you a lot. How?

  • They created your niche market-ready. 
  • Their monetary transactions are going on over there. 
  • They have set up business strategies and implement marketing strategies.

The current position is also your assets, and everything that exists there makes your business grow. You may be thankful to them, grateful to them.

It is a matter who is your competitors? They are your business friends as you have college friends and school friends.

You can learn from your competitors. How are they doing their business? How to learn from competitors is research? Don’t spy them and steal something from them.

You observe how they are doing. In contrast, you need to make yourself different from others. And create unique offers for your audience.  So you analyze how they are doing on Fiverr in Bangladesh.

Research competitor profile.

Creating a perfect profile is a basement for your new business. 

It drives your business to grow up to ahead.

Find ten influential competitors who dominate your niche market. 

Pick out something better from their profile. Collect all the best features of them and put them in your profile. 

The profile must have a real-life picture of your skills and job range. Excessive anything is spammy and mislead you to go nowhere. 

  1. How to write their username?
  2. How to write their occupation?
  3. And how to write their description?
  4. How and what do you add in their skills?
  5. You upload your current image.

Do the research and discover ways of improving your profile more actionable.

Research on specific topics: Fiverr Bangladesh

Research to learn how to use Fiverr platform more specifically in BD.

01. Profile image: 

The Fiverr profile image should be your photo. It should be a smart way with a laughing face, multicolor, and high resolution. 

Your photo makes a connection and relationship with buyers. So don’t overlook its importance.

Gig image Size: Your image on Fiverr should have a Width of 550 and Height 370.

02. Occupation:

Small but yet self-explanatory. SEO expert, Social media specialist, and Pro blogger, and so on. When I created my Fiverr profile, I spent a week. Then I didn’t create gigs.

03. Profile description:

Fiverr description is an important place, almost every buyer who doesn’t know you before, they must read your profile description. 

Short description, but yet particular ideas of your skills.

Example of Fiverr description:

How to get Fiverr profile description ideas? 

Study your competitors’ profiles. Learn from them, but NEVER do copy-paste.

How to write the best Fiverr profile description?

  • Best Fiverr description for graphic designers  
  • Fiverr description for writer.

04. Education: 

You write about your general education, such as school, college, and university. Provide the highest level of education. Don’t make mistakes here.

Certification is your additional skills if you have. You have a diploma, graphic design, computer course and like this. Don’t write the skills that you don’t have. 

05. Category: 

You must select a specific category. Don’t make a mistake. 

  1. If you are a writer, what is your category? 
  2. If you are a graphic designer, what is your category? 
  3. And if you are a Facebook master, what is your category then? 

Spend time, brainstorm, and then select the right one.

06. Sub-category: 

Don’t take a simple job. You need to pick the right sub-category. If you are a Facebook expert, your category is digital marketing => Social media marketing => Facebook. 

07. Skills: 

The right skill selection is the most important of your profile. Select what you know exactly. The buyers buy your services according to have your skills. 

Don’t worry. You can change it whenever you want. You don’t keep it left. Otherwise, your gigs can’t get the energy to reach your buyers.

08. Address: 

Real address. Don’t keep anything pending. Your first job is to update your profile professionally. 

09. Gigs: 

You offer to sell your services. For example, you have 10,000 email addresses collected from your niche blog on traveling. You want to sell it. This sale is a product example.

You can create FB pages professionally. You want to sell your services. Create gigs with more actionable content. Most new freelancers don’t know about Fiverr gig create & marketing expertly. 

10. Search tags: 

  • When you create a gig, then you need to choose tags. 
  • Without extensive research, you can’t define the right tags. 
  • You choose five tags in each gig. 
  • It should be search keywords buyers can find your gigs by searching. 

11. Fiverr Bangladesh:

You may come here as a new arrival. But you show your expertise accurately and efficiently. In everywhere you keep maintaining professionalism.

Fiverr buyers search for an expert in your offering gigs.

Research competitors gigs.

The gigs are the heart of your business on Fiverr platform. Efficient and active gigs increase your sales. Creating a buyer grabbing gig is a matter.

The convincing and motivating Fiverr gig description makes your gig more performing. Don’t make a hurry. 

First, research your competitors’ gigs. You draft your gig and then create your one. 

The photo gallery is an attractive feature of the Fiverr marketplace. 

Please take it as truly important. Canva is the best platform for beginners to create images. 

Advance Tips:


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Side hustles:

Doesn’t it impress you? Fiverr isn’t a Get Rich Overnight scheme. It’s income potential for all level people. Making money online, a Fiverr freelance writer can get paid for freelance writing, online courses, and ebook. Fiverr platform is the best side hustle in Bangladeshi people. 

Survey sites:

Online surveys are a way to make money online. You can start earning cash, pocket money, and easy ways to make extra money rapidly.

Fiverr Accounts: buy and sell trade.

Do you know you can buy a Fiverr account?

You may require a Fiverr account for sale.

Withdraw Money from Fiverr:

How can Bangladeshi people withdraw money from Fiverr?

“If you have money available in the Available for Withdrawal area, then you have certain options to withdraw funds.

  1. You can withdraw money 14 days after the order is marked as completed. The waiting period for Top Rated Sellers is seven days.
  2. You can only withdraw once per 24 hours.
  3. There is a $5,000 maximum per transaction.
  4. Fiverr PayPal: The minimum withdrawal amount is $1. And Fiverr doesn’t charge a fee when withdrawing to PayPal.
  5. Fiverr Payoneer: It charges $3 per withdrawal. And additional fees may apply based on location and currency. Fiverr minimum withdraw to Payoneer amount is $20.
  6. Fiverr withdrawal fee: PayPal is free, Fiverr Revenue Card is $1, and Payoneer is $3 per transaction.
  7. Fiverr minimum withdraws: PayPal is $1, Fiverr Revenue Card is $5, and Payoneer is $20.
  8. And Fiverr payment method Bangladesh: Fiverr payment through Payoneer.


How to add Paypal to Fiverr:

Fiverr gift card – April 2020

“Fiverr is a leading brand that is synonymous with high-quality products and customer-friendly service. Never hesitate to purchase the best Fiverr items with the newly updated Fiverr gift card & coupon codes for up to 20% savings. Save money by ordering your online products via this page. We are always looking for the newest Fiverr coupons.[source]”

How to learn Fiverr:

Learn from the Fiverr course. You need to learn how to use Fiverr in your favor. If you can learn it, you earn money professionally. What are the sources of Fiverr training?

  1. YouTube: You can watch the Bangla Fiverr tutorial and other language tips.
    Fiverr Bangla tutorial:
  2. Forum: Fiverr forum is highly valuable and resourceful. You can learn from there.
  3. Blog: Fiverr Blog is another source you can learn thoroughly.
  4. Test: Excellent method. Learn and improve your working skills.
  5. Online course: Fiverr keep trust in your skills if you complete Fiverr online courses according to your career topics. 

Most sellers work on Fiverr, but they don’t know its advanced level. Learn then, earn money.

Fiverr address: Fiverr headquarters is located at Eliezer Kaplan St 8, Tel Aviv.


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