First SEO Audit!

Are you a new blogger? Don’t worry.

Maybe it is your first SEO audit, but it is simple and easy.

It makes you realized about your expertise. You can understand how much healthy your site is.

You can identify where is the problem? How can you fix it?

Why does your site improve so faster? Or why does your site leave behind?

Whether your site is penalized by Google. A new blog takes time to get Google notice.

If your site is well organized with SEO, organic traffics will come its own way later from Google search engine.

So, you have to learn, realize, and search for what does work for you and what does not work for you?

It is not rocket science or physic, it is simple but needs more concentration.

Everything you do by your own hand step by step with a cool brain.

Please note that you can’t ignore it. Otherwise, you ultimately ignore your sale or revenue. It is a cool part of blog tips.

Let’s go into deeper…

Please keep in mind this is the first SEO audit for you. I keep it simple and short and primary level. It is an exercise that makes your brain open for Advance and professional level SEO audit.

You need to make a plan on how to execute the audit. What factors do you consider in this audit? What kind of tools do you use in this function? So, you need a feasible audit strategy.

What is an SEO audit?

A site audit is a full review of every single portion that defines your website’s presence in search engines. Put stress on making sure how can you improve your site’s search engine visibility?

Here are the tools you will use throughout the audit process.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Google PageSpeed Insights
  4. Semrush
  5. Copyscape
  6. Readability Checker
  7. Grammar and Spell Checker

What are the key elements of First SEO Audit?

As a first audit for the beginners, the following key elements we consider in this mission. Advance level factors we will skip here. Now, we go thoroughly step by step. Please confirm that you have configured your site with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

If you didn’t configure these two tools with your site, you go for YouTube videos to configure them first. You also create a free account in SEMrush.

You create a free account Grammarly for grammar and spell checker as well.

Step 01. Does the Site Have an SSL Certificate?

If your site has https:// in your domain, your hosting server has a secure certificate. It needs to install in the server you got hosting. It allows secure connections from a web server to a browser by a domain name, server name or hostname.

  3. https://
  4. https://www.

When you buy a hosting plan, you should check whether it is there.

One of these should be accessible in a browser only.

Other links should be 301 redirected to https://

Everything looks fine and secured.

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

Step 02: Check Google for indexation issues.

Say, you have 100 URLs combined with pages, posts, categories, tags… else more. Every URL must be indexed by Google. Then, your pages and posts get a possibility of visibility in search engine results.

Google-first checks the link, whether it is index-able and meets all requirements to get indexed. Otherwise, the link gets red flat and leave it behind.

As a first SEO audit, please absorb all indexation factors and pay more attention. Nothing should keep unclear.

Different ways, you can check the indexed pages. Which pages are not indexed and why?

By using “site:” on Google search box. Google shows you all pages that are indexed properly.

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

Another way, you can find everything about the index in your Google Search Console:

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

Pay focus on red mark box. You need to understand those minutely.

You may have several websites. Please make sure which site is showing data. Top-left corner you can find your site URL.

You are now at the place of Menu: Index => Coverage

Error 0 no issue: There is no error page in the site regarding the index.

Valid 233: It means those pages have already indexed and near to index total. If you click over the number there, you find a report showing which pages are indexed and which pages are waiting to index.

Excluded 286: This number shows you that pages no need to index ever. A site has many pages which not for visitors. Developer identifies those pages as ‘no Index.’

Mobile Accessibility

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

You are now at search console => Enhancements => Mobile usability=> Mobile friendly pages.

This report shows you which pages are mobile friendly. So, you can understand which pages are not mobile friendly. Then you can take action on how to fix them.

Step 3: Check your site and individual pages load score:

You use here pageSpeed insights tool. This tool is reasonable to check page load speed.

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

You use Google Page Speed Insights tools to measure load speed.

All red mark rectangles, you need to pay focus on them. Left-top, there are two devices, one is mobile, and another is a desktop. The report shows you the desktop result.

Top-middle is the  Analyze Textbox. My new domain URL is over there. You put your domain URL over there and press Analyze button.

Middle Box show 59 score which means average standard speed. It needs to improve for the better mobile ranking possibility.

Top-left side, if you press on Mobile Tab, the report shows you mobile speed information. Please note that you need to keep update mobile speed score.

I have used to check here the root domain URL. When you work for yourself, you should check all your posts and pages individually. Thus, you can find out exactly which pages have mobile loading problems.

Step 4: Google Analytics Result.

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

Google Analytics Report shows you visitors or traffic-related various angles information. From this report, you can understand how many experts you are. How much successfully go ahead your site to the goal. Where are the lacking spots and how to fix them?

Users: Total visitors for the last 7 days. This is a 7 day’s report. Here show 86 visitors visit your site within 7 days.

Session: How many times all users visit the site. Here show 100 times. It is more than users amount because few users visit more than one time.

Bounce rate: The users visit your site and leave immediately your site. It means the user has no interest on the page and site. If the bounce rate increases high is a bad signal to Google.

It means the site and pages of poor quality. Users have no interest to spend time on the site.

  1. 26 to 40 percent is the best rate.
  2. 41 to 55 percent is the average rate.
  3. 56 to 70 percent is more than average
  4. Over 70 percent is not acceptable.

This report shows you the bounce rate is 83%. It needs to improve the site urgently.

Session duration: How many time users spend on your site on average during a certain period? Standard session duration limit is 2 – 3 minutes. This report shows 1m 18s. It needs to improve.

Left-side shows menu. You are at Home menu. You will visit other menus for other reports.

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

The previous report shows you 86 users are. The report shows you the sources of users from where they come. It means the source of traffic

  1. Social Media =>52
  2. Direct =>31
  3. Organic Search =>2
  4. Referral =>1

Direct means users bookmark the site to repeat visit later. So, in this case, the visitors come through direct users’ browser. This is a good signal for your site is engaging. People like to more visit your pages.

This is a very important report. You can understand which your best traffic source is. How can you improve other sources?

Step 5: On-page SEO checks.

We use SEMrush tool here. very nice tool it is. I always use it. It can meet the need for what I want.

It has tons of factors to estimate the site real status pointing the errors and qualifying factors. The site will advise you on how to fix your problems.

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

Very niche report it is! Very informative with different variations report it is. It can meet user intent different reports.

This is an In-depth report, there are many pages with long in size. It is not possible to explain in this article. You just need to go thoroughly on-page SEO checker.

I show you here in the opening. You will visit everywhere spending time.

It gets 5 ideas on one page. There are many tabs to show report a different way.

I have just introduced you with a valuable tool for SEO audit. It is almost free. You can update when you face the complex issue.

Step 6: Get your current estimated SEO score.

You are now in SEMrush tool using for finding currently estimated SEO score.

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

This is an audit report. Total site condition you can see. Every pinpoint issue you can learn. This is the measurement where you and your blog is situated.

Total Score: 87%. It means 87 % healths the site is.

What does hold your site back?

Error 2: the site has 2 major errors.

Warning 471: This website has 471 medium severity detected. You must fix the medium severity as soon as possible.

Uncover easy‐to‐fix on‐site problems:

Notices 109: The website has 109 notices detected. If you fix the problems, your site will be healthier.

Step 7: Check for duplicate content., this is a duplicate checker. Please, no post you publish until the post passed through Copyscape. Because duplicated content never considers proceeding on. Google marks the page red flag and holds your page back in ranking.

Many new bloggers do that copy and paste an article and spin a few words with a synonym. It is not allowed. Google has a strong duplicate checker.

You can’t avoid the Google algorithm. Don’t make hurry in this point, be cool and take step slow.

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

How First SEO Audit Can Help You Improve Your Blog?

Copyscape found a list duplicate signal, it shows just top ten results. If you click on each duplicate signal, then the original source page will show you. You can see which tests are duplicate by coloring. So, you can easily identify.

Step 8: Make sure you’re engaging social media.

These days, engaging social media is a big ranking factor. Social media is the overcrowded place. If you share your post, what types of action people show you on your post?

Like: How much and how often your post gets likes. In one year, it gets 5 likes. It is not so good signals.

Comment: How many and what type of comments quality. How long the comment is.

Share: This is a good signal if your post gets. People like the post and share for others.

Click on the post: This is a success engaging metric. If the user wants to go original post and spend time there. Your post is more qualified and user intent solution.

There are many social Media. Your post is counted altogether. It may be, you don’t get engaging in Twitter but it gets more engaging on Pinterest.

Step 9: Competitors Analysis.

What you have done for your blog and achieved the ideas about your niche, audience, and goods as like you have to learn about your competitors.

What tools you have used for your bog audit, you will use the same tools for competitors’ data collection. It will be better, if you make a comparative sheet with different factors, at a glance, you will see all in place.

Following five things you should collect and compare with each other. Thus, you have huge resources to design your business plan and strategies.

01. Take Your Top Ten Competitors.
02. Compare Competitor Content.
03. Investigate Their SEO Structure.
04. Measure their Social Media engagement.
05. Recognize their Business Improvement.

Remember, competitors, are not your enemies. They are your business friends like your school friend and college friend. If you help them, they will help. Keep relationship with competitors is the best business policy.

Competitors’ analysis means getting an idea of how strong they are and how to develop your business.

The site has no proper address, email, phone, mobile, and headshot Google mark them as an insecure site. How they will progress.

Google wants to know how much you are an expert. Bloggers total activities, all together prove your expertise.

Google wants to know how much you are trustworthy to your niche audience.

Google wants to know your blog status. If Google can find you everything OK. You will get organic traffic very soon. I proved it by myself.


You have just finished your first SEO audit. Your site may have technical problems, and it is gradually increasing. You have to find them and fix them. Keep your site healthier. You have to know relatedly all SEO tools and use them.

Writing skill is a big skill in blogging. Put special stress on improving writing skill. Remember, the reader can write. The reader has the resources to write.

Persistent efforts make you consistent improvement everywhere. So, be patient and keep persistent.
Blogging is basic. Be basic. Keep it basic and simple.

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