Are you searching for a niche? Do you know how to find your blog niche? Eliminate your fears and doubts about finding a niche.

If you have a higher dream of being financially freedom, YES, you are the right person to read the articles. Here is what I show finding a profitable niche, which is an easy method. 

First, do you know people’s problems? And how many problems can you write, up to 100 or 1000? Where people want to spend money to solve the problems, these are your niche each. 

Second, do you know people’s needs? Have you ideas of people unfulfilled desired? And, can you say what people’s heart burning pain? Obstacle or hassle, people are ready to pay to remove that. Everything here is a niche. Profitable niche. 

Do you know you can earn money from this? How? What ideas do you know better through education, job experience, hobby or family business?

And what a matter you can write? What’s a matter you can teach others? On which topic you can encourage others? On which topics you are a consultant? Thus, what you know better, is a skill? You can utilize it through a niche blog.

If you can write well, you can teach others how to improve writing skills? To improve writing skills is an evergreen profitable niche. 

Can you swim better? Do you teach others how to swim? Loot at the image, how many searches on swimming people do. So, everywhere you can find your blog niche.

How to swim

How to swim

Loot at the image. How many times do people search for swimming?

How to swim search value

How to swim search value

If you can write how to swim freestyle, how to swim freestyle is a niche. You can launch a blog on how to swim freestyle.

If you write 10 pages a course on how to swim faster, by providing this free course you will get more subscriptions. Thus, you can grow a huge email list.

Then you can sell swimming dresses and accessories with Amazon affiliate links. 

I tell you a total niche business idea. 

The niche is not a product?

The good news is that when you come up with people’s problems for a niche, to find your blog niche is an intense easy matter. The sad news is that when you come up with products, you can’t trace the niche. 

Most people try to discover a niche through a product. For instance, you sell cameras. Now, what is your niche? What about you write? 

If you come up with people’s problems, to choose a niche is an easy job. For instance, people want to become a professional photographer. 

You are an expert on how to pick a nice picture. Here, professional photographer tips are your niche. Write on how to become a pro photographer?

Write, a free course, on how to become a professional photographer? You will get subscribers, and your email list will grow. Thus, you can sell cameras. 

If you can understand what I say, within 30 min study make you found your niche. You must have the training and you need to complete a blogging course. From the following ideas, you can understand a niche

What is a niche?

A niche is a targeted group of people that have a common interest, passion, and needs. They have selected products to solve their problems as a part of a market.

  • The targeted group of people
  • A common interest, passion, and needs 
  • Selected products to solve their problem
  • A part of a market

You write blog posts for natural remedies. And sell your product to get quick remedies. Thus, you can find your blog niche to blog.

How to find your blog niche?

The niche is not a product. The niche is people’s interests, problems, and needs. If you have more ideas of any of them and can write a solution, it may be your niche. Ok?

What is your niche?

Do you know what is passion? Why is passion a matter for your niche? Follow your passion on which you have an interest, idea, experience, and education. So you can write and teach others. It sounds cool?

People are ready to pay to solve or achieve that. To solve or achieve, products and services are available. 

You find your blog niche then. You can launch a niche blog. And you write about people’s problem solutions and you sell your product to get a quick solution. 

What is my niche?

Do you know about my niche? My niche is blogging tips. My site name is blogging tips for beginners on how to blog a success. URL: 

My niche product is a blogging course, ebook on blogging and other affiliate digital products. 

Niche market idea:

The niche market is a segment of a market that has tight targeted people, specific products and services you focus is a niche market. To get more ideas, keep reading the following discussion. 

The targeted group of people, selected product and a part of the market is a niche market. For instance, a niche as a weight loss of over 60 women is an example.

  1. Men are here?
  2. The Boys are here?
  3. Teenagers are here?
  4. The Baby is here?
  5. The women below 60 are here?

The targeted group of people means women only over 60 ages.

What is niche marketing?

How to sell niche products that are marketing strategies. Promotion and advertisement process. From the beginning, you must have a subtle sale process map. 

Otherwise, your blog post misleads your readers. When you write a post, follow the sale funnel stages and content map with a schedule. Niche marketing needs a plan. 

What are the niche examples?

Do you need an example? Listen, your niche is under a big industry. You need to follow an evergreen niche. The niche trending is stable or uprising. 

Remember, don’t choose a declining trend or seasonal niche. The mountain bike is a seasonal niche example. Right?

  1. Health and treatment
    1. Weight loss
      1. Organic weight loss
  2. Wealth and finance
    1. Make money online.
      1. Blogging 
        1. Blogging tips
        2. Writing a guide.

It is obvious. To find the desired niche, you take steps, sub-head to subhead. Otherwise, you can tolerate huge competition.

What is a niche website?

When you select a niche, you must go for how to get started a blog. There are different business frameworks for a blog. Which type of business model you will follow. 

  1. Product Review Sites
  2. Affiliate Blog
  3. Price Comparison Sites
  4. Coupon & Discount Sites
  5. Unusual Product Site

A niche website is different from other websites. There is a varied way of a business model. 

What is a niche business?

Doing everything around a niche, products, targeted people and market to earn money is a niche business example. 

For instance, I have a niche blog and I earn money. So I have a niche business. A niche blog is not a job, and you will get a monthly check salary.

What is a niche company? 

Have you heard a niche company? A niche company means it has a niche business. It earns money from a niche blog. That is a niche company.

Can I say to you about my company? My company name is Ekrama Software and Services [ESS]. 

My niche is blogging tips. And my blog name is blogging tips for beginners on how to blog a success.

Competitors Analysis:

We worry about the competition. The competition is not a tough situation. 

But in contrast, competition is a good sign of finding a profitable blog niche. 

The niche market is ready. People are earning money from this market.

You need to discover whether there’s still an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. 

How to make you distinct and create a unique offer? Is it still possible to get rank for your keywords? So you need to make competitors analysis.

Discover competitive status:

  1. To estimate the strengths and weaknesses of the current market
  2. Discover opportunities and threats.
  3. A new source of sustainable competitive position
  4. Observing a competitor’s SEO targets and practices
  5. Figure out an efficient and effective marketing strategy

When do the competitors arise?

  • High-profit margins in the industry
  • Insufficient supply
  • No major barriers to entry
  • Future growth potential
  • Competitive rivalry is not intense
  • Gaining a competitive power over existing firms is workable
  • Objection with the existing suppliers

The genre of competition:

  • Competing in a related product or market.
  • Competition using related technologies.
  • And Competition with the target market segment, but with unrelated products.
  • Competition with other geographical areas and with similar products
  • Competing with new start-up companies.

If you have the skill of how to separate yourself from others and create exclusive offers, you can earn through the competitive market. 

If you have this capacity, you can get access to the existing market. So you find your blog niche.

Do you know the micro-niche?

The micro-niche is a small niche, a tiny size market. It has a tighter target group of people. The micro-niche exists in a niche. 

For instance, you have a site with a camera-related niche. Another person picks a niche like a camera lens. This is a micro-niche example.

A camera lens niche has tight and limits the audience and products. 

What is a niche meaning?

What have you learned from the discussion? These are a niche meaning. A niche is not a product, but a human problem or interest. 

You need to have intensive ideas in your niche. You can write about the niche and teach others. And you help people before the sale. You have a targeted people group, product, and market.

A niche meaning comes from the dictionary, Environmental Science and digital marketing.

What do you mean by a profitable niche?

Before selecting your profitable niche, you check whether it has a ready market, people are spending and earning money. Quality products are available. Check your competitors. You can tolerate or avoid competition.

You have a vast skill around your niche. And you need to write the readers’ intent solution. You can trace, where is your niche audience. You can reach your audience. 

Your niche blog is SEO friendly and has sufficient speed. Finally, you can trace your audience’s urgent need. The niche itself profitable, but you can’t earn the profit. Then you can consider as a profitable niche.


To find your blog niche is not so hard, you mean. You should understand the finding technique, confidently. A profitable niche depends on your skills, no doubt. 

Find people’s problems or needs, then write a solution to remove or achieve the goal. If you can make your audience happy, they will buy your product. 

You need to have intensive skills in your niche. You can discover what is your niche audience needs. And you can write a more extensive and unique solution. 

May I get a comment on what you understand or what else more you know? We can learn from your insightful comment. Don’t forget.