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What is the eligibility of being a blogger?2019-04-08T03:35:41+00:00

blog_5Blogging intention comes from interest or passionate or hobby. Blogging is for business. The best choice to make money online.

Top-first, you have to learn about blogging through a perfect training course. Learn from here and there, you can’t be trained enough to start blogging. Otherwise, you will get failed later.

During the training period, you can understand whether you are fit for blogging.

If you have communication skill, enough time, and a budget, you can start.

Before starting the blog, you should how many patients you have to be and how much more persistent efforts you can put daily.

SEO strategies and audience building ideas, you must have to be a clear understanding.

its time-consuming job and comparatively hard overall make money online process.

But if you can stick it until success, you are quite fit for blogging.

How much can I earn from blogging?2019-04-08T03:36:59+00:00

Blogging is ‘Get Rich Business’. But not it is defined as GER RICH OVERNIGHT scheme. You can earn as much as you can. It is legit and true. But you have to come with a realistic mindset and a business discipline.

How much you can earn? Many factors are involved with the answer to the question. How much time you will provide? How many educational skills you have?  How many experts you are on your niche?

Earning is possible according to your contribution and dedication.

If you think you will be rich quite quick through blogging, you must have failed before starting a blog.

If you think I will be stick with it until success. Do or die. YES, you are fit for blogging. You are most wellcome!

How many months later earning will start?2019-04-08T03:38:09+00:00

blog_5There is no fixed time. It will depend on your skill, persistent efforts and your own capability.

Your learning should be accurate. Steps you will take with confidently and else more.

Trustworthy audience business and correct niche selection are key parts of being the success.

How much more engaging and informative high-quality content you can create? it is one big factor.

How much deep knowledge you have on niche and market?

Like those factors, there are more factors are involved with earning you can start. It is not a pre-fixed issue.

Does blogging need a budget? If yes how much?2019-04-08T03:39:33+00:00

Yes! It should be.

This is a business, and it needs a budget. In every business, you need to invest.

Some people can huge invent others can invent a little. But blogging needs money.

Without inventing, without skill, 4-6 hours weakly earning 6-figure monthly. This is an online scammers talk.

Without a website, earn money online.  this is not realist mindset.

Othe the other hand, if you can invest enough to get result easily and quickly.

How much you need to invest here? You can understand when you have finished your training course.

If you have money, for starting traffic, you can invent for ads or you will wait for organic traffic.  So, it does not matter of a fixed amount for all people in general.

  1. Domain and hosting, it should be a quality hosting plan.
  2. WordPress theme, it also needs a  premium theme.
  3. Computer/Laptop with internet connection.

The above all, these are mandatory for each.


Which hard jobs in blogging for those reasons new bloggers are failed?2019-04-08T03:41:15+00:00

blog_5Yes, this is an important question. It should have a clear understanding of all new bloggers before starting a new blog.

First of all, they choose to blog to become rich quickly.

Without training, they start blogging. It means they take it a pretty easy job.

They have no patient and persistent as required.

They are getting few ideas from here and there through Google search and YouTube videos, and they take it as training. But they can able to full business process and job-load. They can’t understand required timeframe it needs to establish.

They can’t choose the right niche for them each

They can’t understand the audience idea at the beginning. How to build them and how to make trust in bloggers?

They can’t create high-quality content at the beginning.

Most new bloggers think it needs no budget.

ONLINE MAKE MONEY, its root theme is ‘give value before the sale’. But new bloggers can’t understand root idea. They become busy to monetize them quickly.

If you consider them and make you ready for all, you can start blogging from today.



Is it part or full-time engaging business?2019-04-08T03:42:49+00:00

This answer to the question, I have no knowledge for all people. I can say from my end.

Blogging is 100% of the full-time engaging job. If you have started blogging as a part-time or side business…

How can you build a loyal audience?

How can you promote your business?

How can you create high-quality killer contents for your blog?

How can you generate traffic?

It is legit and big earning source. Smart and elite business, you should engage with full-time.

Genius people are in the market. Rich people investing a huge amount in this sector. How can you face that kind of competition?