How to become an expert on your niche topics? 

Did it make you messy ever?

Who can earn money – a blog or blogger?

Blogger works behind a blog. A blog can do nothing without a blogger.

So a blog, blog posts, and all SEO strategies can do nothing without you.

You can earn money but not your blog.

People make relationships and connections with humans.

Readers read your posts to know you, your humanity, and your generosity.

People almost annoyed with sales pitches or sale ads or marketing drivel.

They don’t want to read information.

The Internet makes information-overloaded in this age.

So people become scanners. They pay focused here and there and run away.

They are not readers any longer.

In contrast, people publish thousands of posts daily.

Why people spend time reading your post?

Do you have an undeniable reason?

01. Write for a solution:

People need a solution, but they don’t need information.

Do you know the difference between solution and information?

For example,

You ask someone about an address.

The person informs you, go straight west up to near 200 m and then turn left.

After walking for 2 minutes, turn right, then go around 10 minutes. 

Look on the east side. And you can see a five-storied building.

The person tells about the location is east-west and left-right.

You ask another person. After reading the address, the person said, you can’t reach there alone. 

Let’s go. Follow me. I will show you the destination. After walking for 10 minutes, you get there.

Someone tells you, and another person shows you.

Look at the image below.

You don't tell but show

You don’t tell but show

Search on Google for how to earn $50 daily?

The first result is video. I watched the video before writing this.

The video shows me how to earn money from a site. 

Top-to-bottom, it shows me how to earn from the site.

After watching this video, you can learn how to earn money from that site.

The second post is a list of 33 earning sites. 

You don’t learn how to earn using a site, but you will get a list of 33 job sites only.

People want a full solution. They don’t want more information.

2. Don’t learn from everywhere:

10% of people can write a complete solution. Read the following article.

How To Make Money On Fiverr With This Simple Gig – Deliver & Earn.

After reading the above post, I learned how to write a complete solution.

People who can write a solution don’t search for readers. But people search for them. People keep bookmarked their sites like me.

Don’t follow people who show their income statement, traffic chart, and sales amount.

Follow them who advise you to improve yourself and your skills to earn money.

Don’t follow the people who teach you something comfortable, simpler, and quicker method to make money online. 

You shall destroy your online career to follow them.

3. How to become an expert on your niche topics?

Success people know how to become a success.

They overcome the sure success path.

For example,

You are watching a video on SEO tips.

The person read about SEO tips and tell you regarding that.

But in her real life, she doesn’t get ranked her page on Google SERPs.

So she doesn’t know how the SEO works.

Look at the image below.

I have searched for how to trim fat writing?

How to trim fat writing-min

How to trim fat writing?

SERPs’ position is 6 on the first page.

That is the example of the raking page.

The person who gets ranked can show you how to get top-ten on Google SERPs.

Who are prosperous businesses in your niche?

Find 10-20 of the influencers list using the above guideline.

Search on Google for blogs:

Search on Google for Facebook pages on your niche [Facebook marketing]:

search on Google for Blog

You search on Google for Blog.

Read and search for the best blog up to ten SERPs. Find out 10-20 blogs.

List them and bookmark them.

Read ten articles on your niche topic and write one.

 It is for 30 days of practice. You can read 10 X 30= 3,000 articles.

You can write 1 X 30 = 30 articles.

If possible, collect 100 subheads from after reading ten articles every day.

Watch 2-3 videos on your topic.

Facebook pages:

Find 10-20 Facebook pages of those blogs. And you get started following them. 

facebook search for pages

Facebook search for pages

You will get their running post on your Facebook Newsfeed.


Search for 200 questions about your niche [Facebook marketing] on Quora.

200 Quora question

200 Quora question

Copy them and paste them on a notepad to remove additional format.

Then copy-paste on your Google doc file.

200 Quora question

200 Quora question

Search by Facebook marketing [your niche]

Then select questions from left-side menus.

Scroll down as much as you can.

When you feel 200 questions bring out, then copy-paste on a notepad.

Notepad removes all additional formats such as font, links, and images.

These 200 questions are the syllabus of your niche [Facebook marketing].

Don’t search for answers on Quora. You figure out the answers from Google and blog posts.

04. Create a free blog:

What do you need to learn?

How to make money?

How to make money by using niche skills?

And how to improve your humanities?

We are not for money.

Money is for us.

So the only money can’t be our goal.

It may be a byproduct.

What is your real job?


Read the above sentence at least ten times.

Try to understand the meaning.

You learn about your niche. That is your skill.

Create a solution for your niche audience.

Likewise, you are my audience member.

I write this article for you to get a solution.

That is the live example.

It is my exam too.

If I can solve your problems, I am a solution writer.

So you require a blog where you will write your audience problem solution.

Read the article and create a WordPress free website.

How to create a free WordPress blog?

5. Niche audience

How to become an expert on your niche topics? 

Become an expert on your niche audience.

Who is your audience? Who are they?

Where do they live?

Do you know their biography?

Create a buyer persona showing the quality of an ideal reader.

For example, your niche is weight loss of a young girl aged under 20.

  1. Young boy
  2. Children
  3. Women
  4. Men
  5. New baby

In this case, the above five categories of people are your audience?

If not, then who is your audience?

  1. Girls aged 15-20.
  2. Bangladeshi young girl
  3. Japanese young girl
  4. Australian young girl
  5. South African young girl

This group of people is in your niche audience.

We are using different niches in this post to learn.

  • Facebook marketing
  • Weight loss of a young girl aged under 20.

Identify your niche audience more precisely, concisely, and clarity is your extreme niche skill.

  1. Who are your readers?
  2. Who are your prospects?
  3. And who are your customers?

They are your audiences.

For example, how does physical exercise for young girls?

Are pregnant women [aged 20.] your audience?

Never. Never. And Never.

Pregnant women of any age are a distinct category.

If you fail to identify your niche audience, you can’t blog.

The more specific group of people with the same interest are your audiences.

Other modifiers are a local, global, or particular group.

  1. SSC coaching for girls in BD
  2. SSC coaching for girls in Dhaka
  3. And SSC coaching for girls Nasirudding high school

These three are different groups.

SSC coaching for girls is a common group.

  • BD
  • Dhaka
  • Nasirudding high school

These three modifiers make them separate.

06. Niche market

A niche market is an online niche market.

Niche market has a targeted audience, exclusive products, and precise niche bloggers for the same interest.

For example, I am a niche blogger. My niche is blogging tips for beginners.

Who is my audience? Any new blogger over the world is my audience.

My product is an online blogging course, a writing skills course, and an ebook for SEO tips. All are digital products.

The bodybuilding group or moneymaking group – which group will buy these products?

The bodybuilders never read my post, and never buy my products.

They want an ebook on organic tips for bodybuilding.

A market needs a place, products, sellers, and buyers.

Online platforms are a place.

Products are an online blogging course, a writing skills course, and an ebook for SEO tips.

Bloggers are sellers.

Audiences are buyers.

Are you clear about the niche market?

07. Niche competitors

A market is well-run by competitors.

Competitors are growing up where buyers are available out there.

One blogger can’t keep a niche market active.

The same audience but different affordability, interest, and hobby keep the market with varied bloggers and products.

For example, Jon Morrow’s blogging course fee is $10,000. They offer me several times, but I can’t afford it ever.

But free blogging courses are on the web. Why do people spend $10,000?

Serious bloggers never learn from free courses.

Poor people never afford $10,000.

Because of that, varied bloggers can get access to the existing niche market.

All types of bloggers in the same niche market are competitors with each other.

When you select your niche, you must check your competitors’ status.

Fortunately, you can learn from your competitors. They have built your niche market prior.

They have their audience and are selling their products.

Remember, you can learn the theme and ideas from them but never do anything copy-paste.

Competitors aren’t your enemies. They are your business friends like you have college or school friends.

08. Niche products and services

Different niches for different products.

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain

One is weighty when another one is thin.

One needs weight loss, and the other needs weight gain.

So one needs a weight-loss product and idea. 

Others need a weight gain product and idea.

You need research when you select a niche for you about products, quality of products, and price & commission.

09. Generosity

Generosity is the first role to play in blogging success.

How does a blog work for you? How can you earn money from a blog?

You need to understand the blog cycle.

90% of beginners can’t realize the matter.

Where does the main role-play in blogging?

You need to identify your niche audience locally or globally.

How do you recognize them, and they can identify you?

How do you and your audience come close to each other?

One human behavior is people keep themself safe and avoid loss or risk.

You offer something for free that can solve their problems genuinely. People come you to take your free offer that is safe and no risk.

Your skills make their problems solved through your free offers.

Here are the chances people know you and keep trusting in you.

The chief role is playing here in blogging.

People don’t want free offers. They want to keep themself safe and risk-free.

When people keep trusting you, they throw their money at you for whatever you are selling.

So you can grab your audience’s attention through generosity.

But in truth, moneymaker bloggers can’t calculate the math.

What is generosity?

Helping people for free is fun.

You help your audience by using your niche skills.

You help them for free, in reciprocal they help you to buy your offers.

10. Monetization

The primary aim of monetization keeps you far to monetize.

You need to apply the generosity here.

Help people for free.

For example,

My niche is blogging tips.

Do you know how much research I did to write the post?

If I take a $5 price, it isn’t enough to recover my efforts.

This article I wrote at least ten times in the last two years because every research makes me think deeper.

But I offer you free of cost. Why?

If you think this post has a helpful and insightful idea you get, It must convince you to buy my paid offers.

Isn’t it? What do you say?

So don’t think EVER how to monetize faster?

A situation is coming to monetize your products.

Main Take-Away: Expert on your niche topics.

Your blog, post, and decorative element are eyewash. 

They don’t earn money.

Your skills, work behind them.

How many skills do you have?

Having some ideas for your niche isn’t called skills.

You require to be an expert, specialist, and professional in your niche topics.

My experience you need to become a  scholar in your niche.

Do you know? Can you feel it?

How much excellent work blogging is all over the world!

When you sleep, your money-making machine will run.

You can earn on the go.

You can travel and earn together.

Have you imagined it before?