Are you a student? College or University? We don’t think of students at the school. You have a different online job for students in Bangladesh. 

I show you the path, how you can earn money online as a university student. Don’t make a hurry. Be relaxed. Think in a deep. Pay full attention. Right?

The good news is that you are fit for ‘earn money online in BD.’ The bad news is that we choose online to be rich faster. And the sad news that we don’t want to learn, but earn easier and quicker.

Give up the wrong mindset and come to the real-world. The online job has international competition. How much you have more and deeper skills than others?

What is an online job for students in Bangladesh?

When I was a freelance writer 10 years ago, I won a bid of 10 articles 300w+ with a deadline of seven days and rate $.65 each article. Then I could read and write English well. 

10 years later, I can understand my writing skill is not well enough to overcome international competition. So I complete a business writing course. After finishing the course, I realize my preceding writings are garbage. And I become a shame.

I take part in another writing course. I understand the latest course is not enough for me what I desired.

What does it mean? You need to improve your skills in competition across the world. The narrow mentality is that we pay to focus on earning but not enough for learning. 

The student has two ideas. 

  1. Earn to meet a short-time crisis.
  2. Build an online career.

Earn to meet a short-time money crisis:

Search for “highest paying GPT sites 2019” on Google. Discover the right site and job category. Earn money as much as you can.

This site will pay daily or a week. The fewest deposit to withdraw money from $1 to $10. 

Please before get started, read the job agreement with clarity. Whether you can meet their needs.

The payment method is very important. They pay a day, in a week or a month. Skip month basis, but daily is better, you can accept a week basis. The fewest deposit to withdraw $10 or less, but not more than that. 

One week, you work here and there, you spend time to choose a comfortable site for you. Then earn as much as you can.

Choose an online career:


Don’t work anywhere and any jobs in the job sites. You don’t build a career. Select one year to build a career such as Web design and Graphic design. These two careers are an evergreen career. The job and money are available in the market.

Professional Web design and Graphic design have a huge demand for high-paying jobs. Many people working 2-3 years, but they don’t build a career on specific topics. 

They work what jobs are available in the market. They always struggle and never enjoy a high rate.

A few days ago, someone offered me $200 each article, 3,000 words, each article, the niche is traveling. I don’t accept. Because traveling is not my niche. I need to make long research on traveling. 

Full time: 

If you are postgraduate and have 8+ hours daily and English is well, I show you a path, you can succeed. If you have the part-time, please follow the part-time guideline.

Job list:

  1. Creative writer
  2. Copywriter
  3. Fiction writer
  4. eBook writer
  5. Course writer
  6. Short storyteller
  7. Novel writer
  8. SEO expert
  9. Affiliate marketer
  10. Blogger

These above are hot and jobs are available. Please understand, 1-7 is not one career. Do you know who much demand a pro copywriter? Choose one. 1-8 needs a topic-skill. 9-10 needs at least 10+ skills.

How to build an online career?

I explain how to build an online career on an SEO expert in Online Earning Opportunities in Bangladesh.

You read the article at least 5-10 times. Each reading makes you more precise about the myth. 1-8 job lists you can follow SEO expert tips.

9-10 jobs, you must complete a blogging and writing course. For our blogging course, I explain in the articles. Click on… BD Online Income Tips.


Please, you take the learning period for a year. If you don’t spend time right way yourself, you must spend time the wrong way. This is true, no alternation. 

To earn money from blogging and affiliate marketing, it needs two years to make a persistent income stream. After one year you can earn uneven money. 

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